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    Help Unable to download MMS on wifi without roaming while traveling internationally (S9, T-Mobile)

    Hi all, I have a stock S9 on T-Mobile and use Google Messages and/or Samsung Messages (the built-in app.) I travel internationally and recently started receiving "gentle" reminders from T-Mobile that "roaming benefits are not intended for extended use abroad." You know, "Sprint + T-Mobile...
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    Help Confused about mobile data

    Hi! I'm kinda new to having service and mobile data, since most of my life I just used wifi. For the past year I had service and everything was working perfectly. I have boost mobile and sprint. Last month, I wasn't able to use mobile data, except to send text messages. I couldn't recieve photo...
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    Help disabling data roaming on Nokia 6.1 (Android 10)

    I'm in Japan with my Nokia 6.1, running Android 10. My service provider is o2 (in the UK). I am using a pocket wi-fi to connect my phone to data services. I've done everything I can find to disable network data: Settings / Network & Internet / Mobile network / Mobile data: OFF Settings /...
  4. Android News

    EU's abolished roaming charges goes into effect today

    Back in February, the EU announced it would do away with roaming charges to all countries within the EU. Now, that goes into effect today.
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    The EU plans to end roaming charges by June of 2017

    The EU's plans to end mobile roaming charges have been officially announced. As of June 15th, 2017, all mobile phone users from the 28 members of the EU will no longer be required to pay roaming charges.
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    Three adds 24 new countries to its Feel at Home free roaming perk

    Starting in September, Three customers will be able to use their data, make calls and send text messages in 24 new countries without worrying about additional roaming fees. The Feel at Home perk offered by Three now applies to a total of 42 countries across the globe.
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    Vodafone no longer charging customers for calls, SMS and data usage while roaming in Europe

    Traveling across Europe while using Vodafone just got a little cheaper thanks to Vodafone's new roaming policy change. Those who subscribe to Vodafone's Red and Red Value monthly plans will no longer be charged a daily fee when using their service while roaming. Instead, they will be treated to...
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    Roaming charges plunge, will soon cease to exist in the European Union

    Roaming charges for calls and text messages stink. They can cost you a fortune. Unless you live in the EU where they've just lowered the maximum roaming costs to: €0.0114/minute (calls answered), €0.05/minute (calls made), €0.02/SMS, €0.05/MB data. What's even better? Beginning June 15th, 2017...