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  1. Rob

    Sonos Amp Review (Worth Buying)

    Sonos speakers and the Sonos Amp are a great solution for those looking to build their own audio setup. While the speakers may be more expensive than other options on the market, their versatility and sound quality make them a worthwhile investment. The Sonos Amp, in particular, is a...
  2. Android News

    Audible is now available on Sonos speakers

    Starting today, you can now listen to your Audible audiobooks natively on Sonos speakers.
  3. Android News

    Blind test sees Google Home Max beat the Apple HomePod

    Yahoo conducted a blind test of smart speakers to see which sounded best to most people. The Sonos speaker was most impressive, with Google Home Max coming in second. The Apple HomePod was third, beating only the Amazon Echo.
  4. Android News

    You can now control your Sonos speakers with Google Home through Yonomi

    Until recently, you'd have had to use some separate hardware or scripts to control any Sonos speaker, but no longer. Google has added support for Yonomi to the Google Home and Google Assistant, and since Yonomi supports Sonos natively, that means that controlling your Sonos speakers with Google...
  5. Android News

    Some Sonos and Bose speakers are being remotely hijacked in latest vulnerability

    If you have a Sonos or Bose product connected to your home Wi-Fi system and you've been hearing some strange sounds out of it, it may be due to a vulnerability that allows other people to hijack it and play an audio file over the speakers. The issue affects a small subset of users, apparently.
  6. Android News

    TIDAL gains support for streaming via Sonos speakers

    A new update to the TIDAL music streaming application brings the ability for the app to stream content through Sonos speakers.
  7. Android News

    Sonos promises Alexa-powered Spotify controls by December 21st

    Sonos now has Alexa support, but one of the most advertised pieces of functionality -- Spotify control -- was not immediately available. We now know it'll arrive by December 21st.
  8. Android News

    Deal: Up to $100 off Sonos Play speakers

    Amazon is knocking $50 off the price of the Sonos Play:1 or $100 off the Play:5 in their latest deal. The catch is that you have to order the units with Alexa voice ordering.
  9. Android News

    Google Assistant will come to the Sonos One at a later date

    Sonos today announced the Sonos One, their first voice assistant speaker. It comes with Alexa built-in, but Sonos says it will also get Google Assistant support at some point down the line.
  10. Android News

    Sonos One announced with Alexa support

    Sonos has announced the Sonos One, their first speaker designed for a virtual assistant. The featured assistant is Alexa. The device arrives October 24th for $199.
  11. Android News

    Sonos gets preliminary Alexa support

    You can now talk to Alexa on select Sonos speakers. The functionality is available to those willing to participate in the public beta test.
  12. Android News

    Sonos to unveil smart speaker October 4th

    Just a day after the speaker hit the FCC, Sonos has sent out invitations to an October 4th event to show off a voice-powered smart speaker.
  13. Android News

    Sonos FCC filing confirms a voice-powered speaker

    An FCC filing gives us word of a new speaker coming from Sonos. The speaker is voice-powered to compete with products like the Amazon Echo.
  14. Android News

    Sonos adds beta support for Pocket Casts

    Sonos customers have been requesting Pocket Casts support for a while. Those customers' hopes and dreams have now come true, as the developers behind Pocket Casts have announced that Sonos support is in beta.
  15. Android News

    Deal: Sonos SUB speaker gets $100 discount

    The Sonos SUB speaker isn't often discounted, but from now until June 18th you can get $100 off the price of the subwoofer, bringing it down to just $599.
  16. Android News

    Sonos Playbase review states that it belongs in your living room

    Android Police has published its review of the Sonos Playbase speaker and states that it is sleek and stylish while offering superb sound quality. However, there were issues that arose during the initial setup, and the price tag starts at $699 which may turn some folks off to the speaker.
  17. Android News

    Sonos PlayBase review says it's exorbitently expensive

    ModernDad's review of the Sonos PlayBase says it's a great little soundbar that you can sit your TV on, but not much more than that. At $700, it's a bit pricey and folks serious about A/V setups would be better served spending that money on a more sophisticated audio system.
  18. Android News

    Sonos announces set-top soundbar

    Sonos has introduced a new type of soundbar for those whose TVs are not mounted to walls. It's called the PLAYBASE and it's designed to be a base for your TV while delivering rich connected audio.
  19. Android News

    Sonos to raise UK prices by up to 25%

    It seems UK's Brexit vote is having a lasting effect on the country's economy. Sonos is now forced to raise prices in the country, and the hikes could get as high as 25%.
  20. Android News

    New Sonos CEO wants integrations with Google Assistant, Alexa

    Patrick Spence is the new CEO of Sonos and according to a new report from The Verge, a memo he sent to his new employees focused on digital assistant integration.
  21. Android News

    The CEO and co-founder of Sonos has announced he'll be stepping down

    Sonos used to be the only company who sold connected and networked speakers but that has been changing over the years. As the company is facing more competition, the CEO and co-founded has just announced they'll be stepping down so someone else can run things.
  22. Android News

    Sonos alarms are waking people up too early

    Sonos owners are complaining about alarms firing a day early and being unable to turn off alarms. Deleting the alarms in the Sonos app is the only way to make them stop.
  23. Android News

    Spotify will now let you control your Sonos speakers directly with Spotify Connect

    The folks over at Spotify have partnered with Sonos to give you control over your connected speakers with Spotify Connect. So instead of having to switch back and forth between the Spotify and Sonos applications, you can control your speakers from Spotify.
  24. Android News

    DEAL: Sonos announces a site-wide discount on all of their products

    Sonos doesn't generally discount their stuff that often, but right now they've marked down all of the products in their store by at least $30.
  25. Android News

    Deal: Save $50 and get the Sonos Play:1 speaker for $149

    Sonos is taking $50 off its Play:1 speaker between today and November 28th. This brings the price of the speaker down to $149.