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    remote connection

    hello everyone I have an androide phone on a remote site I need to connect to it remotely and control it (starting an app and press ok within the app) Ive manged to connect to the phone via teamviewer and anydesk but in the end I still need to press on a button (start broadcast) in order to...
  2. Android News

    TeamViewer's latest update adds support for mobile-to-mobile remote control

    The developers behind TeamViewer have just pushed out a new update that allows the app to remotely control another mobile device. This new functionality also supports cross-platform between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.
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    TeamViewer blames users for potential hack, Android app gets tons of 1-star ratings

    It was recently reported that TeamViewer has been breached. Many people reported their accounts being compromised, with some even suggesting that hackers accessed their bank accounts and wired money out of them. TeamViewer is refusing to take responsibility for the breach and instead blames...
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    TeamViewer creates new remote desktop apps for Samsung devices

    Samsung devices were one of the first to receive native remote desktop support with TeamViewer's Android application. Interestingly enough, the company has now created two applications specifically for remote desktop functionality on Samsung devices instead of bundling it with the core...
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    TeamViewer Updated to Version 11, Brings New Features and Stability Fixes

    TeamViewer 11 has been in beta for a little while, but now the update is final and can be downloaded directly through Google Play. TeamViewer Client Changes. . . - Clickable website links - Copy & paste chat messages - Profile pictures in the Computers & Contacts list - Connect to computers...
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    TeamViewer 11 Beta Brings Unattended Access to Android Devices

    The beta version of TeamViewer 11 is now ready for download, and it adds support for Chrome OS and the Chrome browser. TeamViewer 11 has the capability to access unattended Android devices, as long as someone granted permission beforehand.