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samsung galaxy spica

  1. M

    icon help

    Weird icon shows up when I unlock screen sometimes, but automatically disappears. Nothing showing in the notification bar either. Phone is not rooted or anything. Icon is a cell phone with antenna, an actual block looking one,and it will show a green arrow on the right pointing upwards before...
  2. I

    Help pictures deleted on my phone

    please help i removed memory card out of phone but when put back pictures and videoes gone.my memory card is completely inserted.
  3. R

    Help usb and recovery mode not working

    my spica will not connect to a pc I have tried different cables but doesn't make a difference. When you plug it in it starts charging but isn't detected even in download mode. There doesn't seem to be any options for usb in the settings (usb debugging makes no difference) it connected to usb...
  4. N

    Help Firmware upgrade (from 1.5 to 2.1)

    Hi, I have recently gotten a used Galaxy Spica. I really want to upgrade my firmware so I have tried to do it with Kies (using Win7 64bit btw). Problem is that I am getting a message saying "This device is not supported by Kies 2.0. Make sure that your device is supported and try again." I...
  5. B

    Help Unresponsive touchscreen

    A couple of months ago I dropped my Spica on the tiled bathroom floor and the glass touchscreen popped off. It is perfectly intact, but has been disconnected from the thin copper wire that attaches it to the rest of the phone. Would I need to buy a new touchscreen off of ebay or would I just be...
  6. B

    Help Cannot make calls

    please help I can't make phone calls or send sms. Wifi is fine. If I try to make a call it doesn't even dial it just cuts off without even trying. Something weird is happening. With the same sms, I take it out put it in my old phone and I can call. Somebody, please please help. Am I missing...
  7. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Galaxy Spica? You can contact us through...
  8. K

    Help Contacts Filter Problem

    Hi, My contacts are filtering to ones beginning with "I" and no matter what I do I am unable to get rid of the filter ... there is an "I" showing above the filtered contacts but I can't alter that either. The rest of my contacts must (I assume) still exist otherwise my call log wouldn't show...
  9. K

    Help Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 Update?

    Hi, I've inherited one of these phones from my daughter and I've had it unlocked so I can use it on giffgaff but I get annoying ISP specific stuff (3 mobile) on it still so I just wondered if there was some kind of generic update for it (it's Android 2.1 at present)? Thx for any info anyone...
  10. L

    Root USB not recognised I just want to upgrade android!

    Just started using this phone - love having a smart phone, never had one before. Using USB to connect it to PC won't work though - Just says USB device not recognised. I have Kies installed and that Samsung phone studio thing. I've toggled between USB debugging modeon the phone. What can...
  11. J

    Help unlock my phone, how to please

    Chaps, I wonder if you can help me at all. I have a samsung spica gt i5700 and a few months ago I flashed the firmware so now I have android 2.2 on it. Yesterday I changed network provider and moved to 3 (from Tmobile) so my tmobila number will be unusable tomorrow the latest. What the...
  12. P

    Help USB not working

    I wanted to update my Spica from android 1.5 to 2.1 but when I plug USB it's just charging battery. It's first time when I try to use usb on this phone. I already tried on 3 computers and 2 other usb cables but nothing work. I got samsung kies and samsung pc studio but both of them can't find...
  13. V

    Root upgrade samsung galaxy spica

    i want to upgrade my samasung gti5700 i donwload everthin but there is no yellow backgroung in odinplese help me
  14. S

    Help Samsung GT-i5700

    Hi all, i was given a Samsung GT-i5700 which is locked to the 3 network and i want to use my o2 sim card in it. Does anyone have any idea how i can unlock the phone to accept all networks for free.?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, im a complete newbie to this so a step by step guide...
  15. N

    Root USB connectivity lost after flashing

    Hi all, I have just received a Samsung Galaxy Spica from a friend of mine who has tried to upgrade his phone with a custom ROM and messed it up. For now the touchsceen does not work anymore and the USB connectivity is lost. When I plug it to my PC (with Kies installed) it is not detected...
  16. J

    Help Lost ability to download apps from Market *Solved-ish*

    Hello. I had switched phones with my sister and decided to reset the Samsung GT-i5700R to factory settings as well as format the SD card. When I inputted my Gmail account and password, I went to download an app in the Market. It began to download until a notification came up: "Download was...
  17. D-U-R-X

    Galaxy Spica FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Galaxy...
  18. B

    Help Help updating software

    How do i update my i5700? its on 2.1 right now. thanks
  19. L

    Root APN after rooting - cannot save data?

    I followed all the instructions on rooting so I could remove the sim network lock, but after this was successful, I have no apn. I've tried manually adding the T-Mobile uk settings, but when I click on save apn it does not show on the apn screen? I've looked in the XML document in the etc...
  20. N

    Help Screen replace

    Hi all, The screen on my galaxy spica (GTI 5700 I think is the model number?) has been smashed for a while, and has recently stopped working altogether, luckily I just upgraded my contract and got a shiny new nokia, since all I could do was answer calls, and not even see who was calling...
  21. J

    Help flight mode bug - can't connect to 3g anymore once used flight mode

    Hi chaps, I wonder if you can help me at all. I have a samsung spica gt i5700 and I have installed android 2.2 a few months ago and all went ok. Now, today I was at the airport due to fly so I thought I would try the flight mode before boarding. I selected the flight mode, then switched the...
  22. E

    Help installation of android... samsung i5700

    hello, i need some help with my samsung i5700 phone. I have lost all software on it. when i tried to install android after I had patern locked it, and i hadn't my google user name and password on it so i couldnt get it locket up. so i tried to innstal a new software on it. from my computer. but...
  23. S

    Root Cannot Detect my phone in ODIN 4.38

    i'm trying to install CWM...but having connection probs..... i tried to connect but Odin doesnt detect my phone......is it because my phone is rooted??......i'm using Samsung Galaxy pop plus sGt5700i GB 2.3.6.....with in built 832 mhz processor plz how do i detect it on odin multi downloader...
  24. D

    Root How do I root my phone?

    i dont know how to root my spica,i have pc studio installed and all the drivers also have odin but wont recognize it in download mode
  25. D

    Help samsung i5700 2.1 update

    why carnt i download android games on mobile sites when downloaded it just says cannot perform this action on samsung galaxy i5700