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samsung galaxy pro

  1. M

    Help Create folders?

    I'm lost. I have a couple thousand photos on my SD card, and would like to organize them into folders. When I go into My Files, I do not see the add folder icon in the upper right hand corner. I have the Galaxy Pro 520. 1. How do I create a file or 5? 2. Can I use the USB cord that I charge...
  2. Rounak Ghosh

    Help Incoming/Outgoing Call Issue

    Hi, I am facing an issue with my Samsung GT-S7272 ( Star Galaxy Pro) , I am not able to make any calls. When a number is dialled it seems like it is trying to connect but when it is suppose to ring, the call drops automatically. Same when others are trying to call me. Tried with multiple number...
  3. I

    Help links2sd could not obtain root access

    hi everyone i need help. My galaxy pro has been rooted and upgraded to 2.3.6. My phone wouldnt boot then i took it to the engineer who made it boot. The phone still rooted but Link2SD wont move apps to sd. It shows the message "couldnt obtain root access' Please i need help.
  4. I

    Help Galaxy pro wifi not connecting

    Hi my galaxy pro GT-B7510 has its wifi not connecting. It shows error message when i try to put it on.What can i do please.
  5. S

    Help Need help

    Hi guys.. I've just got my Samsung Galaxy Pro Gt- B7510..now when I connect it to the pc using usb cable..it's like i can't touch it anymore and its like touching on it's own..and the "usb connect" doesn't show in the notification panel..i would love to uprade my phone. here's some info...
  6. I

    Help B7510 debug or System logs

    With pure honesty, this is the second android forum I've registered because I love my phone and I don't want to go for any touch screen phones for now. The only issue is, from past two months it keeps rebooting all the time but again its only while i am using it not when its in Idle...
  7. jSavvy1641

    Root Miui for previal

    is there miui rom for the prevail??
  8. A

    Help Network fluctuates

    My Galaxy pro has network fluctuations. Even in high coverage area the network signal shows full strength and imm shows no coverage...all dis happens i.e fluctuations happen wid a span of 1-2seconds,.. Support will be highly appreciated.
  9. J

    Help Android native browser

    I need help! Messed up uninstalling the android native browser and doing the same with Titanium back up he can not restore the application. Already formatted the phone and nothing. I have a Galaxy Pro
  10. 0

    Root Urgent..!!!!!!!

    I installed rom manager in my samsung galaxy pro b 7410 and clicked on back up current rom, unfortunately my phone got switched off and now it not getting on... Request you people to please help....
  11. E

    Help galaxy pro b7510 touch not responding after gingerbread upgrade

    hi all hope someone can help me out my touch screen work at time and some times it stop responding after the gingerbread upgrade i tried 3 different firmware and still give the same problem what should i do?
  12. D-U-R-X

    Galaxy Pro FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Galaxy...
  13. A

    Help No "OK" button

    I have the samsung galaxy y pro gt-B5510 I put a security pin and then I locked the phone When I wanted to unlock it , it wanted the pin I remember the pin But when I pressed it there was no "OK" or something like that button It only says that I must enter the pin... Maybe there is another key...
  14. neo_the_one

    GALAXY PRO- i'll help with any questions related to GT-B7510 here!

    I think i have done all possible modding with this phone. So, if anyone needs help just post here and, i'll be happy to help. :-)
  15. T

    Facebook Web Page?

    HI! longtime since I posted here, but I have a issue with my phone for about 2 weeks now, and it only happens on facebook page(i dont use the app, drains way to much battery), here is my problem, hope you can understand. When ever I am in the FB Page, either leaving a comments or writing a...
  16. B

    Battery Issues

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Pro for the past 8 months. Of late, I am facing some charging issues. The charging sign keeps on blinking even after I switch the charger power supply. Any help would be highly appreciated!!!!!!
  17. M

    Help Firmware Upgarde Failure

    Hello , While connecting it to Kies , I got a notification that there is available firmware upgarde. I did the required steps and things were going well, till the phone went a mode
  18. J

    Help Exchange calendar sync doesn't work

    Hello, I've just setup a new B7510 for connection with exchange. Mails and contacts sync without any problem but I can't see my calendar. I've already checked if it's checked, all settings seem to be ok. On Galaxy SII and iPhone it works perfectly so i guess it's not my exchange settings...
  19. D


    how to add my cd audio tracks i transferd to mp3 format from memory card to default ringtones ?
  20. J

    B5510 SAMSUNG Galaxy Pro Gingerbread (Fault/problem in network) Aware of it:

    I have purchased new Galaxy pro b5510 having android Gingerbread OS, and after some call attempts the phone was unable to either sending/receive sms/calls; every time I retart the phone for making calls, I have replaced in Market: purchased Galaxy pro B7510 which is good phone having Android...
  21. B

    sound (speaker) is gone

    hi there, my sound at speaker galaxy pro is gone, there not any damage or broken, just suddenly.. i just buyed from 2 mounts ago.. please if any one of you can solve it in this forum..? thanks for the all..
  22. D

    Help Call drop after slide to answer

    Hello I have a samsung galaxy pro b 7510 phone. When i receive calls, i slide to answer and immediately the call gets disconnected. This dosen't happen everytime but has happened on about half of the calls i receive. Does anyone else happen to have this issue and what could possibly be wrong...
  23. V

    does the gingerbread upgrade by sammobile need root

    saw a way to upgrade to gingerbread
  24. J

    Help Black Screen; Phone sill functioning

    Hey, So my phone suddenly decided it won't display anything anymore. LED notification still works, home buttons still light up; basically it works, but the screen is just black and refuses to display anything. How can I fix it?
  25. A

    Help messed up spirit level

    Hi everybody ... I have a strange problem on my galaxy pro (with the newes 2.2.2 firmware installed in certified samsubg service) ... :cool: Any spirit level / bubble app i install is just messed up the way, that shows oposite values... For example: i calibrate on flat table the two direction...