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samsung galaxy s7 edge+

  1. mackem

    Help Com.android.phone

    What does this mean the phones new and did a smart sync from my old s3 to set up. Easy done. But i get this error Com.android.phone has stopped working but I only seem to get it when deleting pics from the gallery. Otherwise phone functions seem fine. Made and received calls absolutely spot on.
  2. Android News

    Rumor says Samsung will not launch the Galaxy S7 Edge+ in the UK, and won't delay the Note 6

    According to a rumor, Samsung doesn't currently have plans to release the Galaxy S7 Edge+ in the UK. However, the same source tells TechRadar that they felt the delay of releasing the Note 5 in the UK was a mistake, so the Galaxy Note 6 is said to be released in the UK in August with the rest...
  3. jack58

    About time! Samsung was going to lose a lot of Customers.

    Looks like Samsung listened this time. There were a LOT of unhappy longtime Samsung owners like me that was going to jump ship and go for anther brand, because of no Micro SD support... in my case, I was going to get the LG v10. Still wish they would have a removable battery, but that isn't a...
  4. Gkeomany

    What's the difference? Edge or no edge?

    I was curious about the galaxy's "edge" series phone. What is so great about having the edge instead of a regular galaxy "S" series phone? I don't own a Galaxy "edge" but I have had multiple "S" series phones. From what I experienced by testing an "edge" series phone my sister has, the only...
  5. S

    Would the edge itself be better suited for a large phone?

    I wonder if there would be cool apps or tickers or something that didn't seem to fit well enough on the original edge that woulid take advantage of a larger screen? What are some of the favorite edge uses anyway?
  6. Phases

    screen size?

    Does anyone know the screen size this is supposed to be?
  7. Phases

    A "phablet" version of the Edge+?

    http://phandroid.com/2016/01/13/samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-plus-names-rumor/ I hate the term phablet, not going to lie, but I do love a good one. So this is supposed to be a larger version of the edge+. This might be a good one to keep an eye on!