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sim card

  1. Ali_777

    Sim card

    Does Sm-a115f/ds support 4g cdma ?
  2. Nightman_77

    My sim turns on and off automatically by showing syncing contacts by sim processor

    My sim turns on and off automatically by showing syncing contacts by sim processor i m using oukitel wp10 5g, android 10 . Often my mobile notification shows syncing contacts by sim processor in addition the sim get deactivated , and it had been continued for some times. So I can't got any calls...
  3. M

    Help T-mobile issue

    I have a problem with receiving SMS messages and calls from different operator. I have T-Mobile sim card while my boyfriend has Zong sim card. What's more interesting: When I text him or call him, he is getting every single text and call. But when he wants to contact me - no answer although he...
  4. r0bin97

    Help Dual Sim: Only one Sim card working at a time

    Hello, I have a strange problem with my HTC Desire 12+ which I am using as a dual sim for several years now without any problems. I recently changed one of my service providers and consequentially got a new SIM card which I inserted in one of the two slots. In contrast to my old SIM card, where...
  5. D

    S7 Edge Custom ROM - SIM not FOUND

    Hi all I recently flashed my S7 edge with Superman ROM and i seem to have lost the functionality of the phone not being able to find the SIM card or the phones IEMI number. I have swapped sims, I have reflashed it again. I have tried to flash it back to normal but keep failing witht he stock...
  6. N

    Help Stalkers put a PR package/custom root on my device

    Please forward too right forum new to site and don't know how to change the thread.... Bin getting stalked for like 5 years always had problems with my devices (all types) (currently on a blu view1) events transpired for me to post this after looking at my device system apps someone's got a...
  7. R

    Help Root phone before or after sim card switch

    Hello! I currently own an unlocked gsm phone (previously Verizon), I activated it with Metro PCS last year. I am planning to go to Mexico and I bought a TelCel simcard and an international plan to use my phone for a week in Mexico. I had a few concerns about that though. I was told that when I...
  8. Android News

    KnowRoaming is now offers unlimited data roaming in more than 80 countries

    KnowRoaming has added 12 more countries to the list of those which have unlimited data while traveling abroad. This brings the total list of countries to 80. KnowRoaming is an alternative roaming service that can automatically kick in when you travel outside the country. It comes in the form of...
  9. A

    Help i accedently put in a micro sd card in the sim card slot is there a way to get it out?

    is there
  10. A

    Help s5 to s7 upgrade

    The sim card from the s5 doesn't seem to fit the s7 ... am I missing something? Thx.
  11. Android News

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be locked to the carrier of the first SIM card inserted

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge apparently have new features that makes it so the device automatically locks for the carrier whose SIM card was first put in. This makes it easier for Samsung to distribute phones as they don't have to send a batch of phones for each specific carrier unless that...
  12. Joe

    How To How to change the SIM card(s) on the Huawei Mate 8

    The Mate 8 is one of a few devices that can use two SIM cards at once. This is a common feature outside of the US. You could use it if you have a SIM for one country and a SIM for a different country, or maybe you and a friend want to go minimal and share a device. The Mate 8 has one SIM tray...