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samsung galaxy s4 mini

  1. Android News

    Vodafone gets around to September security patch for Galaxy S4 Mini in Europe

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini users in Europe will likely be getting the September security patch soon, as Vodafone has begun rolling out the security patch for their variant of the handset.
  2. K

    SCH-I435 Odin Stock File

    Reserved, I am currently uploading the file. Feel free to suggest mirrors to use. This file is for the SCH-I435 only, do not try it with any other model. Instructions: 1) Download Odin. 2) Download the SCH-I435 Odin file from this post. 3) Ensure the drivers are installed for your device. 4)...
  3. vic485

    Help Phone won't boot up or charge properly

    I have a sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini that doesn't seem to want to boot or charge properly. This probably all started when I got caught in the rain yesterday and the phone got a bit wet. I tried to keep it out of the rain in my bag as best I could until I got inside. It started acting funky...
  4. M


    HI MY S4 MINI GT-I9195 is on bootloop. Cant get into recovery mode, it says " no command ", tried a lot of key combinations, but no use !! Please help me
  5. 3

    debrick.img for sgh-i257?

    Can anyone make me a debrick.img for an sgh-i257? I assume it would be the same as sgh-i257m (the Canadian version). A friend of mine bricked his phone and it won't turn on at all (no recovery, no download mode, no logo, no... nothing). If I plug it in the computer, my computer makes that...
  6. F

    Help Can't locate wifi

    Hi all, I had this phone for years and never had a problem, nor has anything changed in my house or phone. For some reason my phone can not locate "see" the wifi in my house anymore. All other devices can without a problem. If I reboot the phone it will see the wifi, log on and everything is...
  7. P

    Root s4 mini won't turn on

    Hi all, my daughter updated snapchat this morning, subsequently her screen suddenly went black and the phone was unresponsive. She pulled the battery and now the phone is completely dead, no charge animation, no vibration on power button press, nothing! Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  8. A

    Samsung phone won't play some songs that are the same file

    Hi! I know there are a lot of threads about this problem already but everyone else's situation seems to be different from mine. Mine makes no sense, really. So, I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and I only have it as a loaner phone as my Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is being repaired. I have a...
  9. A

    Root Boot error

    I got an samsung galaxy s4 mini rooted Then i downloaded chainfire 3d Then i click install in the app Then my phone shut down then when i turn it up it stuck on the s4 screen the and suddenly shut down I tried all in the recovery mode How to fix it? Thanks
  10. C

    How to solve this flaw in the Firmware Upgrade via ODIN

    Os meus problemas são sempre exclusivos. Encontram-se descritas soluções para várias falhas no processo de Firmware upgrade via ODIN mas só a mim me coube a falha no aboot que se repete e nunca abandona nem sequer permite o HARD RESET. Enquantoa bateria tiver encaixada e com carga esta imagem...
  11. Mhers

    The Viber voice is barely heard when the speaker is on.

    Hi, My Phone is Galaxy S4 mini Model number: GT-I9192 Android version: 4.2.2 Viber Version 5.7.1 While I'm using Viber with speaker on, the voice is barely heard. But phone line is normal with speaker on. If I use older Phone Galaxy S2 , Model number: GT-I9100, Android version: 4.1.2 Viber...
  12. P

    Root GT-I9192 Downgrade

    Hello guys, I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (GT-I9192) and I upgraded it from Android 4.4.2 (Official) KitKat to 5.1.1 Lollipop, from Cyanogenmod 12.1. I noticed that the battery usage it's huge and I wanted to downgrade back to Kitkat. The problem is, I do have the Official ROM from...
  13. C

    Help Como adicionar alarmes neste gadjet?

    O video clarifica a dúvida - https://vid.me/ODsy
  14. L

    Help Help with black screen

    Hello, A friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Her phone has the follwing problem: The screen turns off randomly, even though touch commands are still working. Also, some times the phone may turn on and you can hear the sound, you can see the light at the touch buttons, but the screen...
  15. M

    Help System characters all messed up

    Hi, I noticed that there is a problem, when searching in contacts did not return the usual results. I started to mess around in the menus when noticed that the Settings up is all messed up: This happened seemingly without any reasons, there were no updates or any other change in the usual way...
  16. J

    Help Pandora Streaming off WiFi

    As of late neither my wife or I can stream Pandora when not connected to WiFi. The album art will load but the song will never queue and start playing. We both have this phone and both experience the exact same behavior. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have cleared cache\data, I have even...
  17. V

    Help Internal memory filling up insanely fast

    I was a little low on internal memory space, so I decided to remove the updates of all the apps I didn't need. I now had 1,1 GB of free space. Several minutes later however, it was down to 5 MB. That's even less than before! I completely removed some other apps, but after 2 minutes the memory...
  18. K

    Help Galaxy S4 mini

    I have just got a Galaxy S4 mini and set up my e mail account on it but I am only receiving emails sent from other mobile phones and any emails I have been sent from other devices such as tablets or pc's are only arriving on my main computer they are not coming through on my phone. Would be...
  19. VMuser

    Root cyanogenmod S4 mini sprint

    Greetings: I am looking for a complete set of files for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (SPH-L520); Recovery, ROM & Gapps. The last set that I tried, had a bug with the APN, very weak reception, and burned thru the battery. I dont know if these were related. I don't know if its frown upon in...
  20. C

    Help Does ChatON come installed on Galaxy S4 MINI?

    Hey does the ChatON app come preistalled on the S4 MINI ? This is a Verizon phone.
  21. Vlad Soare

    Call Quality When Connected via Bluetooth

    Hello, Apart from the S4 Mini I also have a Nokia 515. It's a dumbphone, but of very high quality by dumbphones' standards. When I use the Mini handheld the sound quality (I mean the voice, during a call) is perfect. It's at least on par with the Nokia, if not better. When connected to the...
  22. E

    Help Wifi Direct

    The files i receive via Wifi Direct gets stored in the internal storage by default. Can this be changed somehow to external SD Card ?device s4 mini,not rooted
  23. jmd2316

    Root 1 click rooting my galaxy s4 mini

    From the phone I'm trying to root
  24. C

    Setting up "In Case of Emergency" contacts.

    deleted by poster
  25. H

    Speakerphone stuck ON

    Fortunately it's only happening in FB messenger right now... but I've been hearing horror stories after the last update... Every outgoing or incoming call from FBM is automatically on speakerphone and it cannot be turned off... very frustrating for sure!! Anyways, has anyone had the same...