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self-driving cars

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    Uber stops all self-driving car tests after fatal accident

    Uber is putting all of its self-driving vehicle tests on hold after one of its cars struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona Sunday evening. According to ABC affiliate KNXV, the car had a human operator behind the wheel but was in autonomous mode.
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    Take a virtual ride in Waymo's driverless minivans with this 360-degree video

    Waymo continues to lay the groundwork for its commercial robot taxi service in Phoenix, releasing a video today with a 360-degree look inside of one of the company’s fully driverless minivans. It’s part of the Google spinoff’s public education campaign to raise awareness for the technology.
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    Two ex-Google engineers built self-driving cars focused on last mile deliveries

    A new startup that proposes a different spin on autonomous transportation came out of stealth today. The company, called Nuro.ai, was founded by two former lead Google engineers who worked on the famed self-driving car project. Unlike the plethora of self-driving startups out there, Nuro.ai...
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    Waymo strikes a deal to buy ‘thousands’ more self-driving minivans Fiat Chrysler

    Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent Alphabet, has reached a deal with one of Detroit’s Big Three automakers to dramatically expand its fleet of autonomous vehicles. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced today that it would supply “thousands” of additional Chrysler Pacifica minivans to...
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    Google's Waymo is bringing its self-driving minivans to Atlanta

    Waymo, the self-driving unit of Google parent Alphabet, is adding a new city to its roster of testing locations: Atlanta. Today, the company announced its intention to bring its fleet of autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans to the ATL
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    Waymo cars have "ditched" the handoff feature

    Alphabet's Waymo has confirmed that the latest version of minivans won't handoff controls to a human passenger in the event of a dangerous situation.
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    Waymo gave someone ride in a car with no driver

    Andrew from The Verge was able to get a ride from Alphabet's Waymo division, where there is no driver, and only a load of computers controlling the vehicle.
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    Waymo's latest test city is Detroit

    Waymo has announced that their self-driving vehicle tests have extended into Detroit. The company will begin things in November, where they'll look to continue their cold weather tests in more urban environments.
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    Waymo launches public campaign to spread awareness about self-driving cars

    Waymo wants to get people educated on self-driving cars and the positive impact they can have in the world. The campaign's goal is to address concerns about the safety and viability of these cars for those who don't trust an AI behind the wheel. It will run first in Arizona.
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    Intel partners with Waymo to improve autonomous vehicles

    Intel announced today that it will be collaborating with Alphabet’s self-driving unit Waymo to provide the computing power necessary for Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles that can drive in most any condition.
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    Google's Waymo patents a brand new car design

    Waymo recently patented a car design in which the vehicle is held together internally with a number of “tension members.”
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    Waymo starts eyeing self-driving trucks

    Waymo may be looking to enter the self-driving truck arena, too. The company is now testing a single freighter truck. This comes after similar efforts from the likes of Uber and Daimler.
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    Waymo and Lyft partner up to take on Uber

    Waymo and Lyft have announced a new deal which will allow the two sides to collaborate on bringing self-driving cars into the main stream.
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    Waymo cars have racked up over 3 million miles

    Waymo's self-driving cards have logged over 3 million miles on the road. The company's test miles spiked after adding 100 vehicles to its fleet.
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    Waymo is now offering rides to people in Arizona in its self-driving minivans

    Google's Waymo has launched 500 self-driving minivans in Arizona in an effort to give residents unlimited free rides.
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    Report claims General Motors and Ford lead the pack when it comes with self driving cars

    We know that companies such a Tesla, Google and Uber are all working on bringing self-driving cars to market, but a new report says they aren't doing the best. Instead, a report from Navigant Research says traditional companies like General Motors and Ford are the leaders in this segment.
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    Lyft and GM are working on a self-driving fleet of cars

    A new report claims that GM and Lyft are looking to build their partnership by launching a self-driving fleet of cars starting in 2018.
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    Google’s annual self-driving car report shows Waymo made things that much safer

    Every year Google releases a report on their self-driving car test and for 2016 we learned that their Waymo Chrysler Pacifica minivans are failing at a much lower rate, even as they are driving a whole lot more miles.
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    Uber partners with Daimler to produce new self-driving cars

    Uber has announced a partnership with Daimler which will allow the automative maker to begin introducing its own self-driving cars for Uber's services.
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    A new patent filing from Google shows its nearing the launch of its self-driving services

    A new patent filing shows that Google is nearing the launch of its own self-driving service which looks to take on Uber and Lyft.
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    Google’s self-driving Waymo Chrysler Pacifica minivans will hit the streets in late January

    Google is planning to hit the streets of California and Arizona with its new self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans in late January. The technology used in these latest test vehicles isn't much different than it has been in the past, but Google claims that it is now building the sensors on its...
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    BMW, Intel and MobilEye announce they will be testing self-driving cars sometime this year

    Everyone seems to want in on the upcoming self-driving car market since a standard has yet to be created. Today at CES, Intel, BMW and MobileEye have announced they want to begin testing their autonomous platform sometime during the second half of this year.
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    BlackBerry announces a more secure software platform for autonomous cars

    BlackBerry has announced that their secure QNX platform is being adapted for cars. Specifically, it's targeted at autonomous vehicles so that drivers in the future can feel safe and assured knowing that the car's software won't be impervious to attacks.
  24. Android News

    BlackBerry has just created a research hub for self-driving cars, called the AVIC

    We have multiple companies wanting in on the self-driving car market, and BlackBerry wants to be at the center of it. The company has just announced a research hub in Ottawa called the BlackBerry QNX Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Center (AVIC). This hub's first task is to team up with Renesas...
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    Hyundai begins testing a new self-driving car

    Hyundai has started testing a new self-driving car which features a different set of sensors which requires a less-powerful computer.