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sony xperia m

  1. I

    Cell Broadcast on Xperia M?

    Hello everyone, My problem is that I can't see any opinion for receiving cell broadcast/emergency alert messages on my Xperia M. I didn't find any settings relating for this function neither at Messages -> Settings nor General settings menu. I downloaded cellbroadcast.apk and enabled to install...
  2. Android News

    Sony will now only focus on its Xperia X series of devices

    According to a new report, Sony has pulled the plug on the Xperia C and M series, leaving the company to focus squarely on the Xperia X series of devices. The move is expected to start this year and last until 2018.
  3. N

    Unblock spam messages

    Hello this is nishanth My friend is using Sony xperia m The problem is when I send a normal text message it won't come, but if others message him the message will come How is it
  4. Android News

    Sony Xperia M now has nightly builds of Cyanogen's CM13

    Cyanogen is now offering nightly builds of CM13 for the Sony Xperia M. This gives the Xperia M owners the opportunity to finally get a taste of Android Marshmallow in addition to all the latest tweaks from Cyanogen.
  5. S

    Xperia M - 15.4.A.1.9 - Alarm Clock Strange behaviour

    Hi , I am using an Xperia M (Single Sim ) running on 15.4.A.1.9 (OTA - untouched, non rooted android 4.3 from Sony ) . After the 15.4.A.1.9 update I'm seeing strange behaviors from the alarm clock . Some times the phone gets switched off with still enough juice left on the battery . Some...
  6. R

    Touch problem in Xperia M

    Xperia M touchscreen problem. Even if i dont touch the screen it makes thing open. And it doesn't behave the way it does generally! If i touch on whatsapp it opens bit torrent!
  7. R

    Help sony xperia m gets hot

    Please can anyone help, being new to the forum and phones, I had the Sony Xperia m and its been good, it's 6 month's old, two weeks ago it for very hot 136 I factory reset it, but then it stopped charging, went for repair ,exchanged the main unit, it's works ok but I feel still hot 42c 110f...
  8. S

    No BlueTooth connectivity with my car

    Previously I had a Noika 300 that connected to my Vauxhall Astra GTC without issue. Since switching to this new Xperia M I cannot use the controls on my steering wheel to answer a call in the car nor can I bring up my contact list on my in car screen so that I can make a call. It must be the...
  9. C

    Help processing loader.sin error! Urgent help needed!

    I got into a bootloop recently due to unlocking my bootloader. I was really worried, so I installed CWM using fastboot on my phone.Then the bootloop also stopped,only the sony logo appears for a small time and then the phone goes black out.I can still boot into recovery. I came to know that...
  10. F

    Problem activating portable hotspot

    Hi guys, I've got problem in activating portable hotspot it says error activating hotspot, I can't activate my hotspot, please please guys help me if you've got any solutions, please help.
  11. R

    Help My phone duplicates files?

    Whenever I add music from my computer to my phone (I just drag it to the music folder on bluetooth) my phone shows two copies of the same file. If I delete one, the other one won't play anymore. What's up with that?
  12. R

    Help Just how on earth do I completely remove all the Live Wallpaper and Themes and widges from my phone?

    I have tried everything. I deleted a bunch of junk images that came with my phone. Live Wallpaper/Themes I tried holding down and waiting for a trash can to pop the items, but no matter how long I hold I couldn't delete these or completely remove them from my phone Widgets After dragging it...
  13. S

    Help what is this notification icon??

    Can any body tell what is the first symbol appearing on the top simlar to english alphabet 'N'??? host images"]Screenshot[/URL] I am unable to find this notification symbol even in Sony xperia link http://userguide.sonymobile.com/referrer.php?region=global-en&product=xperia-m#!Icons-overview.html
  14. G

    Help Won't boot...settings got changed!!

    HELP!! Sony xperia M 4.3 android won't boot up...? Go easy one me cause I'm a first timer... Not rooted... Earlier today I was messing with my phone went: SETTINGS-SECURITY-APP OPS went across to DEVICE pane and changed all the options in the part for ANDROID SYSTEM from Allow to Ask Every...
  15. A

    android xperia m usb issue

    need helppp My phone is an xperia.m it has usb mass sto[Q] need helppp My phone is an xperia.m it has usb mass storage mode. I conectd it to a dvd player n it worked. However it only works sometimes. I used a cut half of the usb cable n made my own wire. I conectd red blsck white green...
  16. P

    Root Can't root because "Bootlocker unlock allowed: No"

    4.3 ..... I can live without rooting but would like to change the /etc/hosts file permissions (chmod 777) - for obvious reasons. This seems impossible without root - or is it ? I have SDK on my PC (W7) - I also have Linux Mint O/S available but am a guru with neither. Anybody know how I can...
  17. P

    Help Change permissions on a single file (hosts)

    Xperia M. I had rooted with Framaroot. Got a Sony update - from 4.1.2 to 4.3. Now I can't root because bootloader unlockable = NO. Sony claim it's the carrier but it was their update that upset things. I can live without rooting but would like to change the /etc/hosts file permissions (chmod...
  18. X

    Can I install Real Racing 3 (apk file + SD data) in my Sony Xperia M( not rooted) running 4.1.2 JB?

    Can I install Real Racing 3 (apk file + SD data) in my Sony Xperia M( not rooted) running 4.1.2 JB? I have only 279 mb inertial storage available and as you all know I can't move apps to the sd card. Currently i have a 16 gb sd card out of which 7.6 gb it's available.
  19. joe2cool

    Help New System Update Available, Experia M?

    Hi Just bought an' Experia M' smartphone. On charging for the first time it said an update was available, of which I did download the update 15.1.C.2.8. But 'am still left with a msg saying '15.1.C.2.8 Computer required' Even when I check the updates on the phone it does say its up todate & on...
  20. D

    Help How to move apps to 8gb class 10 memory card from Sony Xperia M?

    I recently bought Sony Xperia M which came with 4 gb internal memory, out of which 2 gb were free for the user to use.I wish to buy an SD card, class 10, so that I can download and play games of large file sizes on my phone. My concern is to know how to do this? Is it a good idea? And has anyone...
  21. Paddy_Boy99

    Help Framaroot won't root phone.

    I got my xperia m about a month ago and I installed framaroot and installed superuser through it and it rooted fine. Recently though I have factory reset my phone and tried installing framaroot again on my xperia m and chose to install superuser using "gandalf" as I did before but now whenever...
  22. M

    Android 4.4.2 Xperia M

    Hey guys i wanted to SHARE this with you it's not my job i just wanted to share :) Sony Xperia M Custom ROM KitKat 4.4.2 CyanogenMod 11 |The Android Wizard: Android answers
  23. D

    how many apps can be installed in xperia m?

    I wish to buy this phone but in the specs its written that it has 4 gb internal memory out of which 2 gb is accessible. So how many apps can be installed in 2 gb space? can i move apps to sd card? thank you. :-)
  24. S

    small weird problem in xperia M

    I recently bought the new smartphone by sony Xperia M. I am facing a bit weird problem.. I have a certain contact name which includes an apostrophe (eg:- Bro'). Whenever i get the incoming call from the certain contact, my phone gets blank & the message pops up saying "phone.android.com has...
  25. M

    Help Android Downgrade?

    Hi guys, Just got my Xperia M today. Jellybean 4.1.2 is crap! Any way of downgrading to Gingerbread 2.3.4 that I have on my Ray? Cheers :)