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samsung galasy s7

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 review says it's everything they wanted the S6 to be

    GSM Arena has just published their video review of the Galaxy S7 and it's filmed entirely with a Galaxy S7 as well. They say that Samsung's flagships have always been the trendsetters and the Galaxy S7 proudly joins its predecessors.
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    Help GS7 Edge slow charging

    I have had my S7 about a week, and it has worked fine until yesterday. All of a sudden it is really slow to charge. I checked the battery setting and is is properly set to "on" to allow fast charge. I have the Ampere app to measure the charge and where it used to charge at over 1000 mA, it is...
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    Samsung Pay may be heading to Russia with the Galaxy S7 launch

    Samsung Pay may finally be heading to Russia. A leaked promotional image hints at Samsung's wireless payment service launching alongside the Galaxy S7 in March. Naturally, we will likely hear more about which new markets will come online with Samsung Pay at Mobile World Congress in a few days.