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sync connect

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    Calendar Sync Is no Longer working After Upgrade to Android14

    I use Desktop Outlook (365) for my calendar on my Desktop, Use Android Outlook App and obviously use Outlook web address and they are all working fine and if I change anything it shows up on all locations. I also have the Android preloaded calendar on mt Verizon S21 and until recently it also...
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    Help Question regarding SyncAdapter

    Hi, I was searching for a way to sync contacts to my application server and I stumbled across SyncAdapter. I'm new to the concept, so here's my question:- How does WhatsApp/Facebook/Hike applications create account in Settings>Account section of the android device? Is this related to the...
  3. Android News

    Ford’s Sync Connect Application Lets You Start Your Car Remotely

    Ford has just announced a new mobile application that lets you do certain tasks with your car. This app was demoed with the Ford Escape and it lets you do things like unlock the doors and start the engine. You're also able to check information like oil condition or fuel and battery levels...