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samsung galaxy ace 3

  1. J

    No Longer Able To Access Internet Away From Home

    Hi, For the past week I've been unable to access the Internet away from my home network. It used to connect to BTWiFi-with-FON automatically as well as the Tesco and Asda wifi networks when I'm in those shops. When I look at a list of available wifi networks, it shows them and says it's...
  2. S

    Help Led Notifications

    Hi my old galaxy three used to flash green for fb messager and blue for email from the led on front of phone. This new one doesn't seem to do it I'm really missing it. I've tried a couple of apps but they don't seem to work either.
  3. Azeem610

    power button issue

    i have no use of the power button, when i press it, i can hear click sound like usual but problem is when i took off the battery my phone boot up by itself, this problem was solved without me knowing it. and now it occur again. i tried disassembling the phone and check the power button, but...
  4. S

    Root su binary cannot be installed?

    I installed cwm recovery on my ace 3 s7275r and then downloaded the root.zip to root it and everything seemed OK until I opened Supersu up and a message displayed saying "there is no Su binary installed, and supersu cannot install it, this is a problem" please help!! (I have cm12 also)
  5. rosemary3

    Help Confirm before sending text?

    I am constantly sending unfinished text messages because a finger accidentally touches the send button. Is there a way to make the Galaxy Ace ask for confirmation before it sends a text?
  6. D

    Help Galaxy ace 3 contacts mystery

    My first smart phone, so I'm very much a newbie at this. Received my first call from my Sister this afternoon. I didn't answer it so got a missed call message. She is in the phone book, so expected here name to be displayed, but it only had her number. So I clicked on the update contacts button...
  7. M

    Help Not enough space message

    When i try to download apps for Google Play Store, a message appears telling that there is no enough space on the internal memory. But there are still 500MB available. The apps are very below of 500MB in size. What should i do to fix it? I have Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7275R Android 4.2.2
  8. D

    Help boot problem

    I have a samsung galaxy s3 with some stuff stored on the phone I want to get back. Some data wasn't on the card. When this happened the first time I put my cellphone down and next time I checked it automatically turned off. When I noticed this I tired to turn on my phone again and it booted...
  9. J

    Reinstalling App

    Hi, I had an app on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 which I was having some trouble with it, so I decided to reinstall it. I uninstalled the app and went to the page on Google Play to install it, but the button says installed on it and does nothing when I click it. Please can someone tell me how to...
  10. Y

    Help Help! Touchscreen

    Hallo all my ace 3 has a problem sometimes my touchsreen acts weird like when i text my touchscreen doesn't respond and if i want to close a ap and hold the home button it automaticly closes my brother says that a software fault think's that i am still pressing the screen please help! Oh and...
  11. M

    Cache partition

    When i try to clear the cache partition on the recovery screen of my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7275R mobile phone i get an 'error' message. What should i do to fix it and clear the cache partition?
  12. M

    Help Power saving

    How do i turn off or adjust the power saving mode in Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7275R mobile phone?
  13. Z

    Playlist management

    I have a Galaxy Ace S7275 phone – a cut down version of the high end models, and perhaps lacking some of the functionality in those models. I have found that music playlist management on the phone cannot handle what I want from it. I have a store of over 1600 mainly R & B songs from...
  14. M

    Help Slow performance

    My phone is slow because of my apps installed even with a app task and startup cleaner. But i tried many programs that kills also services starting from a specific app. The only solution is to uninstall my apps. What else i can do?
  15. Z

    Music on car speakers vie Bluetooth

    Hi all, my first post. I
  16. M

    Help Cannot send SMS

    I cannot send SMS anymore. A message saying 'Failed' appears. I have Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7275R phone.
  17. M

    Icons missing when moved apps to sd card

    I moved all apps to the sd card and when i did that, the apps icons on the app drawer of Touchwiz dissappeared and a icon writing 'sd' appeared. Also the apps are not working. 'App not installed' appears when i try to start one.
  18. B

    Play Shop

    Hi all my wife has a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3,we lost Whatsapp,i sorted mine but her's keeps saying when i click Play Shop "SERVER ERROR Retry,i when i do it still wont have it,Help Pease
  19. J

    Help R still above signal even when roaming turned off

    Hi my mum is away in France, she has turned off data roaming but there is still an R next to the signal strength - she has tried to connect to the internet but it say she has to buy to - does hat mean roaming is off even if the R is still there? She just doesn't want to have a massive charge...
  20. M

    Root Rooting

    I have tried several root apps for pc to root my phone and was not succesfull. Do you have a suggestion? I have: Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 S7275R mobile phone.
  21. H

    Internet via WiFi Guest Access

    I am having problems connecting to the internet via WiFi guest accounts (Galaxy Ace3 GT-S2720). The phone connects to the router, I open the browser and enter a url and enter the passphrase in the login screen that pops up, but when I hit the
  22. M

    Moving pictures to SD-card

    Hello guys :) I didnt find the answer so i created a new topic. I have a problem moving pictures to SD-card. In the camera settings i have chosed that photos goes direct to the sd-card and it works fine , but when i after that delete the photos from phone memory then they are gone also from...
  23. R

    coloured emojis for samsung s3

    Hi I'm. I'm new to this page. But I was wondering if someone can help me. I can't seem to get coloured emoji's on my Galaxy s3. I've tried a few apps Kii keyboard and android keyboard, they both have the colour emojis on the keyboard. But as soon as I post to Facebook/twitter etc the turn black...
  24. R

    Help Echo sound

    Hi there, my wife and i both have the same samsung galaxy ace 3 since about a month now. Last week my wifes phone suddenly has a weird echo sound, only heard by the people who call to her phone. It is really annoying and i can't find out what is wrong. I tried a lot of things allready...
  25. M

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Wi-Fi disconnecting

    I'm being plagued by an extremely annoying problem on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (GT-S7275R). It relates to the Wi-Fi connectivity. The Android version is 4.2.2. My service provider is EE. On just about any Wi-Fi network I connect to, after a while I get a message saying