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  1. S

    Advice for rooting a Samsung A32

    I need to run some applications that require having my phone rooted, how can I root safely to be able to run them without making any mess ?
  2. pintree3

    Help with rooting of a China bought Samsung Galaxy A54

    I was told that the Samsung Galaxy A54 was the only useable phone outside of China hence why I bought it while there. It is not the case. Though most is in English many apps remain in Chinese: ex. Samsung Store only displays Chinese apps (No Messenger, etc). I got a local SIM card thinking once...
  3. V

    Remi 7 Rooting Android 10 Miui11

    Hi all. can someone post me detailed process for rooting redmi 7 android 10 miui 11 smart phone. Thanks in advance
  4. S

    How to recover accidentally erased Camera folder from Samsung S21 Ultra - Data Recovery Android 12 / Root?

    Problem: My mum has an Android-based Samsung phone and unfortunately, when the main folder with photos ("Camera") was moved from the Phone to PC via USB cable, it was made using Cut and Paste. By accident the files were pasted into Recycle Bin and we received warning "Files will be permanently...
  5. 6

    Rooting And. 8GO and 11

    Been attempting to root Android 8GO and 11. Tried using KingRoot via comp. KR wouldn't recognize either (?) Tried Magisk but it seemed like there was too many "addons" to apply before rooting(?) So, I want to root these 2 O.S's but guess I need some advice/guidance. Anyone wishing to help...
  6. L

    Rooting my OnePlus

    I have had my oneplus rooted previously by someone else. I accidentally updated my OnePlus Nord ce 2 lite 5g to android 13 without installing magisk to the inactive slot first so when my phone rebooted I had lost root although my bootloader was still unlocked. I've done some research on how to...
  7. D

    Help Is IN2017_11_C.41 Stable for rooting OnePlus 8?

    Hi, I'm about to root my OnePlus 8 (hopefully today) but first I need to find out if creating a patched Boot file from the IN2017_11_C.41 update will be ok, I already have the Boot file patched using Magisk so I just need to know if this update will work or if I need to use another one cause I...
  8. L

    Help [FINISHED] Unlock bootloader failure.... What should I do now??

    I tried to unlock bootloader on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 using this (linked) guide online. However, when I installed a .zip using Safestrap recovery mode, and rebooted my phone, my phone said it could not start because there was a kernel error. I saw that the developers had been talking...
  9. kumaranil13k

    Effects of factory reset of a rooted device

    Question : what are effects of factory reset while in rooted condition of mobile In my lyf water 7 mobile device having 16gb internal memory and 2 gb ram and 64gb external sd card I had first factory rest my mobile with and formatted my external sd card with no user apps or data installed then...
  10. A

    Is it possible to have a rooted Galaxy S8 running Pie on a U.S. network?

    After checking around to make sure Samsung Galaxy S8 can be rooted on Pie, I bought a model SM-G950U phone, but discovered to my dismay that the bootloader on U.S. versions with Snapdragon processors is not unlockable (there is no "OEM unlocking" setting in Developer Options, and none of the...
  11. P

    Help How do I root my Samsung Galaxy S3?

    How do I root my Samsung Galaxy S3? I've been trying to figure this out, but have failed to find a way. Could anyone help?
  12. I

    Help Call forwarding over internet

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a certain set of features in an app (no problem if it requires root). I've googled it but didn't find anything that matched my exact requirements. Here are my requirements: The app should have 2 modes: 1 mode receives calls on the simcard and starts an internet...
  13. Android News

    Android 8.1 Oreo comes to the Xiaomi Mi A1 thanks to LineageOS 15.1

    LineageOS 15.1 has been released for the Xiaomi Mi A1 which brings an unofficial build of Android 8.1 Oreo to the device.
  14. Android News

    Open GApps now available for Android 8.1 Oreo

    Open GApps now has download links for Android 8.1 GApps packages, in all platform variants (arm, arm64, x86, and x86_64).
  15. Android News

    Multiple Verizon Google Pixel 2 Owners are Reporting their Bootloaders can be Unlocked

    It appears some Pixel 2 owners have been able to unlock their devices using a simple fastboot unlock method instead of an exploit, something which isn't usually possible. In fact, this doesn't even apply to the Pixel 2 XL. Expect Verizon to fix this before too long.
  16. Android News

    Paranoid Android updated with camera improvements and more

    The latest version of Paranoid Android brings improvements to the Paranoid Camera application, as well including a patch for the KRACK vulnerability.
  17. Android News

    Paranoid Android is updated to include its own camera app

    The latest update for the Paranoid Android ROM, v7.3.0, brings a lot of changes. But the biggest addition doubles down on the project's earlier commitment to photo quality. As of today, Paranoid Android has its own camera app.
  18. Android News

    Chainfire hopes to make it easier for you to find stock boot and recovery images

    Chainfire, developer of the popular Android apps like SuperSU and FlashFire, has launched a new website dedicated Android firmware. The website, firmware.mobi, includes a database of boot, recovery, and root images, making it easier for Android users to hunt down the firmware they want to flash.
  19. admyrick

    Android Oreo comes to the OnePlus 5 courtesy of Lineage OS

    While OnePlus is currently testing Android 8.0 Oreo for the OnePlus 3, the team behind Lineage OS has released Lineage 15 for the OnePlus 5. This brings Android Oreo to the device, provided that you are rooted.
  20. Android News

    S-OFF is now available for the HTC U11

    SunShine now supports S-OFF for HTC's latest flagship, the U11. S-OFF allows you to modify system partitions on a permanent basis, meaning you can install a recovery, which then leads to root and custom ROMs.
  21. Android News

    Snapdragon US Galaxy S8 and S8+ can now be rooted

    Some talented developers were able to get the US Snapdragon models of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus rooted earlier this month. It's now available to the public, and it's available in an easy solution called SamPWND.
  22. Android News

    TWRP adds support for new devices including the Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    TWRP recovery continues to add support for more and more devices. These include the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xiaomi Redmi 4X, Lenovo K33, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.
  23. Android News

    The GaleForce project will allow you to root your Google WiFi

    Google Wifi came out last year to join the increasingly competitive mesh router market. It has a competitive price compared to the competition, and we found the performance to be solid. It might be nice if it had a few more features, though, right? That's where the GaleForce project comes in...
  24. Android News

    Latest version of Magisk fixes SafetyNet issues and adds support for Android O

    Magisk has been updated to version 13.1 and adds support for Android O while also providing a new workaround for SafetyNet issues.
  25. Android News

    Paranoid Android update brings new features and adds more supported devices

    Paranoid Android has been updated to version 7.2.0 and adds a slew of new features including "Accidental Touch". This prevents unwanted taps on the display while in use.