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  1. Android News

    T-Mobile Will Launch RCS Universal Profile Support in Q2

    In Q2 of this year, T-Mobile customers will receive software updates on their phones that enable support for RCS Universal Profile. T-Mobile will follow Sprint as the second US carrier to do so.
  2. Android News

    Google to introduce Android Go phones and push emerging communication tech at MWC

    Google has outlined its plans for Mobile World Congress 2018. They note that they'll be placing an emphasis on showing off the benefits of RCS messaging, as well as showcasing new possibilities with Google Assistant and Google Lens. We'll also see the first Android Go smartphones introduced at...
  3. Android News

    Huawei to integrate Android Messages across their Android smartphone portfolio

    Over the coming months, Huawei will make it even easier for hundreds of millions of people to express themselves via mobile messaging by integrating Android Messages, powered by RCS, across their Android smartphone portfolio, Google has announced. Huawei will partner with carriers in their key...
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    Unknown Screen Icon

    Please can someone tell me what the icon is I've pointed the arrow to. Thanks
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    Latin American customers get RCS messaging

    América Movil, Telefónica, Oi and AT&T in Mexico became the first mobile operators to bring advanced RCS messaging services to subscribers across Latin America this week. The service is powered by the Jibe RCS Cloud from Google.
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    RCS messaging now available to Telia subscribers in Sweden

    Google is partnering with Telia Company to bring RCS messaging to their millions of subscribers across Nordics, Baltics and Eurasia. RCS messaging will launch first to Telia consumer subscribers in Sweden starting this week, and will expand to more countries over time.
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    Australian carrier, Telstra, announces support for RCS messaging

    Telstra has announced that the carrier now supports Rich Communication Service (RCS) messaging.
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    Bell is working on RCS rollout

    Canadian carrier Bell has mentioned that they will be rolling out RCS in select areas "soon." RCS is a new rich messaging standard that enables far better possibilities than SMS. Currently, only Fido and Rogers have launched RCS support in Canada.
  9. Android News

    Google is working to enable cross-carrier communication for carriers' RCS implementation

    It generally benefits Google to have wireless carriers implement a version of RCS that allows it to work across multiple carriers. The company is doing this by using what is called the 'hub' model which allows carriers to connect to the hub which then grants access to the other carriers on that hub.
  10. Android News

    Rogers and Sprint become the first two carriers to have interconnecting RCS in NA

    The VP of Communications Products at Google, Nick Fox, has announced that Sprint and Rogers have become the first two carriers in North America to deploy interconnecting RCS networks. He also confirms in a later tweet that it's being worked on for Project Fi as well.
  11. Android News

    Google Carrier Services update adds Android 4.4 support

    An update to Google's background Carrier Services app has been updated. There's not much known about the changes, though it does now support Android 4.4 and higher (whereas it was Marshmallow or higher before) and its Google Play listing now shows screenshots of the Messenger app.
  12. Android News

    Samsung is bringing RCS messaging to its phones following NewNet acquisition

    Thanks to the acquisition of RCS operator NewNet last year, Samsung will soon support RCS messaging on all of its Galaxy smartphones on Marshmallow and above.
  13. Android News

    We now know that AT&T is working on adding RCS' universal profile to their network

    We've seen a few mobile carriers already adapt the universal profile of RCS for their customers. However, some carriers have yet to announce anything but now we know that AT&T is currently working on it.
  14. Android News

    Google brings RCS support to new European carriers

    Google has announced that RCS messaging support has been added to Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and Globe.
  15. Android News

    Vodafone is now using RCS messaging in the UK

    We've seen a few mobile carriers already adopt RCS messaging, but now Vodafone has rolled out the service to their customers in the UK.
  16. Android News

    Telenor is the latest carrier to trial RCS messaging

    Google is trialing RCS Messaging in Europe and Asia with the addition of Telenor to their cause. RCS messaging offers a rich messaging experience that allows you to send higher quality photos and videos, as well as other benefits.
  17. Android News

    Some T-Mobile customers can now use RCS in their supported messaging applications

    We've seen RCS roll out to mobile carriers like Sprint and Rogers, but now some T-Mobile customers are saying they are seeing support has been added for their supported apps.
  18. Android News

    Rogers customers get RCS messaging

    Google has announced that they've worked with Rogers in Canada to release RCS messaging. This new standard allows for more rich functionality than traditional SMS and MMS, including more types of multimedia, support for sending bigger files, read receipts, and more. Rogers customers can access...
  19. Android News

    Sprint customers now have RCS features with Google Messenger

    We knew that Sprint was going to be adopting RCS for their SMS messaging service, and now it's currently working. A Redditor has shown off a few screenshots that show multiple RCS features working directly from Google Messenger.
  20. Android News

    Samsung announces the acquisition of NewNet, mainly for its RCS tech

    Samsung has just announced they have acquired the Canadian telecom NewNet, with plans to bolster their RCS offerings. Samsung plans to use this acquisition to help it dive into the RCS market much faster.
  21. Android News

    The developers behind Textra say they will be adding RCS support to the app

    Someone asked Textra if they would be adding support for RCS to their application. They received a response on Twitter and were told it would be added as more carriers start to add support (they estimate the middle of 2017).
  22. Android News

    Google announces RCS partnership with Sprint

    Google has announced that they are teaming up with carriers to start a big push for RCS messaging, which is a modern take on SMS that supports things like high-quality imagery, read receipts, and proper group messaging. Sprint will be the first carrier partner to join Google in pushing this new...
  23. Android News

    Google job listing shows they are looking for an RCS marketing manager

    A new job listing from Google has been spotted that shows the company is looking to market the RCS messaging protocol. Responsibilities for this job include. . . - Drive the marketing strategy to engage both partners and consumers around Rich Communications Services (RCS). - Develop consumer...
  24. Android News

    Google sends out an update email to those who are interested in RCS

    Google has shown some strong interest in RCS (Rich Communication Services) lately, but progress has seemed slower than some had hoped. Google has just sent out an email to those in its RCS newsletter that talks about how the initiative is "already backed by over 57 carriers and device OEMs,"...
  25. Android News

    Google partners with global service providers to expedite RCS rollout for Android

    Google has announced a partnership with more than a dozen service providers across the globe to speed up the rollout of Rich Communication Services (RCS) - a cross-operator communications standard which is meant to eventually replace SMS. RCS includes group messaging, IP voice calls, and...