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    What's the difference between Tango and ARCore?

    On the surface, ARCore and Tango feel like entirely unique approaches to augmented reality. But if you take a closer look with us, you'll see these two things are part of the same larger system Google has been working on for years.
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    Asus Zenfone AR goes up for pre-sale in UK today

    ASUS has announced that is bringing it's Zenfone AR smartphone to the UK. In fact, the company has confirmed that the device will be available to pre-order in the country starting July 21st. As for pricing, the phone will carry a tag of £799 (around $1,035).
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    Tango now has a web client for chatting

    Popular chatting app Tango has revealed a web version of its popular service to make it more accessible to users cross-platform.
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    Hands-on: ASUS ZenFone AR with Tango [VIDEO]

    At Google I/O 2017, it was announced that the ASUS ZenFone AR with Tango would be launching on Verizon later this Summer. Google and ASUS offered a hands-on with the device, providing Phandroid the opportunity to check out what the device will be capable of once it's launched.
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    Verizon will be the first US carrier to offer a Tango smartphone with the ZenFone AR

    During Google I/O 2017, Johnny Lee of Tango confirmed that Verizon would be selling the ASUS ZenFone AR when it's made available later this Summer.
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    Google says the ASUS Zenfone AR will be available this summer

    ASUS revealed the Zenfone AR a while back, but it's been a while since we heard anything about the device. Today at Google I/O though, it was revealed that ASUS will begin selling it sometime this summer.
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    Google uses Tango's Visual Positioning Service to tell you where to go in a store

    Google is wanting to help people find the products they are looking for when they're inside a store. To do this, they're leveraging their Tango technology for what they're calling VPS (Virtual Positioning Service) to guide you within a centimeter of where the product is.
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    More AR apps are gaining support for Google's Tango

    Google has announced that the Tango AR platform will soon be integrated with the Unity game engine.
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    Pottery Barn has a tango application to let you preview their furniture

    We've seen a number of retail stores leveraging Google's tango hardware to let potential customers see their products in their house. Pottery Barn is the latest to release such an application and it will work on the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the Asus ZenFone AR.
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    This car app from Epic Games uses Google’s Tango technology

    You may know of Epic Games from titles likes Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, but they're also working with Google AR technology too. The company recently teamed up with Chevrolet and The Mill to demo Project Raven. A way for filmmakers to add realistic CGI effects instantly into a...
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    The Singapore ArtScience Museum now has a Tango application for its Sumatran tiger exhibit

    If you have a device that is compatible with Google's Tango software, you can use it at the Singapore ArtScience Museum to get a look at how the Sumatran tiger lives in its natural habitat.
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    Google partners with the Detroit Institute of Arts to include Tango-infused tours

    Google has announced a partnership with the Detroit Institute of Arts which allows visitors to experience the museum with a Tango-enabled smartphone. The program uses the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro at the visitors request, and will help you learn more about each exhibit.
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    Huawei says they're working on a smartphone that supports Google's Tango platform

    At CES today, Huawei confirmed they were working on a phone that will support Google's Tango technology. They didn't give any details on when it will be released, or what else we can expect from it, but we now know they are working on one.
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    Gap has a Tango app that can measure your body and display clothing on a model of you

    With the second Tango smartphone being announced this week, the Gap has appeared at CES this week to show off their new AR app. It can measure your body with the Tango sensors and then display clothing on a 3D mannequin of yourself.
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    Google partners with BMW Group to create a new Tango app for car shoppers

    BMW i Visualiser is a new application from Google and BMW i that allows you to see various BMW cars directly on the screen of a Tango device. You'll be able to try out the app at select BMW dealerships in the US, UK, Germany, Norway, Spain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, China and Japan.
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    Qualcomm reveals ASUS ZenFone AR will have Snapdragon 821 chipset

    Qualcomm inadvertently confirmed that the ASUS ZenFone AR will have a Snapdragon 821 chipset. The ZenFone AR is set to be a Tango phone, ASUS has confirmed. We will learn more at CES 2017.
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    The Phab 2 Pro has been released in China

    Lenovo has announced the Tango-enabled Phab 2 Pro will come to China on December 26th for about $575.
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    Hands-on with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro focuses on Google Tango

    Linus from LinuxTechTips just uploaded his hands-on impressions video of the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, where he talked about Google Tango. He shows some of the applications that Tango uses with the phone, and says the technology is clearly in its early stages.
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    Lenovo Phab 2 Pro review asks if it offers more than just Tango

    Juan from Pocketnow just published his video review of the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, and wanted to know if it offered more than the Tango experience. He agrees with other reviews and points out that it is a huge phone, he thinks the $500 price tag is a bit much, says camera performance is sub par and...
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    Motorola's CEO claims that Tango AR is "probably coming" to the Moto Z lineup

    Motorola's CEO stated that a Tango add-on module is likely coming to the Moto Z lineup of devices.
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    Hands-on with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro says Tango is little more than a novelty for consumers

    Jordan from Android Police went hands-on with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and talked specifically about its Tango integration. He admits that Tango is currently in its "larval form" and believes this is why it will not appeal to the average consumer right now.
  22. Android News

    Lenovo Phab 2 Pro review says it's half-baked

    Android Central's Lenovo Phab 2 Pro review claims the device is not ready for prime time. It feels too big and clunky to be a serious consumer product, and they say Tango's software feels unfinished and half-baked.
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    Lenovo Phab 2 Pro review is a bigger miss than a hit

    Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher) has posted his review of the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and states that the software is extremely unpolished and the device will work better as a secondary phone. However, as long as there is support for Tango, there is a potential for the Phab 2 Pro to redefine what phones...
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    Hands-on with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro says AR is rad

    The folks over at Pocketnow went hands-on with the Lenovo smartphone that has Google's Tango technology built into it. They feel this smartphone is like "holding the future," and believe AR can impact nearly every application or service that we currently use on our smartphones.
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    The team behind Tango now reports to Google's VR division

    Google has gone through multiple restructuring plans when it comes to the company's Cardboard, VR, AR, and Tango divisions. It's now being reported that the team in charge of Tango will now be reporting directly to Clay Bavor, the head of Google VR.