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  1. Android News

    SwiftKey's new Photo Themes lets you create your own keyboard theme

    The latest update to SwiftKey Beta allows you to create your own keyboard themes, including the background image and key borders.
  2. Android News

    SwiftKey update changes default themes

    SwiftKey is getting a new update that updates the look of default themes, with light, dark, and high contrast dark color options. There's also a redesigned hub menu.
  3. Android News

    SwiftKey Beta update brings GIF search support and seven new languages

    The SwiftKey beta has bee updated to allow you to search for specific GIFs. In addition to GIF search, it also adds support for seven new languages as well as a few other small improvements.
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    Latest SwitftKey Beta update adds support for GIFs, hashtag predictions and more

    The folks behind the SwiftKey application have just rolled out a new update to their beta channel and it comes with the following changes. . . - We now support GIFs – categories only (for now). They can be accessed from the emoji panel - Hashtag Predictions – get trending hashtags right into...
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    Latest SwiftKey beta update adds 2 new layouts and a few more languages

    The developers behind the Swiftkey application have just rolled out a new beta update that adds the following changes. . . - You can now type in new languages: Cantonese, French (Belgium), French (Switzerland), Kikuyu, Cornish & Walloon - Added Turkish "F" layout - Added Arabic (PC) layout
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    Latest SwiftKey update adds keypress sounds

    The developers behind SwiftKey have just rolled out a new update that brings a highly requested feature. You now have the ability to choose between 4 different sounds - Modern, Android, Traditional, Blip - for each time a key is pressed.
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    SwiftKey beta now offers 3 predictions for flow typing

    SwiftKey's latest beta will show you the 3 words the keyboard thinks you're trying to type when you use the flow (swipe type) feature. It will insert the word it thinks you're trying to type, but if it's wrong then you can easily tap the other 2 words to correct it.
  8. Android News

    The latest SwiftKey Keyboard update includes a new Hub and all of the themes have been made free

    SwiftKey has released a new update for its Keyboard application which includes a new Hub for the Clipboard, Shortcuts, and Incognito mode. The update also makes all of the SwiftKey Keyboard themes free.
  9. Android News

    The latest SwiftKey update adds 5 new languages and transliteration support

    SwiftKey Keyboard has been updated with the ability to automatically translate from English to Hindi within the prediction bar. The update also adds 5 new languages including: Tibetan, Swiss German, Yakut, Low German (Plattdüütsch), and Kurdish (Kurmanji).
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    SwiftKey Keyboard now includes an incognito mode

    The latest version of SwiftKey Keyboard has been released onto the Play Store and includes an Incognito Mode. This will temporarily stop SwiftKey from learning words and phrases.
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    SwiftKey rolls out AI-powered predictions for Spanish, French, and German

    Last month SwiftKey was beta testing its AI-powered prediction for multiple languages. Now the service has rolled out and supports French, German, Spanish, and English.
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    The latest update to Swiftkey Beta lets you disable key pop-up, adds incognito mode and more

    The developers behind SwiftKey Beta have just pushed out a new update to the app that includes the following changes. . . New - Incognito Mode - Shortcuts / Text expansion - Switch to Latin layout when in password/email field - All arrow keys can be accessed on main layout on tablets - The...
  13. Android News

    SwiftKey Beta updated to allow you to type in 5 languages at once

    The newest SwiftKey Beta is now live and its neural network system is no longer limited to English. The keyboard now supports French, German, and Spanish alongside English and gives you the option to have up to five languages turned on at once.
  14. Android News

    Swiftkey revamps prediction engine using neural networks

    Swiftkey gets an improved prediction engine today. The new engine was built from the ground up using neural network technology. The update also adds 2 new languages - Esperanto and Dhivehi - Maldivian. Other changes include improved Italian predictions, as well as support for Android N's...
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    SwiftKey adds Android 7.0 emoji support with latest update

    SwiftKey has released an update for those already running Android 7.0 on their devices. The only real change to note is the inclusion of the new Emoji which were introduces with Android 7.0.
  16. Android News

    SwiftKey's email and phone predictions have returned to its stable release

    After a bug led to personalized suggestions from other users, SwiftKey temporarily shut down its sync servers. When it came back, it only provided predictions for regular words. Now a final fix has been pushed to the stable release of SwiftKey and phone number and email predictions are back in...
  17. Android News

    Latest SwiftKey Beta update brings back predictions and adds Android Nougat emojis

    Last month, SwiftKey was dealing with some issues that plagued its prediction software. Users found SwiftKey entering phone numbers and emails for contacts that weren't even registered on their device due to a corrupt prediction system. The latest update to SwiftKey Beta seems to have fixed...
  18. Android News

    SwiftKey announces version of the app fixes the sync issues they were having

    Toward the end of last month, some users noticed that SwiftKey hadn't performed a sync in days. This feature was actually turned off because it was exposing personal information to other users thanks to a bug. 3 hours ago, SwiftKey has announced the bug has been resolved and the sync feature...
  19. Android News

    Swiftkey has been violating the privacy of users by sharing phone numbers and email addresses

    In addition to sync issues with the popular third-party keyboard replacement, Swiftkey, users have reported seeing unknown phone numbers and email addresses in their suggestions. Swiftkey is aware of the problem and is still in the process of working on fixing the bugs.
  20. Android News

    SwiftKey's sync feature is not working, but the devs are aware of the issue

    If you're a fan of the keyboard application SwiftKey, you might have realized that the sync backup feature wasn't working, and hasn't worked for 3 days. SwiftKey developers say they are aware of the issue and the problem is being worked on at this time.
  21. Android News

    Swiftmoji predicts the next emoji you want to use

    SwiftKey has a brand new product out. The new app is called Swiftmoji, and emoji keyboard that will look to predict the next emoji you want to use based on what you type. The keyboard also features a standard QWERTY set of letters for those who don't want to use separate apps.
  22. Android News

    Beta version of SwiftKey is updated and gives you access to your clipboard history

    SwiftKey has just announced a new update to their beta keyboard application that gives you access to your clipboard history. This new feature will be accessible via the Hub, which is a quick access to the app's settings that was introduced a while back.
  23. Android News

    SwiftKey releases a new beta keyboard app, Swiftmoji, to predict what emoji you'll use next

    SwiftKey has been pushing out experimental applications for a while now and their latest is what they're calling Swiftmoji. It's only available in beta via Google Play right now, so you'll have to opt into the beta before you can try it out. The app is similar to SwiftKey (meaning you get their...
  24. Android News

    SwiftKey will now fix your typos and predict your words properly when you're typing in all caps

    SwiftKey recently received an update to the app's auto correction and word prediction engine that lets you continue typing in all caps without it trying to stop you. Until now, it would try to correct your typing by forcing them into lower case letters but now you can yell in all capital...
  25. Android News

    SwiftKey's latest keyboard helps you learn how to speak like Shakespeare

    SwiftKey is celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's with none other than a Shakespeare keyboard. The keyboard can suggest ways to change your sentence to be more like what the revered writer would do. SwiftKey also gives some good starting points on how to construct a sentence like...