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  • The feeding link?
    I'd like to see it.
    I'm not sure if they're aboreals but when i was stationed at Homestead AFB at the a**hole of Florida, 3 inch diameter spiders weaving webs between reeds where the norm. Roaches exceeded 4 inches and could fly. Big wing cases.
    dropped a reply to your pokemon go thread, hope it helps you in your inability to join the rest of the world running around staring at their phones because youre on wifi a majority of the time. feel free to sanitize posts for those shaming you for looking for a way to join the fun.

    if you need any help getting it working drop me a line.
    How do I get a developer forum for Android Forums? I thought this might be the right place to ask. I would like to because of my ROMs and recoveries I make. More of my work was on Android Central but I moved here because its just a better place to work. I really like it so far. I would greatly appreciate it if I could become a dev here. Thanks Phases!
    Hey Phases can i have permission to create an unofficial Android Forums app its basically a shortcut that will open the users web browser and take them to Android Forums without retyping the url in the browser?
    Hi im interested in having my own development forum so i can afmdd my roms, im a very experienced dev and looking to grow with android forums?
    At the moment dev forums are turned off - we may bring them back shortly so stay tuned
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      Deleted User

    Thanks for letting ne know hope to grow with android forums i love this forum
    Hi, I work for a Shanghai based video game company. We are currently working on a mobile game to be released in early 2015. The game is developed by Chinese people but intended for Western markets. Therefore we would like to have Western gamers give their opinion about our characters. Can you please confirm in what section I should post this thread? Thank you very much! Marine
    Hello, every time i post in this forum, someone comes and change my thread to Developer section. I would like to be a developer member. what is the procedure? thank you
    Hi how are you, was wondering if i can modify my name a little instead of "geldres" it'll be "Gldrz1", would appreciate it greatly thank you.:)
    how does one go about becoming a dev for this site in the forums is there like a hazing process and then comes the paddle of initiation?


    does it have to be threw a moderator or admen?
    Hi there how are you? I want to know if I could change my username and if so how to go about doing it.Thank you very much,mysplgy
    tried the contact option but wouldnt show a captia for me. back when signed up the wouldn't allow me to correctly spell my normal screen name ( too many spaces). any way to fix that issue? should be SubtleAggression. if not i understand.
    Hi... could I please have my account deleted (option 2 of site rules/guidelines). Thank you :)
    Hello sir , my name is Marshal and i am Burmese but now in thailand for studying in Univesity.
    Phondroid is a really nice website for tech geek ( count me as one ).
    I've just join the Moto X contest hope the best as the moto x wont reach to asia market till 4 or 5 month .
    i'm just here to say that thank u for giving me a dream and a chance to win .
    o, hie every1 ive been facing problems after
    rooting my device (karbonn A1+ gingerbread)
    2.3.6 , ive rooted using shuame some kinda
    chinese software
    it was succesfull but the problem is im only
    gaining root access when my device is
    connected to pc and when i try to open apps
    which require root access ex:titanium backup
    after dissconnecting they wont run and say ur
    phone doesnt have root access
    is there any solution for this problem ..... ??
    Thanks in advance .... !
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