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samsung galaxy note 2

  1. R


    hello ! im a newbie and i need help. i have a problem with my galaxy note 2.stuck in LOGO.when i flash it says <id ;0/004>NAND Write start ! ! .how to fix it ?any reply is highly appreciated thanks.
  2. A

    Help Safe Mode

    Hello everyone! My phone entered safe mode without me activating it or something and I can't get out now. I already searched for answers everywhere and I tried everything out but nothing is working. I tried one method where I need to press the home, power and volume key down button and first it...
  3. Y

    Stylus button hold down for cropping images

    Ooh my first post here... Not a biggy but someone might have some ideas. While using my S pen to cut and paste images I find it very tricky/annoying/infuriating at times trying to hold the button in while tracing around tricky shapes. I'll often just be about to finish the circle and then with a...
  4. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy note 2. Won't go

    Last year I had a problem with my note2. I managed to get great help here about the back button and charged it and it was good. I turned it off and haven't touched it. For ages. Now it won't turn on or charge. I had a new battery so put that in. No lights. No nothing. It has this problem last...
  5. Amanda Frew

    Streaming to a Projector

    Hi all. I can stream from my Note 2 to the TV no problem with the use of a HDMI adapter but I can't do the same to the projector. I even bought a new projector so I've now got HDMI and USB ports thinking this was the issue but it's still the same. I've tried all different sorts of cables also...
  6. FarAdd

    Display or motherboard problem?

    Hi i'm new to this forum :) So this is my problem, I recently dropped my note 2 and cracked its screen and the phone died and when i tried to turn it back on this would happen and the top part gets hot after a while. I was thinking to repair the phone by myself if the display was broken but i...
  7. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire in flight

    A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being used on Indian airline IndiGo caught fire. It's not known the circumstances behind the explosion, but it's likely the device could have been using a third-party battery or charger as the Galaxy Note 2's battery was removable.
  8. icebird


    Hello, I just updated to 4.4.2 via kies and I want to get the latest cyanogenmod. What's the best guide to follow please Thanks
  9. Khin Sein Sein Tint

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was stolen.How can I do ?

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was stolen the day before yesterday. How can I control it?
  10. Liam548

    Accessories Anywhere still stocking Genuine batteries?

    Is there anywhere I can still buy Genuine Note 2 batteries? Many reviews on amazon suggest that the ones showing as genuine are in fact not. I don't mind paying extra from Samsung themselves but cant find a buy online link. Any help appreciated. Liam
  11. B

    Why does my phone have adverts while on the home screen and apps

    hello, since today when i'm doing something on my phone an advert pops up i'm concerned about this please could someone tell me what to do to sort this issue out thanks
  12. Android News

    The brief history of the Samsung Galaxy Note series

    For anyone who hasn't followed along each Galaxy Note release, or maybe you just want to refresher course, Android Authority just published a brief history summary of all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones up until now.
  13. O

    Note 2 is shutting down automatically and usually happens when it's flipped down in my pocket

    Hello, As I said in the title, this been happening alot in the last few days and I can't find out why. I checked the pins of the the phone and they seem to be connected to the battery well and they look to be fine (not broken or something) and tried to clean the battery pins although it doesn't...
  14. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 Nightlies come to Verizon's Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note II

    CyanogenMod's latest ROM, version 13, has been in the "Nightly" status for quite some time, but it has just made its way to Verizon Wireless' Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and Galaxy Note 2. If you're trying to keep your devices up to date, and quick, this is a great way to do it.
  15. J

    Root Can I transfer a CWM backup to another phone?

    Greetings. Been reading the forum for a couple years and finally have a question that I can't find the answer to. I hope this makes sense. I have a Galaxy Note 2 - 16Gb, Sprint SPH-L900, Android 4.4.2, that is rooted stock with CWM Recovery. I have a second Note 2 on the way and would like...
  16. outlandishflamingo

    Bricked Galaxy Note 2 - Firmware upgrade encountered an issue

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and pretty much just joined so that I can try to fix this one issue. I tried updating my phone a while ago and I guess it got interrupted somehow because I ended up with a boot loop. I tried following instructions online to fix this and so I've already tried...
  17. wyndslash

    Note 2 IMEI suddenly changed

    Okay, this just happened yesterday. In the middle of the day, my phone suddenly dropped the data signal, and when I tried to call someone, it kept saying 'not registered on network'. I just recently paid my bill, and when I called my network provider, it told me that my sim was fine; my number...
  18. P

    5-in-1 MHL Connection Kit

    Hi! I am new to this forum. A few days ago, I dropped my Samsung Note 2 (SGH-i317M) on the floor by accident. The display is now dead. No pixel or light. But the menu, home and back buttons are fine. When I swipe, tap and touch the screen, the phone seems to be responsive. I am able to turn the...
  19. B

    Help Cant see internal sdcard in recovery mode

    Hey Folks, Wife's Note2 just died, it just boots up into android then resets after a few seconds. I just need to get stuff off the internal memory. In recovery mode /sdcard is empty, so cant use adb pull. Is there any way to mount the emulated internal storage? HTC have that s-off thing, is...
  20. L

    Facebook Browsing

    My understanding from what I have read is that you do not have to sign up/create an account in order to just browse in Facebook which suits me fine as I am not interested in interacting at this point. Is there a way to do so and be able to access the browsing screen immediately on my Samsung...
  21. waitingtogetskyrim2

    any drawings you'd like to share

    I'm amazed at the creativity of a lot of people in pen up I'm still new to the note. I can draw stick figures so their not much to look at. Is anyone interested in sharing your drawings you did on your galaxy note 2 or other note version.
  22. waitingtogetskyrim2

    Root kingroot only way to root without tripping knox but has it downfalls

    If you root with kingroot it will work but when you try to switch with supersu me pro app to remove kingroot and king user so you can replace it with supersu it just unroots your phone and removes everything kingroot installed. So kingroot is the only way to root without tripping knox but it has...
  23. waitingtogetskyrim2

    Root Anyone know adb backup commands. Trying to backup full firmware of factory unlocked AT&T note 2

    I have a factory unlocked AT&T note 2 and I'd like to keep it unlocked. I think if I was to ever flash a rom then flash stock firmware that it would lock my bootloader to that carrier and that it would lock the recovery so only that carriers software can be applied through the over the air...
  24. kezbabybabe

    Help Storage full on Note 2, unable to reduce

    Hi Guys, I'm at my wits end, I've had my Note 2 for about 3 years now, there's nothing wrong with it and I want to continue using it, however I'm now suffering from full storage. It's a Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, currently running 4.4.2. I have rooted the device, using the instructions here...
  25. waitingtogetskyrim2

    Root AT&T Note 2 Useful Things At Xda

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2-att There's some useful things over on xda like a marshmallow rom.. ect.. for the AT&T Note 2. I'm not sure what other carriers have to offer on this phone cause I'm still getting used to my note 2.