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  1. J

    Transferring browser tabs

    I have a new Pixel to replace my old Pixel. All has gone well except for transferring the open tabs in Edge and Chrome. All of my lookup so far suggests that as along as I'm signed into the same account in the browsers and have sync enabled and tabs selected, then they will sync. Unfortunately...
  2. P

    Redmi 12 car sync

    I am trying to sync my Redmi 12 with my car, which is not Android Auto compatible. The phone syncs okay, but the car cannot access the phone book, it says that I need to give permission in the phone. I cannot find the setting to do this, can anyone help? I have MIUI Global 14.0.6 and Android v...
  3. A

    Help Best syncing strategy with OneDrive

    Hello all, I used to sync my photos "one way" to OneDrive and then move them to other folders there ("Vacation Italy 2021", "Wedding Steven", etc.). Within these folders I have also again created a subfolder for the best photos in each case. So I had on the one hand on OneDrive a good sorting...
  4. Derek M

    Gboard syncing clipboard between devices

    After the latest Gboard update, my clipboard is now being synced between devices that I am signed in with my Google account and using Gboard with. I don't see anywhere to turn this option off, I don't want my clipboard being synced between devices. Gboard version...
  5. Android News

    Sync for Reddit 14 brings fingerprint support

    Sync for Reddit has reached version 14. This update implements fingerprint support to secure your profile, as well as adds an improved theme editor, new customization options, and more.
  6. A

    Help Why I cant find my Keep Sync button?

    I got a new phone and then I logged my Google account. After I installed Keep and Google Pinyin Keyboard, I found out that I cant sync my data, there is no sync button is account setting. And also I cant sync my keyboard data, it says my account is a WORK account. I dont know why. Somebody help...
  7. A

    Help emails synced but do not stay on phone

    I was able to sync my email account to the phone, but once viewed on mail desktop location....my phone emails are erased. How do I keep the phone emails so that I determine when they are deleted?
  8. Android News

    Sync for Reddit 12.1 brings improved messaging, theme support, and finer account control

    A new update for Sync for Reddit brings the app to version 12.1. The app brings the ability to set settings on a per-account basis, multi-reddit support, threaded messaging, and an improved interface for theme customization (including a color picker).
  9. D

    Help Syncing Only Calendar

    It is necessary for my wife to be able to see my work calendar, but she has neither the need nor the desire to see my work emails. On her Note 3 and my Note 4, I am able to add my work email account which is an exchange account and to instruct the these phones to sync only the calendar and not...
  10. shalemail

    Help Not pulling weather data

    Watch was being wonky yesterday morning, wouldn't connect to my N6. So I factory reset the watch and got it to re-connect. However since then it does not pull weather data. I'm still using Outtatime's watch face that has the weather dead center of the bottom of the face and it just does the sun...