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samsung gear 360

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    Samsung Gear 360 (2018) spotted in patent filing

    Patent art shows it to be a cuter camera than in years past. It has stubbly feet, smiley eyes and a little tilt up to look at you.
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    Deal: Pick up a 1st gen Samsung Gear 360 camera for only $89

    The original Samsung Gear 360 has been dropping in price for a while now that the newest generation is out. You can snag it for only $89 today from Amazon.
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    Deal: First-gen Samsung Gear 360 is down to $89.10

    The first gen Samsung Gear 360 camera is now available for just $89.10.
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    DEAL: Save 55% and get the Samsung Gear 360 (2016) for $159

    Amazon is offering the Samsung Gear 360 for just $159, a savings of more than 50%.
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    Deal: Samsung Gear 360 1st gen for $157 on Amazon

    The original Samsung Gear 360 is down to just $157 on Amazon. It allows you to record 360-degree video at up to 4K.
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    DEAL: The first-generation Samsung Gear 360 is now available for $168

    Amazon is currently offering the original Samsung Gear 360 camera for just $168, down from its retail price of $349.99.
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    Samsung releases a new Gear 360 manager app

    Samsung has published a new app for the new Samsung Gear 360. The app lets you manage your video recordings from the new Samsung Gear 360 on compatible Samsung phones.
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    What's different about the newest Samsung Gear 360

    Samsung debuted a new Gear 360 camera with the release of the Galaxy S8 and Android Central has a hands-on to showcase what's different between this year and last year's model.
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    Samsung Gear 360 (2017) review says the device is much improved

    An initial review of the Samsung Gear 360 says the new camera is improved in just about every way, with battery life that nets at least four hours of constant use.
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    You can use Samsung's new Gear 360 camera on most Android and iOS devices

    The Galaxy S8 stole this show this year, but some more excited to see a new Gear 360 camera from Samsung. It's been discovered that the device will work on any Android 5.0+ device, and some iPhones running iOS 10 or newer.
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    Facebook 360-degree live streaming comes to everyone

    Facebook has announced that their 360-degree live streaming feature is now open to everyone. Users of the Samsung Gear 360 2017 or the Insta360 will be able to broadcast seamlessly to friends and family.
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    Samsung Gear 360 2017 hands-on says its slimmer and better

    An early Samsung Gear 360 2017 hands-on shows that the camera has gotten many improvements, including true 4K 360-degree video recording and a slimmer profile to ensure the camera doesn't show up in shots.
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    Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and accessory pricing revealed

    Samsung's new smartphones aren't going to be cheap. The European pricing of the phone and their accessories have been revealed by Evan Blass. S8 - 799€ S8+ - 899€ DeX - 150€ GearVR - 129€ Gear360 - 229€ Time to start saving your money (or take out a loan).
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    Samsung's new Gear 360 passes through the FCC

    A new Samsung Gear 360 has passed through the FCC and shows a new design. The new design features a smaller, handheld camera.
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    Samsung's new ad during the Oscars features a number of YouTube creators

    Samsung ran an ad during the Oscars last night that featured some popular YouTube content creators. Interestingly enough, several clips in the commercial were filmed with a Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Gear 360 camera.
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    DEAL: Samsung Gear 360 gets a $124 discount on Amazon

    With 360-degree video being all the rage these days, we thought you'd like to know that you can buy the Samsung Gear 360 from Amazon for $225.99. That's $124 less than the camera's usual $349.99 price point.
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    DEAL: Get the Samsung Gear 360 for just $273

    A few different retailers have discounted the Samsung Gear 360 camera to just $273, down from the retail price of $350.
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    DEAL: 3 Retailers discount Samsung's Gear 360 camera by $50

    If you've been waiting on a discount to the Gear 360 camera from Samsung, now is your chance. The device typically costs $350 at Amazon, B&H Photo and Best Buy, but you can pick it up right now for $300.
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    You can now buy the Gear 360 in physical retail stores now

    Until now, you were only able to purchase the Gear 360 from a few websites online. Today, Samsung has announced the product is now available for purchase in retail stores like Verizon, US Cellular, AT&T, Best Buy, and Sprint.
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    Samsung Gear 360 Pro rumored to be on the way

    A new rumor suggests Samsung is working on a new version of the Samsung Gear 360. It's to be named Samsung Gear 360 Pro, and the 360-degree camera could feature image and video improvements. It's also said Samsung could introduce iOS support with this model.
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    Canadians can now get their hands on the Samsung Gear 360 and the new Gear VR

    Those in Canada that have been waiting to get their hands on the Samsung Gear 360 and the new iteration of the Gear VR, no longer have to wait. The two accessories have been released and will cost $499.99 for the Gear 360 and $139.99 for the Gear VR.
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    DEAL: Get the Samsung Gear 360 for only $280 on Amazon

    Samsung's 360-degree VR camera just launched in the US, but already Amazon is offering a pretty steep discount on the camera. The camera is normally priced at $349, but today you can get it on Amazon for only $280.
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    Video shows 360-degree of a bird feeder from the Samsung Gear 360

    A new video sample from the Samsung Gear 360 has been published. The video shows the view of the inside of a bird feeder to give us an idea of the quality of photos and video you can take.
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    Video shows how to upload 360-degree videos and photos to YouTube and Facebook

    Companies like Samsung and LG have launched 360-degree cameras and a lot of websites are now letting you upload them to their photo/video service. If you've ever been confused about how to upload these videos and photos to Facebook or YouTube, then Joe from Phandroid has a guide to walk you...
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    Samsung Gear 360 review calls it the VR video camera for the masses

    Mashable just published their review of the Samsung Gear 360 VR camera and they felt it is a great consumer level 360-degree camera. The Good - Compact design - Super easy to use - Multiple 360 modes - Good video quality (at highest setting) - Tripod socket on bottom - Swappable storage...