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sony xperia miro

  1. K

    Help Can't connect to any WiFi

    My Xperia Miro has a problem in connecting to WiFi. I can't connect to any modem currently including at my home. I've tried to restart and reset the modem a couple of times but the problem is not fixed. My PC and laptop have no problem in connecting and accessing the internet at home. When I try...
  2. K

    Help Power Button

    My Xperia Miro has a small problem on its power button, the button sank into the phone and when ever I want to switch on or switch off the phone or even lock or unlock the phone, I can't do it. Now my phone is switched off cause I want to charge my phone and I can't seem to switch it back on...
  3. I

    Help Original Android on Sony Xperia Miro

    Hi! I do not really know too much about the Android, I tried to bring up my knowledge from the net, but could not find a clear answer to my question. So, can somebody help in how I can put on the original (published by Google) Android to Sony Xperia Miro? I saw a youtube video that has 4.1.2...
  4. N

    Help sony xperia miro

    hey all, i am new at this.first i would like to introduce myself, my name is naim and i'm from Lebanon. i hv a problem with a sony xperia miro that turned off suddenly i hv tried everything(hard reset-repair by pc companion-and reheat the ic power) nth hv helped-the phone is still dead.i would...
  5. R

    compatible headphones

    Hi, im struggling to find compatible headphones for my miro st23i. I dont want to buy any without knowing for sure they work. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
  6. K

    Help No PIN required after reboot / Almost 100% RAM usage

    Sony Xperia miro / ST31i Android 4.0.4 I've had two strange things happening during the past 24 hours: 1) My phone froze while I was using an app (Ultimate Stopwatch) then rebooted after a few seconds. After completing the boot process I was not asked for my PIN and could still use the phone...
  7. elbmek

    Help Camera Images

    I am beginning to wonder if its worth posting here, its dead!!! Ok here goes: I have pc companion installed on my pc, and have the miro connected. so where are my camera images actually held? I opened every folder I could think of and nothing. I can see them in album (visual) but cannot find...
  8. L

    Root My research went nothing :(

    Messieurs. Good Evening! I just want to ask some help from you. I have a problem on my xperia miro since Thursday. I rooted my phone using unlockroot. It's very easy since you don't have to downgrade from 11.0.a.5.5 with the original roms and stuff :) After rooting I tried some apps and it...
  9. S

    Help Wifi connects but no internet access.

    I checked lot of forums and discussion but could not find any solution thus posting this for support. I tried lot of solutions given in forums but didnt help. Main Problem - I have a ALL IN ONE PC, LAPTOP and 1 mobile. All are connected via wifi. ALL detects WIFI, my SSID, accept passwords...
  10. elbmek

    Miro Battery

    Ah well, back to the shop. my battery, less than a month old, is only charging to 79% om my Miro.
  11. elbmek

    Vodaphone Freebie

    Just had a text from my provider, Vodaphone. They tell me I am now enjoying 3 months totally free data transfers and wifi? Was it something I said? I have just renewed with them for another 2 years, maybe thats why? ;)
  12. elbmek

    Help Removing Apps

    There are several built in apps like google+ which I do not want and want to delete - how? In my previous phone was an uninstall option, damned if I can find it here? Ok found the online manual, its says those with a red X on a stupid floating screen can be removed. BUT Google+ is not one...
  13. elbmek

    New to Miro - Card Problem

    I have just changed my phone from Ace to Miro and like it already BUT nothing on the card transfered and in the phone I cannot find the card but it says its there. I have had to reinstall two important apps but not my Kaspersky Mobile which is on the card. A theory. Is it because the card was...
  14. X

    Root Sony Xperia Miro custom ROMs ?

    some custom ROMs for Xperia Miro ?
  15. A

    Help Miro doesn't read SD card!

    hi guys, i turned off mu phone and after turning on, it cant read my SD Card. all the apps i installed are not working (the ones moved to SD card), Album's not working too. and when i want to open Google Earth it says "you need a SD card to run this app", meaning it doesnt read my SD card...
  16. Dog_chops

    Update from .10 to .19

    Just flashed up on PC Companion. Can't find a single thing about the upgrade online, and the Sony site is even further back than the .10 update. Anyone have any comments?
  17. P

    Secondary email display

    Hi...Just got this phone (Sony Xperia Miro) and everything is fine apart from my 2nd and 3rd email accounts. The inbox says 5 messages in each inbox but they don't display ? They arrive ok though ? Primary email account displays no problem. What am I doing wrong ? :(
  18. B

    Help unable to share audio files with my macbook pro.

    i am facing problems in transferring files from my xperia miro to my mac book pro via Bluetooth. the browse device option in my laptop after successful connection with the phone gives a pop up that this feature is not possible with this mobile , but it worked for my previous phone which was not...
  19. Metroid Prime

    Root Miro: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have...
  20. Metroid Prime

    Sony Xperia Miro FAQ's

    1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Sony Xperia Miro Tips & Tricks? 4. What are the known problems with the Sony Xperia Miro? 5. Forum related questions. 6. What is root?/What does being rooted mean? Q: General Android phone FAQ's? A: Here is a...