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sony xperia xa

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    Sony Xperia XA, XA Ultra Android Nougat update halted

    Sony has had to delay the Nougat update for the Xperia XA and XA Ultra. Sony notes problems with the over-the-air process, so hopefully it won't take long until it gets resolved and the update starts rolling out.
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    Sony is now rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to the Xperia XA

    If you own the Xperia XA from Sony, then you can look forward to a new OTA update being pushed to your device soon. This update will bring your phone up to Android 7.0 Nougat and it comes with May's security patches.
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    DEAL: Amazon discounts a number of unlocked phones from Sony, LeEco, and more

    If you're in the market for an unlocked smartphone then Amazon may have a few deals that interest you including. . . - ASUS ZenFone Zoom (white): $169 - Coolpad Conjr: $144 - LeEco Le Pro3: $280 - LeEco Le S3: $160 - Lenovo Phab2: $150.00 - Lenovo Phab2 Pro: $375 - Sony Xperia XA: $180...
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    The Sony Xperia XA is getting the January security update

    Sony has started pushing out the January security patch to the Sony Xperia XA. Users have reported that both the Xperia and Xperia XA Dual have started receiving the update. If you have not received the update notification yet, you can check for it manually within the phone's settings.
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    New photos of the successor to the Sony Xperia XA surface

    New photos that appear to be the Sony Xperia XA 2 have surfaced on the internet. There's no fingerprint sensor, but the new phone does appear to use a USB-C connector instead of microUSB. Three color options include red, purple, and navy blue.
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    Sony Xperia XA successor leaked

    The successor to the Sony Xperia XA has leaked. The mid-range device appears to take on a more premium looking design, and also adds slimmer bezels and a USB-C port over the original.
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    DEAL: Amazon offering great deals on Sony's Xperia X, XA and X Performance

    Looking to buy a new phone? Amazon is now selling the Xperia XA for $199 ($80 discount), the Xperia X for $350 ($50 discount) and the Xperia X Performance for $500 instead of its usual $600 price.
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    Sony's 16GB Xperia XA only has 5.6GB of free space after updates

    A new article targets the amount of bloatware and pre-installed applications that Sony is putting on their smartphones. As an example, the writer shows the 16GB Xperia XA only has 8.5GB of free space out of the box, and after you update the apps that gets dropped down to 5.6GB of free space.
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    Sony announces which devices will be receiving Android Nougat

    Sony has taken to its blog to tell everyone which devices will be receiving the update to Android Nougat: - Xperia Z3+ - Xperia Z4 Tablet - Xperia Z5 - Xperia Z5 Compact - Xperia Z5 Premium - Xperia X - Xperia XA - Xperia XA Ultra - Xperia X Performance
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    Testing for the Sony Xperia XA show the device has just a mediocre battery capacity

    GSM Arena has published its battery review of the Sony Xperia XA which shows the device only has an endurance rating of 55 hours.
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    The Sony Xperia X Performance and XA are now available in the US

    You can now buy 2 more Sony Xperia X phones in the US today. Both the Sony Xperia X Performance and Xperia XA are now available. The phones are going for $699 and $279, respectively.
  12. J

    Xperia Xa Low Volume

    I recently bought a brand new sony xperia xa on android 6.0, everything is great on the phone except when i listen to music, watch videos or even in a phone call the volume is lower than normal with the sound being up full, it is the same with headphones in and i have compared it to my old sony...
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    Where to buy the Sony Xperia X, X Performance, XA and XA Ultra in the U.S.

    Sony's latest devices are now available for purchase in the U.S. and Andrew from Android Central provides everyone more information on where you can purchase these devices.
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    More UK buyers can now get the Sony Xperia XA

    The Sony Xperia XA had been available on O2 in the UK earlier this month, but those on other carriers can now buy it. Carphone Warehouse has the phone for as little as £19.00 per month with no upfront cost.
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    Sony Xperia XA review says it's a delightful phone

    The Sony Xperia XA was reviewed by GSM Arena. The outlet says it impressed them the most out of Sony's four Xperia X phones because it combines good performance and looks with a great price tag.
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    You can now pre-order the Sony Xperia X series in the US

    Four of Sony's new smartphones can now be pre-ordered from Best Buy in the US. The Xperia X Performance will be available on July 17, the Xperia X will be coming out on June 26, the XA Ultra will show up on July 24 and the Xperia XA's debut is scheduled for July 17. - Sony Xperia X...
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    Sony's Xperia XA is rumored to be released in India on June 22nd

    The Sony Xperia XA is the company's low-end smartphone in the Xperia X series and it's scheduled to be released in the United States on July 17th. People have been asking when this device will be released in India and while there still isn't an official date, some rumors are pointing to a June...
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    Sony has confirmed they removed their Small Apps feature on the Xperia X smartphones

    Sony has had a feature on their Xperia smartphones called "Small Apps" ever since 2012. This was a way for users to launch floating windows for apps like email, the calculator, etc. With the new Xperia X series, this feature was no where to be found and this made people curious where it went...
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    Sony Xperia X series launches June 23rd in Canada

    It has been revealed that the Sony Xperia X Series will launch in Canada starting June 23rd. All 4 devices -- including the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, Xperia XA, and Xperia XA Ultra -- will be available from various carriers and retailers.
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    Sony Xperia X series is coming to the US starting this June

    It's been revealed that the Sony Xperia X series is launching June 26th in the US. The first device available will be the Sony Xperia X, as It will retail for $550. The Xperia XA and X Performance will launch July 17th for $280 and $700, respectively. Finally, the Xperia XA Ultra launches July...
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    Sony Xperia X, Xperia XA launch in India

    While the Sony Xperia X and XA were unveiled at Mobile World Congress back in February, the two phones are just now making their way to India. The Xperia X will sell for INR 48,990 ($729 USD) while the mid-range Xperia XA will hit store shelves with a price tag of INR 20,990 ($312 USD).
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    Sony Xperia XA Ultra now available to pre-order in the UK for £299

    Folks in the UK can now pre-order the Sony Xperia XA Ultra. The listing is through Unlocked Mobiles who has it for £299. The Sony Xperia XA Ultra features a 6-inch full HD display, Mediatek Helio P10 SoC, 3GB RAM, and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. You can get the device in Lime Gold, White, and...
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    Sony opens pre-registration for Xperia X, XA smartphones in India

    Sony has opened up its new Xperia X series of devices for pre-registration in India. As part of the registration process, you will be required to provide your name and email address. You should also agree to their privacy policy and also activate the messaging feature through which you will...
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    Sony releases 7 new new videos to show off features of the Xperia X series

    Now that multiple countries in Europe can pre-order the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XA, the company has released a number of videos to show off its features. These videos talk about the camera performance, design, battery life, and more.
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    Europeans can now pre-order the Sony Xperia X series

    Sony is finally ready to let potential customers pre-order the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XA. Prices and country availability are as follows. . . - France - Xperia X (€599) - Xperia XA (€299) - Xperia X Performance (€699) - Germany - Xperia X (€599) - Xperia XA (€299) -...