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  1. MoodyBlues

    Reviews Now that I've had it for a bit: my review of the Motorola One Hyper

    It's been almost two weeks since I received my Motorola One Hyper, and I feel comfortable now giving it a review. To start, its screen is awesome! Going from the 5.5" screen of my Moto Z² Force to this 6.5" all-screen display has been amazing. I posted these pics in another thread, but will use...
  2. Android News

    Nextbit Robin revisited review says that the device is a better option at $130

    Android Police has published its "re-review" of the Nextbit Robin and says that it provides a fantastic value considering you can purchase one for just $130.
  3. Android News

    Sony XB950B1 wireless headphones review states that it lacks in sound quality

    GSMArena has published its review of the Sony XB950B1 wireless headphones and states that despite the headphones being good-looking, well-built, and comfortable, the audio quality is not very good and you could look elsewhere for a better experience.
  4. Android News

    Revisited review of the Google Pixel says it is still the king of Android

    Kevin The Tech Ninja just uploaded his re-review of the Google Pixel and he stands by his original opinion about it being the best Android smartphone around. He believes that even with the 2017 flagships, the original Pixel sits on top of its throne.
  5. Android News

    Pixel XL revisited review says it offers the fewest headaches

    PocketNow has published a review where it revisits that Pixel XL and states that the device isn't a multimedia or content creation solution and offers the cleanest example of UI and navigation.
  6. Android News

    Huawei P10 Plus review states it provides a very refreshing experience

    GSMArena has published its review of the Huawei P10 Plus while stating that the device features a premium build and design. However, the EMUI overlay still has issues that add too many features.
  7. Android News

    Honor 8 Pro review provides an excellent value for its price

    Android Central has published its video review of the Honor 8 Pro and states that the device is so good that it takes on the likes of the OnePlus 3T, while also nudging out Huawei's own flagships.
  8. Android News

    LG G6 review states that it's hard to recommend against the Galaxy S8

    Ron from Ars Technica has published his review of the LG G6 and states that despite this being LG's personal best, it still can't compare to the Galaxy S8.
  9. Android News

    HTC U Ultra second opinion says we expected more

    Alex from Android Central has published his "second opinion" on the HTC U Ultra and claims that for $750, you would expect more from the company.
  10. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review says it's hard to justify the $600 price point

    Android Authority has published its review of the Galaxy Tab S3 and gave it a score of 7.8 out of 10. The pros of the device include a beautiful display, and a battery that quickly recharges. The cons include a "so-so" camera, and just average battery life.
  11. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review states it's not $600 good

    Engadget has published its review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and states that you're paying a premium for the S Pen and an HDR display. However, the tablet also is a solid option which does "nearly everything it promises".
  12. Android News

    Bose QC35 Wireless Headphones review states these are "near-perfect"

    Phil Nickinson has published his review of the Bose QC35 Noise-Canceling headphones and states these are near perfect. The only real problem with these headphones is that your ears could become uncomfortable when used for hours.
  13. Android News

    LG Watch Sport review states it "has some enticing qualities to it"

    Android Police has published its review of the LG Watch Sport and states that there are a few big compromises that can't be overlooked. These include a thick body and "so-so" battery life.
  14. Android News

    Google Pixel review after 3 months says it's still recommended

    Droid Life has published a revisited review of the Pixel and states that it still deserves a recommendation despite all of the new smartphones coming in the very near future.
  15. Android News

    Motorola Moto M review says the device is a consistently average performer

    GSM Arena has published its full review of the Moto M and states the device doesn't really shine in one specific area. Instead, the device is generally unimpressive and you can get the Moto Z Play with better specs for just $100 more.
  16. Android News

    Is AsteroidOS the future of Android Wear?

    Lanh from Android Authority has published his review of AsteroidOS, which is a new wearable OS based on Linux and is in alpha. The review states that the new OS has a lot of potential despite not being ready for primetime yet.
  17. Android News

    Fitbit Flex 2 review states the fitness tracker is just adequate

    Android Police has published its review of the Fitbit Flex 2 and states that the company's first water-resistant tracker is just adequate. However, if you want more options you may want to look to other Fitbit products for a better experience.
  18. Android News

    Google Pixel & Pixel XL review states these phones are perfect if you don't mind paying a premium

    Max Lee has published his full review of the Pixel and Pixel XL and states that despite a lack of features, these devices make up for it with the excellent camera ability and Google Assistant.
  19. Android News

    Pixel and Pixel XL review states they're two of the best phones you can buy right now

    Engadget has published its mini-review of the Pixel and Pixel XL giving the former a rating of 86 while giving the latter a score of 87. Pros for each device come in the form of excellent build quality, fantastic camera, smooth performance. Cons for each device include being too expensive...
  20. Android News

    Xiaomi Mi Box review says it's the best deal for an Android TV

    Android Police has published its full review of the Xiaomi Mi Box and states that the device gets the job done without getting in anyone's way. The review also states that the device is the cheapest option to tinker with Android TV.
  21. Android News

    Honor 8 review states the device is a pretty good phone that's worth a look

    Anandtech has published its full review of the Honor 8 and states that the only real area that the device falls short is the display. The rest of the device and features provide a solid experience and one that competes directly with the OnePlus 3 and Moto Z Play.
  22. Android News

    Meizu PRO 6 review states the device is not a clear upgrade over the PRO 5

    Anandtech published its full review of the Meizu PRO 6 and states the device has more than a few issues that makes it difficult to recommend. The review also states that it features "passable performance, poor battery life" and will not be updated frequently.
  23. Android News

    Huawei Honor 8 review says the it brings a unique experience to the table

    Pocketnow has published its full Honor 8 review and says the device is essentially a Huawei P9 with better specs and a cheaper price but is great for the $400 price range tier.
  24. Android News

    XDA reviews the Honor 8 on video

    The folks at XDA Developers have posted a video review of the Honor 8. "The phone is good for the price. It has a solid display, a feature-packed camera, a great fingerprint scanner and solid performance."
  25. Android News

    GSM Arena reviews the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    "The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is priced as an open-box item, but make no mistake about it - the phone can easily stand comparison to more premium competitors. Speaking of, the first place to look for solid but equally affordable competition is China."