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samsung galaxy z fold5

  1. ironass

    Samsung Fold5- One UI 6.0 Beta 2 is up!

    Eight days after Samsung's release of their first Fold5 Beta test firmware for Android 14, One UI 6.0, they are rolling out their second Beta test release to enrolled users. Judging from their previous Beta, this could be their final update before a stable roll-out is made to all users. Build =...
  2. ironass

    Samsung Fold5- One UI 6.0 Beta

    Samsung have started rolling out the One UI 6.0 Beta test firmware in the U.S.A. to unlocked Fold5, F946UI, devices that have signed up. Build = F946UIUEU1ZWJ2 Download = 2739.42 MB Security patch = 01 October 2023 N.B. Because beta test releases are not certified, you will find that things...
  3. ironass

    Samsung Fold & Flip - Wipe Cache Partition, Repair apps & Galaxy App Booster

    A few procedures that I personally find helpful after installing an update or if I encounter issues are wiping the phone's temporary Cache Partition and using the Galaxy Apps Booster. Wiping the Cache Partition is considered best practice after a major firmware update and can solve a lot of...
  4. ironass

    Fold5 - August update

    Samsung's update has started to roll out for the Fold5 international devices, F946B. bringing with it the August Security patch. Build number = F946BXXS1AWH3 Build date = 08 August 2023 Android Security patch = 01 August 2023 Download size = 340.98 MB Camera version = It is a...
  5. ironass

    Fold5 - Oval plastic portion?

    See the Jerry Rig, "Samsung Z Fold 5 Durability Test!", video below. At around 2' 58" in the video it shows an, "oval plastic portion for the 5G antenna". Checked my international Fold5 model, F946B D/S, and it does not have this oval plastic portion in the frame. Is this a peculiarity of...
  6. ironass

    Fold4 vs Fold5 benchmarks

    No comment. I just present these benchmarks for the Fold4 and Fold 5. AnTuTu benchmark Fold4 Fold5 Geekbench 5 benchmark Fold4 Fold5
  7. ironass

    Fold4 vs Fold5 camera

    Here is a comparison of the Fold4 vs Fold5 cameras. The extra processing power seems to make a difference.
  8. ironass

    Fold5 has arrived (updated)

    The Eagle has landed! My pre-ordered black international Fold5, F946B, has been delivered here, in the sunny Cotswolds of the U.K. by DPD. Let the fun begin! (Can't fault Samsung and DPD for their prompt delivery at the date and time promised. Worth every penny of the £5 I slipped the...
  9. ironass

    Accessories Which Fold5 case are you getting?

    Along with my pre-order for the Fold5, I threw in the official Samsung Fold5 stand and strap case to start me off. No doubt I will be looking to get other cases as the range increases. MobileFun are offering some different cases, here... https://www.mobilefun.co.uk/samsung/galaxy-z-fold-5/cases
  10. ironass

    Z Fold5 Pre-order, spec's, launch date

    Samsung have finally announced the details for the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5. Launch date is 11th August but those pre-ordering could receive them as early as the 4th August. Not too much difference in spec's from the Fold4. See the differences, here...