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    App That Creates Daily Reminder With Sub-Interval

    I have an oddly specific requirement for a reminder on my phone. I need an app that creates a reminder prompt at the same time every day and then repeats that reminder every X minutes for Y minutes, a so-called "sub-interval". This is similar to the built-in Windows application, Task Scheduler...
  2. Android News

    Some feel that Google needs to fix how Android handle reminders

    Android Police has an opinion piece up that focuses on how Android deals with setting and notifying you of reminders. Scott feels the system is just inconsistent and needs to be overhauled.
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    You can now set reminders even faster with the help of Google Now

    Google Now has the ability to quickly and easily set a reminder whenever you need to. A new update speeds up the process without needing to input anything within Google Now.
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    Googles announces Reminders are finally available in Google Calendar on the web

    Back in December of last year we saw Google introduce reminders into their Google Calendar application. Until now, it's only been available on the iOS and Android application but today the company has announced the feature is now available via the Google Calendar web interface.