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  1. W

    android sdk location should not contain whitespaces

    Hi, For my unity project I need a higher sdk. When I want to change it in android studio (settings -> andriod SDK) I get the message: "android sdk location should not contain whitespaces" The location is: "Program files" with whitespaces C:\Program...
  2. doclogic

    Relocate SDK/JDK for Android Studio

    My C: drive is full. The JDK seems to be ok on D: but getting the SDK on D: is being difficult. Tried changing drive (after install to C:) and it freezes at Preparing "Install Android SDK Platform-Tools (revision: 31.0.3)". Downloading...
  3. fra8995

    App Inventor Permission denied for storage/emulated/0 (Android 10)

    Hi, I'm using Android Studio (SDK 23) to create an application. I'm trying to see all the files or folders in "storage/emulated/0". I asked for permissions runtime with these two functions: but when i try to access "storage/emulated/0": it says that i can'r read it: Am I doing something...
  4. E

    Sdk emulator not working : VCRUNTIME140.dll not found

    So I installed Android Studio not long ago. I installed everything right, I installed in the sdk tools : Android Emulator Android SDK platform tools Intel (x86) Emulator accelerator (HAXM) I installed the API-Level 30 (x86 too) I tried enabling/disabling launching in a tool window I...
  5. T

    JWPlayer SDK crash

    I'm trying to create a Cordova plugin which leverages the Android SDK of JWPlayer. Yes, I know there's a web player which can be used in Cordova, but it lacks a few features, most importantly Chromecast. I'm struggling quite a bit because I don't have much experience with native development. In...
  6. Flagged Bird

    Flagged Bird [New Apk]

    Dear friends; I have compiled an old game. I want your comments. My first game. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AlfaAtolye.FlaggedBird
  7. E

    Can't locate the SDK

    Hi I'm installing android studio to use with UE4 but I have to install it on my SSD as my C drive is jam packed. I can't find the SDK anywhere. Do i have to install it on my C drive? i've installed and uninstalled and deleted everything and tried again so many times and the SDK is never in my...