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sony xperia tipo

  1. V

    Root Mobile networks are not working after rooting and updating kitkat ROM in xperia tipo dual

    i tried installing kit kat ROM in my sony xperia tipo dual it is installed but my mobile networks are notworking and also am unable to recover from SD card please help me my mobile is notworking right now..... Pleaseee help me......... 1)First i rooted my phone 2)iinstalled CWM 3)after...
  2. R

    LED Stuck On Green

    I dropped my phone, and my phone works fine but the LED is stuck on green even if i just connect my battery without powering on...
  3. J

    Help I can't get rid of the "Data usage warning for Android" notification.

    A few hours ago I was bored and looking what my phone settings have (Sony Xperia Tipo) and in the data usage section I moved the warning for data usage, a notification appeared (A red triangle with an exclamation mark) that says "Data usage warning for Android", I've tried increasing the data...
  4. J


    Hi. Can u help me pkz
  5. T

    Root i forgot to wipe dalvic catch now i stuck at the homescreen

    i forgot to wipe dalvic catch during flashing a new rom (JBMP jelly bean mini project + gapps ) in xperia tipo st21i. I wiped both catch partition and data but forgot to wipe dalvic catch so there's a problem when i reboot it ... booom after sony logo nothing appears on the screen except JB MINI...
  6. W

    Root Should i root?

    Hi everybody! I have question in my mind. Should i root my 3 months old Tipo? And if i root it, will i be safe for overclocking my phones CPU to 1ghz. Or will it decrease my tipos life with several years? Also, what other things i should do?
  7. X

    Help Lock screen goes black

    Hey, so I've decided to post a thread about this, since I can't seem to find a decent solution anywhere. I have a Sony Xperia Tipo Dual and shortly after I've bought the phone my lock screen started to go black. Not many times, like 3 times since I have it (about 2-3 months) but still, it's a...
  8. 7

    My Sony Phone

    Hi Every My sony Dual Tipo ( Android ) Phone In Very Big Problm Means My Phone is Phone Gallery not Suport on My My Phn Photo Image Video Not Show And Touch Not Working on Some Hanging Problm So Working
  9. M

    Help Sony Xperia Tipo (ST21i) Exchange issue auto sending old emails already sent

    Hello All, In my organization we are experiencing an non documented issue. We are working under Exchange 2010 SP2 rollup 3, and some users are reporting an strange issue with the device Sony Xperia Tipo. This issue is not constant, occurs randomly and not with all of the Sony...
  10. ironcruz92

    Root CWM not working on my Tipo

    CWM was working fine on my phone. But recently i tried to install fxp 220. But while flashing boot.img my phone got somewhat dead, in the sense, the phone would only vibrate when i press power button and nothing would happen. So i downloaded stock kernel and flashed. Now the phone is working...
  11. Z

    Cracked screen

    No idea how but significant crack on screen. Can it be repaired?
  12. I

    Help SONY XPERIA TIPO - typing lags

    My sony xperia tipo is having problems when I type I have to press like 3 time for 1 letter and I tried switching keyboards but that dosnt work!
  13. S

    Help phone memory problem

    Hi guys could any 1 tell me how to delete files that are on the phone memory i have factory reset the phone 3 times and then switched the fstab round so my sd card is actually internal now. This is the 2.15 gb phone memory i cant seem to delete the files hell i cant even locate them and i really...
  14. A

    Help Phone changes profile automatically

    I put my phone on silent or vibration mode. whenever a incoming call is there the profile automatically changes to loud and the phone ring in full volume. I reset all the settings from "Reset and Backups" menu in Settings but of no use.
  15. ironcruz92

    Help Cursor problem!

    Hello Everybody. I use Sony Xperia Tipo. My problem is when i try to add a new contact, when type the FIRST NAME, then press NEXT, it moves to LAST NAME. But when i start typing the cursor move back to first name. Similarly even if i scroll down, it comes back to FIRST NAME. Is there any...
  16. K

    Root Any ROM for Tipo??

    hello guys,, I would be grateful for you if you can include what ROM stable with this phone please :confused: many thanks
  17. S

    Help Xperia Tipo Not fully charged

    :questionmark: I have recently purchased a sony xperia tipo, The first time a charged it..it was for 5-6 hrs.. but even after that it didnt show the icon on the notification bar "battery full unplug charger",after some time i unplugged it. The same thing happened with the second charge...
  18. T

    how to recovery the deleted pics from internal storage of tipo

    hei can any help me ..I'm using the new sony xperia tipo.. I had deleted my fav pics from the internal storage of my mobile ...I want to recover the deleted pics from my mobile i tried some s/w's but all they are not detecting internal storage... pls help me
  19. R

    Any good

    Are these phones any good I am looking for a cheap android to get my son for Christmas, anyone like to share the pros and cons of this phone.
  20. C

    Facebook Calendar Data Usage

    Hi, I have a Sony Tipo and one of the great features is a data usage section that tells you how much each app has used within the current billing cycle. Only way I stand a chance of sticking to my 500 MB limit! I've noticed that every month about 100 MB goes on "Facebook Calendar". Why...
  21. Metroid Prime

    Root Tipo: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have...
  22. Metroid Prime

    Sony Xperia Tipo FAQ's

    1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Sony Xperia Tipo Tips & Tricks? 4. What are the known problems with the Sony Xperia Tipo? 5. Forum related questions. 6. What is root?/What does being rooted mean? Q: General Android phone FAQ's? A: Here is a...