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samsung galaxy core prime

  1. D

    Root [ROM] 5.1.1 GamerROM Ultimate 1 v6.0 Google TouchWiz Edition OS For SM-G360T1 ONLY Updated: 4/4/17

    Welcome to the all new GamerROM OS! Today we finally releasing our OS for the Galaxy Core Prime MetroPCS this OS took us months to get working correctly and finally got it to work so heres the features below. Features: * De-bloated and De-odexed * Includes Gapps installed * New GamerROM...
  2. SonicMach

    Not allowing me to choose from Live Wallpapers

    So, I downloaded a live wallpaper and now it wont let me choose from live wallpapers. There's not even an option to do so! Is there another way to set this?
  3. Sabrina5280

    Galaxy core prime won't work even after factory reset

    My galaxy core prime wouldn't let me pass the main lock screen so I factory reset it and got it running again. About an hour later it started doing the same thing. I've factory reset it three times now and still same it won't go to home page!
  4. J

    Help I need debrick.img

    Hi friends I need debrick.img for core prime helpme please my Phone is dead the chipset is qualcomm
  5. Android News

    Samsung seeds October security patch the Galaxy A8, J7 Prime, and Galaxy Core Prime

    Samsung has already started seeding out the October Android security patch to the Galaxy Core Prime, Galaxy A8, and Galaxy J7 Prime.
  6. S

    core prime

    Another problem :( .. So i posted on here recently about my phone not turning on pass the "Metro PCS" screen...well after i had reset the entire phone the next day it was working again. So tonight my phone died so i put it on the charger and it was at 3% so i turned it on and got on Instagram...
  7. S

    Metropcs core prime....HELP :(

    i woke up this morning and tried to turn on my Core prime and it got up to the point where it says "MetroPCS and the purple ball came across the screen then it just sits there. I dont know anything about phones all i know how to do is reset it using the power and volume button...can anyone tell...
  8. hydroman202

    Root Working on MIUI Port For SM-S820L - Need Help

    I am working on a port for the sm-s820l based on miui stock ROM from the redmi 2. I need help though. I have the network working, but no WiFi, and torch does not work. Any advice that is helpful would be appreciated!
  9. S

    group messaging

    so my group messaging is all messed up. my phone number is on my SD card and multimedia messages is turned on. I can receive group messages but they are all over the place, it says I have stuff to download from all the people in the group, and some of them come to me separately. what can I do?
  10. B

    phone replaces custom recovery with stock

    SM-G360T 5.1.1 I just flashed twrp recovery using Odin but phone boots into stock recovery. Dont know what i did wrong.Please help me.Thanks
  11. E

    Help choosing twrp version

    which twrp recovery version is compatible with sm-g360t? i've read latest version wont work with my phone. thanks in advance.
  12. benjidapirate

    Root looking for instructions on how to root samsung galaxy core prime sm-G360TI

    can someone point me to a good set of instructions on how to root my metro pcs samsung galaxy core prime SM-G360TI running 5.1.1 baseband version G360TIUVU1APG2. I tried following instructions posted on rootmygalaxy's website...
  13. S

    Can I use my Straight Talk Phone with other service

    I bought a nice Samsung phone from Walmart with Straight Talk service. No longer satisfied with ST and would like to use the phone with different service provider. Walmart says I can't and I am stuck with ST as long as I want to use the phone I just purchased. Is there any way to transfer...
  14. WaxysDargle

    Root Bounty for working AOSP/CM

    I would like to see some alternatives to Touchwiz for the G360T/G360T1 I will throw down $20 just to see a bootable ROM of the sort Anyone else willing to contribute? I can contribute more as the project develops Maybe a port of the working CM 12.1 from the G360H?
  15. The Sanity Inspector

    Help Bluetooth problem

    My Core Prime is running Android 4.4.4; it's a Tracfone. Unlike my three previous Tracfones, it has stopped connecting to my Kia Sorento's UVO Bluetooth. The phone is still listed in the UVO's list of devices, but the connection fails. The Kia forums blame this on the phone's software updates...
  16. N

    Help phone charges only when turned off, kinda...

    Basically my phone hasn't been charging and only starts charging when my phone is turned off but will stay charged when turned on still in the charger, I went to the metro store and they couldn't replace it, I'm using the charger that came with my phone and have tried other chargers and outlets...
  17. N

    Root Samsung SM-G360P TWRP screen issue

    Hi, I recently tried to install TWRP using Odin and this method with these files. http://www.android.gs/install-twrp-recovery-v-2-8-7-1-on-samsung-galaxy-core-prime/ I got a "pass" on odin when flashing twrp recovery. But when booting to recovery, the phone seems like it goes into...
  18. G

    Root Monstro's Rom v3 SM-G360T & SM-G360T1 5.1.1 Fastest and Lightest Rom 6/12/2016

    MONSTRO'S ROM v3 5.1.1 June 12rd 2016 Build prop edits for speed Graphic edits for fps Nuked everything that's not needed Lightest Rom 3g/4g edits for better speed and roaming WIFI, USB, Bluetooth Tethering 4.42gb free internal Rooted Deodexed Xposed Supersu Volume Mods Only 288MB Flash with...
  19. A

    Get another Core Prime or change to Grand Prime ?

    My year old Core doesn't sound good to callers, but callers state it sounds much better through my bluetooth earpiece. I don't care about the warranty, if any. The reviews of the Grand Prime sound better and both phones are under $100. Would you choose the Core Prime or Grand Prime, and why...
  20. hydroman202

    Root SM-S820L STOCK Deoxeded ROM WITH Root, Busybox, deodexed, zipalign

    Flash at your own Discrection. I will not be held responsible for whatever you choose to do. This ROM, like the title says, is deodexed, pre rooted, and has busybox installed. Credits deserve to go to superr's kitchen, without it, I would be in a mess still. Here Is the link...
  21. thetrickster213

    Root Cyanogenmod

    Does this phone have ANY ports of Cyanogenmod
  22. Android News

    Flipkart is offering discounts on Samsung phones in India

    Flipkart is holding Samsung Week where they give discounts on select Samsung smartphones. The Indian retailer has devices like the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Core Prime and the Galaxy On series.
  23. M

    Root TWPR file

    Hello every one need a TWRP file for my GCPrime (metro-pcs) I'm stock on download mode please help
  24. J

    USB capability

    Does anybody know whether Samsung Galaxy Core Prime has the capability to communicate over USB or if it is necessary to install any driver or set up any configuration?
  25. R

    google block

    i have managed to factory reset my phone but cannot log in with my google account. I bought the phone and had it unlocked and it/ worked fine but when i replaced my sim card, it locked me out.took it back and had it fixed again at the shop and it worked fine until i reset it and now i cannot go...