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s7 edge

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    Help Unwanted apps

    I made the mistake of installing Weather Home app on my S7 edge and when I go to uninstall it, the uninstall button is grayed out and I can't uninstall it. Additionally, a brand new bunch of bloatware apps (News, Market, Videos, Personalize, Games) invaded my phone and I can't find any way to...
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    Help does galaxy s6 sm-g920w8 accept the 7edge ROM

    Hi everybody i have seen lately some videos about installing the samsung s7 edge on the s6 but most of it done on G920F models so i am wondering if the G920W8 CAN accept this ROM or it has to be the F Series thank you very much.
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    Help S7 speaker problem

    I've searched for hours to find a solution to this problem. I can call people and hear them just fine but when i play videos or music, the sound is completely mute. I have tried all everything bar a factory reset-cleated the system cache, uninstalled all downloaded apps, put the phone in safe...
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    Help Default SMS App not showing all text

    OK so I have a Galaxy S7 Edge on Vodafone, and as Facebook Messenger can now be used as a default SMS app, I thought I'd give it a go as I can message on Facebook at the same time. My issue is that I can receive texts perfectly fine on Vodafone's "Message+" app but my phone does not notify me...
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    Help Why cant i access specific app settings like facebook on S7

    Once in application - application manager - select app (facebook) - Data usage then I try to view the app settings but it is light gray so I cannot click on that option. this app is using so much data would like to manage it. Thanks
  6. Android News

    Nexus 6P vs Galaxy S7 Edge camera shootout

    Mark from Android Police pitted Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge against the Nexus 6P in a camera shootout to see which device gave users the best pictures and videos. Throughout the review, the Galaxy S7 took home the gold, but it's worth noting that the Nexus 6P still impressed. Considering the bad...