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rca rct6378w2

  1. A

    Driver Download

    When I plug my RCA 10 Viking II into my computer, it gives me an error message that it did not install the device. I have tried to find a driver download for it, but have not succeeded. Can anyone advise me as to where I can download the driver for it and/or software? I even click on my...
  2. N

    RCA rooted....Keyboard?

    Rooted RCA tablet and now the touchscreen key board keeps disappearing
  3. Marius69

    Help how do i move programs onto my SDcard

    i just bought a 32GB SDcard hoping to free up some space on my tab. i cant find any way to move the things i want. on my phone i could move facebook, messenger, and a few games but i cant figure out how to move them on the tab. i thought going to apps there would be a move to sd option but it...
  4. I

    Help need to flash TWRP, cannot do it with Rashr or anything I know

    So I can't flash TWRP. I can't flash anything. I am rooted. but what I used to flash my recovery with my phone couldn't work. Any help?
  5. Jodin

    Help Spontaneous Factory Reset

    OK, so yesterday my tablet was freezing and generally just being slow as it usually is. So I did what I've always done in that situation and did a hard reset. Usually when I start it up again it works fine. However this time it starts up and goes through the 'first on' setup. After having an...
  6. F

    Help Needing a fix for RCA T820...

    Hi guys, some days ago someone given me a RCA T820 tablet to unlock (not remembering password), so I said, yeah, sure, it just takes me seconds, but the problem is that those tablet(s) series doesn't come with recovery, so I can't enter it, and for better (sarcasm) I soft-bricked it just with...
  7. X

    Help Can help me?

    i have one problem. im use one program to change the resolution to my Tablet but im change the vaule to 400 DPI and now i cant move nothing, im try with Hard reset and nothing any know who can do for resolve this?
  8. A

    Generic ramdisk only RK30 generic cwm. zip

    Here is a rk based cwm, if someone wants to build/ help build. http://files.androtab.info/rockchip/rk3066/20130427/RK30GENERIC_CWM.zip
  9. A

    Manual way to enter bootloader/ rk program link

    I spent some time to figure it out, and for those who are bricked this will help. When your tablet is off, before you put in your usb hold vol + (up) then put usb in, and bootloader is on, the screen stays black, but with this program it can see your bootloader device, this program is supposed...
  10. J

    Help Compatible firmware for RCT6378W2

    I have been having problems with an RCT6378W2 that does not boot past the RCA splashscreen. Prior to crashing, USB debugging was not enabled. It seems that I am in a bind until I can manage to reflash the tablet with the proper firmware. To my knowledge, it seems that RCA has not released the...
  11. A

    Root do i need to inject the parameter file into new boot.img

    I unpacked the boot.img, i left the kernal alone, i just modified the ro.secure to make the system rw. Why is the recovery show 32mb but has the same stuff as the boot.img? The new boot.img was generated in a .bak file, can i flash this, or do i need to convert it back to img format? Edit, made...
  12. A

    Recommended Battery Replacement

    Here is a link to a universal tablet battery that works and fits on the rca [url=http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00JB6OM3K?cache=40fc84594b7709ede17295b50e94dd21&pi=SY200_QL40&qid=1407527274&sr=8-3#ref=mp_s_a_1_3]VIIGOOTECH
  13. A

    Update full rom files in .img format for use w/ phoenix card 3.06

    If someone can pack these as a whole img file excluding the parameter txt and use phoenixcard program to flash an sd card, tell me if you get a revive, or packing them in rkimage tools for update rkimage in rocovery, or packing them as firmware, also rockchip drivers are needed to connect to rca...
  14. A

    Help i cant pack the files in rkimage tools

    If someone has used this program please give me some advice, or maybe theres another program. I get stuck on the checking file step, the hex numbers and build name show up but no go. Ive made the system img and system info img, can i maybe just put all the images together into one image, maybe i...
  15. A

    Root adb shows rca as offline, sideload shows host

    I found an adb program that atleast shows that something is connected, when the tablet is on adb says the device is offline with numbers, and when i try to push from here all i get are errors, then when i get into recovery adb sideload, it shows up with different numbers and it says host, but i...
  16. T

    Help Please help with sd access

    Hello, I have android jellybean 4.1 on my RCA and audio co tablets. I'm trying desperately to have the downloads go to the external drive for the google play app and can't get the info. Can someone please help me out. Even the audio ox has a button that says move to sd but it's grated out...
  17. A

    Help i cant connect to adb?

    Can someone please give me some info on this? Thanks
  18. A

    Root Rom Files

    Boot img. boot Checksum md5. checksum Recovery img. recovery System.info.gz system.info System.tar system
  19. A

    can some one make a google usb driver

    I cant connect to adb, i came across this guide but i know someone could make a quick and distributable one for the rca, WTFM!: How to get working ADB drivers for unrecognized Android devices Thanks
  20. C

    Root How to load the backup ROM?. any ideas?

    Hello everyone. First of all sorry but my english its no so good :s Guys have a rca tablet model rct6378w2 that stays stuck on the logo when i turn it. How I do to load the ROM. i downloaded the rom from the link from androidcustom18 but i dont know how to do with the next files: boot.img...
  21. A

    Root g sensor is killing my battery

    Any ideas would be appreciated
  22. The FAQ

    Root RCA RCT6378W2: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you...
  23. The FAQ

    RCA rct6378w2 FAQ

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone & tablet FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there...