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  1. raywood

    Help Moto e5 camera app auto-crops my face

    My e5 has decided to start cropping photos in which my face appears. It's drawing orange rectangles around my face, and that's all it saves in the photo. Any idea why it's doing this? I tried Motorola/Lenovo support. They had no idea. Example (can't seem to get image to appear here)...
  2. Joe

    Pixel 2 Selfies

    Hey everyone, just got the Pixel 2 and I'm putting it through the paces. Wanted to share some of my experiences. Here are a couple selfies I took with the front camera. The photo where I'm wearing a hat was taken with Portrait Mode. What do you think of the photos? Share your own Pixel 2...
  3. Android News

    HSBC in the UK is testing 'selfie verification' for new bank customers

    You know that selfies have gone mainstream when banks start using them to verify your identity when opening new accounts. HSBC in England is now trialing a new selfie verification method in its Android and iOS apps for those who are opening new business accounts. Rather than going into a local...
  4. O

    Teen accidentally shoots himself while taking selfie with a gun

    Guns are dangerous tools and shouldn't be played with as toys. One Indian teenager never got such warning as he accidentally shot and killed himself with a gun while trying to take a selfie. Selfie-related incidents are becoming so numerous that it has prompted officials in various countries to...
  5. Android News

    Sprint is giving away free selfie sticks in New York for walking into their store

    Sprint is putting on an interesting promotion for folks in New York. They've teamed up with Claim It, a company who gives prizes away to people visiting their trucks, so long as they watch a short ad. The company is working with Sprint to offer selfie sticks or Mophie battery chargers for people...
  6. Android News

    Mumbai bans selfies in several areas due to an increase in fatalities

    Since 2014, there have been at least 49 deaths that have happened while someone was taking a selfie of themselves. 19 of these deaths have been in India alone and this has caused Mumbai to make selfies illegal in 16 high risk zones throughout the city.
  7. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S7's Selfie Camera gets detailed in a new video

    The Samsung Galaxy S7's rear camera was all Samsung talked about at Mobile World Congress, but they also added new features for the selfie camera they forgot to mention, including new filters in Beauty mode.