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sony xperia z1s

  1. linsalata28

    [Q] Xposed Framework

    Has anyone found a way to get the Xposed Framework working on this phone? I know it doesn't have recovery but I have a Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL and was in the same boat but we got it working by flashing the framework using the app FlashFire. Has anyone tried this?
  2. B

    Z1S question

    I searched the forum and there are '0' posts on my subject. I am replacing the LCD/digitizer assembly in my Z1s. At the bottom of the flex cable there are two connections. One is for the LCD/digitizer, I don't know what the other one is. There is a press clip between the two. It's not...
  3. I

    Help Messaging Problems on Lollipop

    I just recently, within the past week or so, switched my service from AT&T to T-Mobile. The major reason for the switch was my phone; I was using a Nokia Lumia 520 that had basically become a paperweight. During the switch, I ordered a 'certified pre-owned' Sony Xperia Z1s. It arrived shortly...
  4. R

    Root z1s 5.0.2

    Kingroot is a one click root for.the z1s u can also switch it to super su.sadly the bootloader is still locked tho
  5. D

    Best phone I ever had

    Hi guys. Been rocking this z1s for a bit now and loving it. Beautiful, solid performer. Surprised that more folks aren't on this forum talking it up.
  6. K

    Z1s gets 4.4

    Okay all, many of you already using the PC companion software from Sony all already know of the 4.4 update, however for those who don't use it, nobody really knows the update exists. So if you download the Sony PC companion software and plug in your phone, it will tell you that a 4.4 update is...
  7. I

    The Last Straw

    I can no longer be silent. I was irritated by my iPhone 5s having a small screen and my spouse and I had different service providers so it was time to switch carriers and go on one plan to save money. Why not try out an Android? Samsungs TouchWiz looks cheap along with their materials. The...
  8. J

    We heard you! Sony kernel sources now available on GitHub

    Hi guys We heard you! Sony kernel sources now available on GitHub Read more here We heard you! Sony kernel sources now available on GitHub – Developer World Enjoy! J
  9. N

    Weird.... thing?..... on the side on my Sony Xperia Z1s

    I feel dumb for not knowing this, but .... what IS that weird little indentation on the left middle side of the Sony xperia z1s? I thought at first it was the volume rocker (I bought it used) and thought "oh well, must've been broken" and have been using on screen volume controls. Next day, I...
  10. S

    Help my screen cracked - how can i access my data with a screenlock

    My Sony xperia z1 recently got a screen crack and now won't accept any commands on the screen. I have photos id like to retrieve and I know Sony will wipe the phone when I send it to them. I don't have Google picks sync enabled so I can't get them from the cloud. Is there anyway of accessing my...
  11. LuvMusic

    Z1s Check-In

    Well, this place has been very quiet! :sleep: Many of us have had our TMo Z1s' for several months now and I'm wondering how the device is working out for you? Living in the Chicago area, my experience with the Z1s has been very positive. Getting great data speeds and performance from my...
  12. W

    Root Any chance of root?

    I made the mistake of buying this device without checking this forum and xda and so far no one has found a root method. What's the possibility of us getting a root nay at least aosp
  13. JIMV

    Alas..I checked the Phone out

    I went to the T-Mobile store yesterday to check out the new phone. They had made a basic error. They had the phone displayed next to a Samsung Note 3....Sadly, there is no comparison. The Samsung phone has a vastly better screen, clean, bright, crisp...In fact, I could not see any difference...
  14. K

    Battery life

    I just bought the xperia Z1s from tmobile two days ago. Upon taking it out of the box i depleted the battery to 1% and began to charge up again, i unplugged yesterday around 11 in the morning and my phone is still going strong, i will post screenshots when its time to charge again. How has the...
  15. LuvMusic

    25% Off Code for Accessories

    Just saw this on TMo News, 25% off accessories code. For those upset with the price of cases for your Z1s, this will help lessen the sting. The link: 25% off accessories on T-Mobile.com, with $1 from each purchase donated to charity | TmoNewsTmoNews
  16. Snow1

    Help T-Mo Z1s won't connect to Sony Bridge on Mac

    Hello everyone, been reading these forums for awhile but this is my first post. I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1s and I'm really liking it so far. However I haven't had any luck connecting it to Sony Bridge on my Mac. I installed the software on my computer. I connect my phone via Usb but...
  17. L

    So quiet.

    So far I do know that this phone is not a Samsung or moto x... But man this phone is blows the others away I actually Like the screen the camera is great coming from the moto x and HTC one I was gang Go with the g2 or nexus 5 or s4 but don't like Samsung so no s4 nexus 5 could sold me if the...
  18. LuvMusic

    The Z1s Accessory Thread..Let's Talk Cases, Screen Protectors, and ???

    Since the Z1s is an exclusive phone for T Mobile in the US, I suspect that accessories like cases and screen protectors will be scarce. Consequently many "eyes" will help us all keep informed on what is available and may come available. Let's share what we find and/or use. I'll start...
  19. LuvMusic

    Z1s - The Audio Review

    I do enjoy my music and a phone that does a poor job of reproducing music is a "fail!" When I stared looking for a replacement for my Galaxy Nexus I narrowed down my selections to either a Nexus 5 or the Xperia Z1s. While reading reviews there were conflicting opinions about the sound quality...
  20. LuvMusic

    Calendar App on Z1s

    A quick heads-up on the Calendar app that comes loaded on the Z1s.....it is NOT the Google Calendar app. I was checking my calendar tonight and noticed none of my appointments were being displayed. Did the easy thing by refreshing my calendar and still no appointments! Went to Google Play...
  21. LuvMusic

    TMo Z1s Anybody?

    My inquiring mind wants to know......have any of you received a TMo Z1s yet? If you have, what are your initial impressions? Thanks!
  22. The FAQ

    Sony Xperia Z1s FAQs

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  23. The FAQ

    Root Sony Xperia Z1s: All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if you have...
  24. LuvMusic

    Sony Z1S Announced for TMo

    Last night Sony announced the the Z1S is coming to TMo. This is the "regular sized" Z1 with LTE, NOT the Z1 Compact. Read about it here: Sony Xperia Z1 S - Cell Phones - CNET Reviews Now for the big decision, Z1S or Nexus 5?