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  1. Dannydet


    This is cool and scary at the same time.
  2. Android News

    This hovering robot is powered by Amazon's Alexa

    Robots on Kickstarter or Indiegogo usually are slow-moving and expensive products, with little or no real utility. I don't think 'Aire' is anything different, but it's certainly... special. For $699 (or $749, once the base tier runs out), you can have the privilege of owning a hovering...
  3. Android News

    Google is investing $1.5 million in an attempt to make robots learn more like babies

    Teaching robots are a difficult thing to do, but programming a way that enables them to learn could make things progress faster. Google has announced they're investing $1.5 million to try and make robots learn like a human baby does.
  4. Android News

    This dancing robot has Amazon Alexa

    A new dancing robot from UBTech Robotics has been announced. It's a dancing robot called Lynx, and aside from entertainment it can also help keep you informed and perform tasks as it has Amazon Alexa integration.
  5. Android News

    LG details line of robots at CES

    LG has announced details about their robot lineup. The products include a small home hub robot, an airpot cleaning and helping robot, and a lawn mowing robot.
  6. Android News

    Omate made a home robot with Amazon Alexa

    Omate has introduced the Yumi. It's a $350 small home robot which has support for Amazon Alexa baked in. The rolling robot features a 5-inch 720p display that can be used to display info or simply show the robot's face. With Alexa, you can give commands to the robot and make it a moving personal...