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    Help Apps: Discover Content that matters for you

    Apps who can ease your thirst for knowledge thats really interesting for you, as those apps fine tune the input you gave them and recommend more articles/content of this kind. News https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nis.app Inshorts displays news in a 60 words summarize, your...
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    Future phones can sense IDs with electromagnetic fields

    Scientists are working on tech for phones which could help them identify any device by their electromagnetic field. As each electronic puts out a different electromagnetic signal, this can be used as a unique identifier for almost anything, and it'll be possible for your device to detect the...
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    Scientists invent self-healing display

    Scientists have invented new display material that lets a display self heal its scratches. It's said the tech isn't yet ready for the public, however the scientists believe it could be just a few short years before we see it.
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    Here are the best Science apps for kids

    Jen from Android Central has compiled a list of the best Science applications for kids and their Android devices.