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sony xperia z1 compact

  1. pm5544

    Moving or Copying files

    Is it recommended when either moving or copying within the phones file manager or from laptop to show hidden files, or is it wise to have hidden files not to show and just copy or cut the file to your int or ext storage?
  2. Y

    Sony Xperia Z1 - Contacts/Calendar wont update using Sony PC companion

    Hi, I have a Sony Experia Z1 compact running Android 5.1.1 I usually update contacts and calendar from MS outlook via Sony PC companion 2.1 which used to work fine with USB direct to the phone or syncing via Gmail but now neither works. The direct USB option connects to the phone ok and runs...
  3. catmiles

    Help Wi-Fi exclamation mark until unlocked

    Hi can anyone help? Since the lastest lollipop update my remembered networks do not automatically connect to the wi-fi, it shows a little exclamation mark at the top in the notification panel. However when I unlock my phone in a coupe of seconds the exclamation mark disappears and I have access...
  4. Prso9

    Small Icons

    I updated my phone to Lollipop back at the end of April and one thing I have disliked since then was the size of the icons, I have now 5 months later discovered that u can change the icons from large to small! Don't know why it took me so long to discover this.
  5. W

    Help Notification Panel Lollipop disappeared

    Hello! I have a Xperia Z1 Compact and its running on Lollipop (5.0.2). However, yesterday all of a sudden the 'swipe down' quick setting / notification panel disappeared. I have tried in various launchers to see if it works there (I have Nova Launcher and I tried the Sony Xperia Launcher and the...
  6. pm5544

    Kitkat 4.4.4 to Lollipop 242

    Thinking about upgrading to Lollipop and looking for advice whether I should or shouldn't?
  7. pm5544

    Facebook Notification Badge Issue.

    Usually when I have a new notification it first shows up as a small circle badge top right corner of the Facebook icon either on homescreen or app screen, but since the last two updates this has stopped, so now I have to go in manually to check if there's been any notifications, most times there...
  8. C

    Worth updating?

    So ive finally got the Lollipop update available for my phone..but the question is, is it worth updating? So far, ive heard very little good about it..one friend with a z1 compact says its absolutely killed his battery life. Several apps the users are reporting as don't work on 5.0 and above...
  9. Prso9

    Lollipop 5.0

    I updated my Xperia Z1 Compact at the weekend to Lollipop. The status bar is constantly blue in colour. Does anyone know how I can change the colour back to black?
  10. P

    Help Sony z1 compact screen change ( touch screen works but no picture

    Iv changes my screen on my Sony z1 compact, iv taken the old one off as it was cracked. the screen did light up ok after I dropped it but for some reason now the new screens not lighting up but the touch works on it as you can hear the sounds people can call me fine but the screen has no picture...
  11. C

    Help NFC Read error

    A friend has just bought a Sony xperia M2 phone. I thought id demonstrait NFC and send her a few photos from my z1 compact. All we get every time though is "read error, try again" over and over..she does not have a microsd card or sim in yet, could this be why it is failing? When ive used NFC...
  12. C


    Hello. I got problem with my "new-used" Z1Compact. I get it 2 days ago. Phone is not starting, only bootlooping with sony and battery logo when charger is plugged. There is no reaction for power button. When i turned phone ON(plugged to power) i can "make a move" but i can only restart it...
  13. pm5544

    Stamina Mode Question

    I currently have stamina mode enabled but I receive BBC News notifications even though they haven't been whitelisted. Are these particular notifications treated differently? Yes, I am aware I can switch them off in the app itself but just curious why they still get through even though they...
  14. D

    Help Possible to install vanilla android on Z1 compact?

    Sony's software is really testing my patience. Regularly crashing, no updates seem to fix it. Crashing software is hangouts, contacts, phone - ie the most useful and necessary ones. So wondering if I can just install regular android without the bloatware and get everything running smooth?
  15. L

    Help Audio problem when using headphone port?

    About a month ago, I started experiencing a problem with the audio on my phone whenever I plug my headphones in. Upon plugging them in, my phone automatically turns the volume down of its own accord, and when I try and turn it up it immediately turns down again. When I do eventually get the...
  16. A

    Help Various problems with Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

    I've had my Sony Xperia for about a month and, while it seems nicely designed, I wish it would work a bit better. In particular: It beeps at irregular times but about once an hour and I can't see what it's trying to notify me of. When I turn it on it is always in the camera mode and I have...
  17. M

    Help can't set up Email

    I got a message earlier saying my email couldn't log in, checked it and it said my password/username/client certificate was incorrect which it was not. I did nothing to change this. I had the same problem with an old Samsung galaxy but that was easily solved by clearing the cache and/or data...
  18. S

    Help Auto sync does not work on 3g

    Solved by factory reset. Still do not know what was causing the problem. Hello all, I have recently purchased the Z1 compact and love the phone. However, I've recently noticed that some apps won't auto-sync over 3/4g. For instance my Email app refuses to connect to the server, downloaded...
  19. D

    Help GPS locking issue

    I'm having troubles getting a lock on GPS with my Z1 compact. I am using Garmin Fit and runkeeper. I am able to get a lock if I first use "GPS status" app and reset the GPS data then downloading it again. Or I can ride/jog 200 mtrs or so down the street with Garmin fit/runkeeper running and...
  20. K

    Root Root/Roms for the Z1 Compact (D5503)

    Just in case some of you snagged this sweet little phone and were anxious.... There's a lot more things going on for the Z1C over at the XDA forum. They got that sh*t down.
  21. M

    Help How to save apps to SD card? And restore...

    Hi! I just got the Z1 Compact and I'm wondering how to save apps to my SD Card. Also, how do I restore backups from an app that was installed in my old phone to my new one (with the app installed in the new phone too) :confused:
  22. Prso9

    Car Mount

    I have been looking at a car mount for my Z1 Compact and really like the look of the iOttie One Touch. The only downfall on this mount is that I think the side grips would cover the power button, which is obviously a big problem...
  23. F

    Help No vibrate or sound on Text receive.

    Have an issue with this xperia z1 compact. It was vibrating when a text arrived, its not now. I even placed in the settings to give a notification sound. There is nothing. Yes i have checked the settings in the text messaging (im using the standard message app) and yes vibrate is set to on. Im...
  24. J

    Sony begins U.S. sales of the Z1c

    Just announced! And it looks like it will work on TMo! Unlocked Sony Xperia Z1 Compact sales begin in the U.S. | Android and Me
  25. L

    Help Need to get Wifi passes from old phone

    Ok, so I have Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (Android 4.4.2) and want to transfer all wifi passes from my old Samsung S2 (Cyanogenmod 10.0.3). Both are synced with the same Google account, both have "Backup my data" and "Automatic Restore" checked on the same accoun. No magic. Anytips / solutions...