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  1. P

    Help needed please help security / big need for bluetooth devices in the home / google phone number unknown on new google accounr. Years of worry

    Hi all - ive been in a crap situation for a while now n need some knowledge so im not being taken for a walk over. I had intruder incidents in my home a few years ago, thats in the past although it was quite a stressful time seeing as only paperwork was moved about, i misplaced some i.d n thats...
  2. Dannydet


    This is some serious malware, people. Stay clear of installing from unknown sources. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/this-new-android-malware-can-unlock-your-phone-and-drain-your-bank-accounts-how-to-stay-safe
  3. P

    Preventing Screenshots From Saving to Cloud?

    I have a Pixel 6 and I find the security model for the Photos application to be confusing. When I take a screenshot this does NOT appear in the default image view when I start Photos. But if I select "Library" then there is a sub-option for Screenshots. Is that being saved into the cloud...
  4. Google

    How Android keeps you and your devices safe

    At I/O 2023, Google shares the latest ways Android keeps you and your devices safe.
  5. RhinoCan

    How do I determine owner of number receiving texts from my phone?

    I was going through my usage history on my phone and found something very odd: my phone sends text messages WITHOUT my participation! Every day, it sends 5 texts at 1 minute intervals to the very same 4 digit number. It is NOT me that is sending those texts! I often go weeks without sending a...
  6. Windroid

    How important are Android and App Security Updates?

    I'd be very warry of a computer (including tablets/smartphones) that's connected to the Internet, yet no longer receiving security updates! Yet multiple people on forums have told me that Android systems without OS security updates can be used safely, so long as you otherwise have good security...
  7. Windroid

    Android Security Tips

    This is a thread for Android users to share security tips with each-other. I'll start: #1: Use AdGuard, or another trustworthy system-wide ad-blocker (i.e. blocks ads in all apps, not just websites). Ads are a common source of malware and other security problems, so it's better just to block...
  8. kylabeardad

    Busybox....HELP PLEASE! What/why/how is it installed on my device without my knowledge or permission

    I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 ultra 5g through my phone provider 2 years ago. I recently downloaded the app 'Root Checker Pro' to check for security reasons. While the app's root verification process produced negative results. However, the app's secondary verification process produced a...
  9. E

    Help Been hacked

    Model: Optus X Pro 2 P652 Pro Topic: Security Certificates On my phone, I used to go to settings>security>encrypted...>trusted network security certificates Then if i disabled a certain certificate/s, (eg.Google) then all Google sites, apps, etc would instantly stop working & notifications pop...
  10. Emma B

    Allow access to tablet data security dialog

    I have been given the task to get some android tablets (SM-T500) working in kiosk mode (soti mobicontrol). The issue is when they are in kiosk mode it blocks the USB switcher menu and the allow access to tablet data dialog box I have managed to get the USB switcher menu working by allowing...
  11. J

    GPS Tracker Sent Via Text Message

    I live with a domestic abuser (see also this thread by me: Concerned a Domestic Abuser May Have Put Stalkerware on My Phone). I believe he has sent me GPS trackers via text message when I have tried leaving our home. This is what happened: After I told him I was leaving home and was a few hours...
  12. J

    Concerned a Domestic Abuser May Have Put Stalkerware on My Phone

    Recently, I’ve learned of a type of malware called stalkerware. Based on the fact that the domestic abuser sent GPS trackers via text message on two occasions over the past 1.5 years while I tried to get away from him and two other strange phone behaviors—my cell service being disconnected when...
  13. kumaranil13k

    How to check secure mobile permissions from spy and auto malfunctions

    Question How to check secure mobile permissions from spy and auto malfunctions I am installing r&d with advertising 300-400 video apps to test and try and check which works good on my android app. Many of the app auto install some more free promoted apps or auto Play videos or auto change...
  14. ZJU_SLM

    Vulnerability Report: Automatic and Device-independent IMU-based Eavesdropping on Smartphones

    We are researchers on the speech privacy. Our team finds the vulnerability of smartphones against eavesdropping via the built-in zero-permission inertial sensors. More information is referred to our paper that is submitted to IEEE INFOCOM 2022. Introduction Do you know your smartphone may...
  15. A

    Lock Screen Pin Security Flaw

    Why the F does the lock screen highlight the numbers I press? Brightly and with a slow fade, too. Brilliant design! I could see that once from 20 feet away and remember the pattern of key presses. At least 2 people (that I know of) have already been able to unlock my phone, making me change my...
  16. puppykickr

    Popular Browsers = Security Issues

    Once again, Chrome is at the leading edge of allowing the tracking of its users. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2021/02/new-browser-tracking-hack-works-even-when-you-flush-caches-or-go-incognito/
  17. ashleedawg

    Help "Files in this directory are very important Please do not delete!" wtf?

    While searching "My Files" on my Galaxy S8+, I came across a strange hidden folder. The hidden folder is called ".privacy_safe" and it contains an empty file named "Files in this directory are very important Please do not delete!" as well as 2 sub-folders: - "Videos" : contains randomly-named...
  18. D

    Help Hide it pro (audio manager) doubts

    Is hide it pro (audio manager) safe to use? Does it send your photos or videos to its server? I've not given it my Google ID and I'm not using the Google drive backup for this app. can it still create a cloud backup and send the data there or to its server?
  19. V

    How do I know if my Android phone uses 2D (only using front facing camera) or 3D face unlock?

    How do I know if my Android phone uses 2D (only using front facing camera) or 3D face unlock (using special and specific hardware instead of only the front camera)?
  20. D

    Help No Sign-in prompt after password change? And Wrong Device Name

    Hi all, I have an LG Stylo 4 running Android 9. I have Cricket Wireless and use a data connection. i've set my DNS to cloudflare. I changed the password on my primary Google account, the one my phone is using by default, and received no prompt to log in to my phone again as I would expect. What...
  21. Android News

    Two-factor authentication is used on less than 10% of Google accounts

    A new report suggests that less than 10% of Google account owners use two-factor authentication, while around 12% of these users take advantage of a password manager.
  22. Android News

    Here's a peek at the coming changes for increased Android platform security

    A new blog post on the Android Developers website has outlined upcoming changes that are designed to provide better platform security for Android developers and users.
  23. Android News

    Android has tracked location info regardless of privacy settings

    Quartz has confirmed that, starting in early 2017, Android phones have been sending the addresses of nearby cellular towers and sending it back to Google, regardless of your location sharing settings -- even if you didn't have cell service turned on and hadn't used any apps.
  24. Android News

    A new Google study shows how vulnerable your account is to hacking

    Google has published a new security study which shows how likely your account is to be hacked or compromised.
  25. Android News

    A security researcher gained access to Google's issue-tracking system

    After a bug was found that allowed hackers to view requested features and unpatched bugs, Google found the issue and resolved it before any damage was done.