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security breaches

  1. N4ty_Kitty

    Help How reliable is Data Recovery on Android after several Factory Resets?

    Significant other smashed yet again, another phone. Demanded mine (an LGL455DL) and now is trying to say I was supposedly messaging people that I know for a fact I wasn't and than stated "that's not what the Recovery Data says on this phone". I'm beyond fed up with the nonsense. Wth is this...
  2. C

    Help I need help to investigate incident!

    Hello, Today I wanted to write a post with my twitter account from the app and I clicked image; the app opened the Gallery section which is filled from images from my tablet. What I show is a list of images that I can't find & should not exist(!) in my phone which I took 2 years ago or more...
  3. L

    Help Random texts

    Hi, I'm getting more and more creeped out by this and I'm hoping someone here can help! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I have received two random texts from two random individuals. The first text I got was a few days before Christmas and popped up as "Secret" and the message "hihi" at the...
  4. Android News

    Opera suffers server breach which may leave user data compromsed

    Opera fell victim to a server breach which affected 1.7 million people last month. This affects users who use Opera's sync system and data including passwords and account information was compromised.
  5. G

    Help Motorola Droid Z Force Screen Lock

    How do I/ we, disable the camera shortcut and microphone short cut on the lock screen? Ive asked Verizon Wireless and they didnt have a solution. I was able to do this on my Droid Turbo.
  6. Android News

    Acer breach puts 34,000 customer credit cards in hands of hackers

    Acer has confirmed that they have suffered a security breach. Their online store was attacked, and hackers supposedly got full order and credit card details of over 34,000 people. The hack was said to have affected anyone who bought from Acer's store between May 12, 2015 and April 28, 2016...
  7. O

    TeamViewer blames users for potential hack, Android app gets tons of 1-star ratings

    It was recently reported that TeamViewer has been breached. Many people reported their accounts being compromised, with some even suggesting that hackers accessed their bank accounts and wired money out of them. TeamViewer is refusing to take responsibility for the breach and instead blames...