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remix os

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    Jide Technology is officially discontinuing Remix OS

    Jide has posted a statement to its various social media profiles, explaining that the company is shifting away from consumer products.
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    Jide introduces Remix Singularity with Continnum-like features for Android

    Remix has announced Singularity - a new version of its Remix OS which will run on Android phones and allow them to transform into dedicated media devices or desktop computes when plugged into a TV or computer monitor. Jibe will be releasing Remix Singularity as a standalone ROM this summer, but...
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    Jide's latest software brings Remix OS to the desktop with a feature called Singularity

    Jide's Remix OS is a solution for getting Android running on your desktop or laptop device. Today, the company is showing off a new software solution called Singularity that enables you to plug your phone into a monitor and then use Remix OS features on it.
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    Help How do I use Vietnamese Keyboard on ZALO

    Hi all. I have a problem using physical keyboard which is Vietnamese language on ZALO Instant Messaging. I have tried some keyboards but it cannot work such as TS Keyboard, Viet telex keyboard, Guobi Vietnamese keyboard, IQQI, Redraw keyboard, viet fast keyboard, vietname keyboard, vietnamese...
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    Jide introduces upgraded Remix IO gadget

    After listening to customer feedback, Jide has introduced the Jide IO+, an upgraded version of the Android TV + Desktop stick that they introduced on Kickstarter 2 weeks ago. The IO+ features double the RAM and storage at 4GB and 32GB, respectively. It also enjoys 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports...
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    Remix OS Player gives you a virtual Android machine on Windows PCs

    Remix has announced their latest product, the Remix OS Player. The Player is a virtual machine program for Windows PCs that lets you quickly boot up and use the Android-based Remix OS.
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    Marshallow-based Remix OS is now available on the Google Pixel C

    The Marshmallow-based Remix OS update is now available in the Google Pixel C. Remix OS is an alternate Android-based OS you can install that emphasizes resizable windows and a more desktop-like experience.
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    Remix OS 3.0 launches, based on Marshmallow

    Remix has released version 3.0 of Remix OS. The desktop-made Android fork is now on a base of Marshmallow. The update also brings multi-window improvement as well as GPU enhancements.
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    Jide announces the successor to the Remix tablet, the Remix Pro

    In 2015, Jide successfully kickstarted their first 2-in-1 tablet, the Remix that ran the company's Remix OS software. They have now launched its successor, the Remix Pro with a bigger display and upgraded hardware.
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    AOC just announced the first all-in-one PC that uses Remix OS

    Jide has just partnered with AOC to unveil the first ever all-in-one PC that will be using Remix OS as its OS. The PC will have a 23.8" 1080p display, Amlogic S905 SoC, 2GB of RAM and you'll have the option to either get 16GB of storage or 64GB. It's expected to go on sale in China this Summer...
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    JIDE will be removing Google apps from the Remix Mini in its latest OS update

    It seems that JIDE is having some trouble with Google applications on their Remix Mini box. The company shipped Google Apps on it, but there were some issues with how it was implemented. Google is requesting that JIDE remove these apps until the company is able to address those concerns. You...
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    Allwinner is showing off a $79 laptop running Remix OS

    There doesn't seem to be a name for the device yet(and it doesn't seem to be for sale yet either), but the base laptop model has an 11.6" screen with a resolution of 1366x768. Inside we see it has 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, but you can pay more to get additional RAM and/or storage. There's...
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    Codeweavers uses Crossover to run Steam on an Android device

    Codeweavers develops a tool called Crossover that lets you run various Windows programs on a Mac or Linux computer. The company is looking to extend this functionality to Android and they've just demoed it by successfully launching the Steam game client on a laptop running Remix OS. For now...
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    Hands-on with Jide's desktop version of Android, Remix OS

    TK from XDA was able to take a moment and speak with David from Jide at the Qualcomm booth during MWC 2016. They spoke a little about Remix OS and then they put together a hands-on demo of their desktop version of Android
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    Desktop-focused Remix OS is heading to 32-bit platforms on March 1st

    The Android-powered Remix OS desktop is finally announced a release date for the first beta. Jide, the company behind Remix OS announced that the beta will be available on March 1st and will add support for older 32-bit machines. Remix OS brings proper keyboard and mouse support, traditional...
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    An interview with David Ko, the co-founder of Jide and the developers behind Remix OS

    XDA had a chance to sit down with the co-founder of Jide to talk about Remix OS and how he feels it will be the desktop OS of the future.
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    Review Roundup of Remix OS

    Pavlo Rudyi just published his review of Remix OS, the optimized desktop OS version of Android. Overall, it seems like Pavlo enjoys the OS from the aesthetics to the functionality. There seem to only be a couple of minor annoyances, like having the ability to make the notification panel a...
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    Remix OS Download is Officially Released for PC

    Jide showed off Remix OS recently and it has received a lot of attention since the announcement of the downloadable software It wasn't available for download at the announcement though, and was scheduled for January 12th. That day is today and you can download and test out the alpha version...
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    Jide Announces a New Update for Remix OS that Brings Multi-Window Android for the PC and Mac

    If you have been wanting to run Android as a full OS on your desktop them Remix OS might be right up your alley. The company behind the software, Jide, has just announced a new update that will be available for download in the middle of this month that brings multi-window support to let you...