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    App Similar to Telegram

    Hello Guys, Is there any app similar to telegram that doesn't require phone number verification?
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    ----------------------------------- --------WOW TWEAKS V4----------------- ------------------------------------ SUPPORTED DEVICES: ALL This Module aims to Improve OVERALL PERFORMANCE AND BATTERY LIFE. REQ: MIN:OREO TARGET:Q Changelog⚡: !--Fast charging(may be kernel support req) !--Gpu and...
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    "Telegram X is one of the best apps that I have ever used on Android"

    Reddit user calls using Telegram X nothing short of a complete delight and commenters chime in to agree... have you used Telegram X? Do you agree?
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    New Telegram update brings multiple accounts support on Android

    The Telegram messaging app has started receiving a new update. Arriving as version 4.7, the update brings support for multiple accounts on Android. You can add up to three Telegram accounts (linked to different phone numbers) on your phone.
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    Telegram 4.3 adds better replies in groups, new contact invite system

    Telegram has been updated to version 4.3. It adds a much better group mentions and reply system, an overhauled UI for inviting contacts to join Telegram, and other minor improvements.
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    Your Telegram chats now include disappearing photos

    Telegram has updated its app with the ability to delete media messages, too.
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    Telegram 4.1 update brings Android Pay support

    The latest update for Telegram brings support for Android Pay making it easier to pay your friends without ever leaving the app.
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    Telegram founder says they will register with Russia, but will not share secure data

    Russia recently threatened to block Telegram with the country if they did not hand over some of their users' data. The company refused but now says they will register with the legal framework of the Russian Federation and says they will still not share any private data with Russian officials.
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    Russia says they'll ban Telegram if it doesn’t hand over user data

    Russia says the Telegram messaging application is used by terrorists and it is demanding data from a number of its users. The country says they'll outright ban the service within its country if Telegram doesn't hand over that user data.
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    Telegram founder says US government tried to bribe developers

    In a new tweet, the founder of Telegram says the US government and FBI put pressure on two members of the development team.
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    Version 4.0 of Telegram adds video messages, bot payments and more

    Telegram is now receiving a big update to version 4 that comes with the following new features. . . - Video messages - Telescope - Payments for bots - Instant view platform
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    Study shows which popular messaging applications use more data

    Some people have gone in and tested some of the most popular messaging applications to see which ones use more of your mobile data. Telegram, WhatsApp and Hangouts perform the best, while applications like Skype and Facebook Messenger use a lot of data.
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    The latest Telegram beta update adds the ability to send short video messages

    The latest beta update for Telegram adds the ability to send short video message from within the app.
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    Telegram voice calls start rolling out to all of Western Europe

    After a lengthy beta period, Telegram has announced that they are now rolling out voice calling to all users in Western Europe. The calls are encrypted end-to-end, and the company uses AI to analyze network and call performance to improve quality over time.
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    Latest Telegram update adds custom themes

    The devs behind Telegram have just announced a new feature that will be headed to the Android application soon. The feature is called Custom Themes, and it will enable users to customize 85% of the application's appearance.
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    Telegram's secure messaging app is now available on Android Wear 2.0

    Secure messenger Telegram is now available for Android Wear 2.0. The new watch app lets you browse through chats, reply to messages with your voice, text, emoji and stickers.
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    Telegram developer will soon update the source code on GitHub, first time in 4 months

    Telegram is an open source messaging application that has its source code published on GitHub. The source code hasn't been updated in 4 months though, but a developer says that will change once the next update is released.
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    Intelligence report claims the Kremlin has cracked Telegram service

    A new intelligence report published last week claims that the Russian Federal Security Service offers bribes for backdoors in commercial products and recruits black hat hackers and that have supposedly cracked Telegram, which is a popular encrypted messaging service.
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    Telegram has updated their desktop client to v1.0

    Some might not know, but Telegram has a desktop client that lets you message your friends directly on your PC. The company has just announced they've updated this client to version 1.0, and it comes with a refreshed look along with a new user interface.
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    Latest update to Telegram lets you unsend a message

    We all know those times when we send a text message to someone and then instantly regret what we typed out. Now in Telegram, you can unsend any messages that you've sent in the last 48 hours. This update also adds some UX improvements to the Android app as well.
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    Latest Telegram update adds usernames, enhances secret chats, and more

    The developers behind Telegram have pushed out a new update that comes with the following changes. . . - Usernames. - Secret Chats 2.0. - Delete recently sent messages for everyone. - Network Usage in 'Data and Storage' Settings. - App remembers scroll position when switching to another...
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    Telegram update adds IFTTT, conversation pinning and more

    A new update to Telegram has just landed, adding in full integration with IFTTT thanks to an @IFTTT bot which can be used control other apps or receive notifications from IFTTT within Telegram. You can also now pin conversations and even forward details from group messages to Secret Chats.
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    Latest Telegram update adds an Instant View feature for links and other small changes

    The folks behind Telegram have just announced a new update that is headed to users via the Play Store. This update brings your app up to version 3.14 and comes with the following changes. . . - Instant View for Medium articles and some other sites. No more waiting for the pages to load! -...
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    Telegram is currently having an outage in parts of Latin and North America

    If you've been having difficulty connecting to Telegram, you're not the only one. A data center where Telegram's servers are for these regions had an issue with the cooling system and caused servers to overheat. They're currently working to get things back online.
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    Flychat brings chat head functionality to Hangouts, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more

    A lot of people enjoy the chat heads feature with Facebook Messenger, and wish it was available in other messaging apps. This functionality is actually possible in a number of other messaging platforms with an application called Flychat.