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  1. N

    Help with linking phone to my TV

    I have a free government phone that I'm trying to hook up to my non- smart tv and the USB c HDMI cable I bought doesn't work with my phone and every cable seller I've talked to says theirs won't work with my phone so what am I doing wrong? My phone is a Moto G Power XT2165DL Thanks!
  2. AugieTN

    Lot's Of New TV Shows Tonight - Sept 9, 2023

    Since I'm not interested in either of the Monday night football games, I was checking what else was on tonight and discovered a bunch of new shows starting tonight: Special Forces Worlds Toughest Test - Fox Kitchen Nightmares - Fox Below Deck Mediterranean - Bravo The Voice - NBC I'm going...
  3. H

    Philips TV cannot play Spotify continuously

    Hey All, I have a strange problem with my Smart TV 43PUS 9235/12. I like to play Spotify to listen to my favourite music (old C&W, Big Bands, Peggy Lee ) but when I do the app stops playing after the advertisements. Sometimes after the first, sometimes after the second or third ad. I already...
  4. Sunstixy

    Can I use ADB on Android TV from Termux ???

    Hi, folks !!! I have both an Android TV and the package android-tools on Termux, which has ADB commands. Can I use Termux for ADB on my Android TV ???
  5. S

    App Inventor Google TV remote volume up/down not registering

    Hey all I have been trying to get my remotes volume up/down buttons to register in my app but they never seem to do anything when I press them? I have tried: public class CallBroadcastReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {...
  6. H

    Is there a simple TV type remote control for my tablet?

    I watch a LOT of video on my tablet in bed and elsewhere. It's on a stand and it sits on the bed or the side table. It annoys me having to get my hands out to control the video, especially when it's cold. Is there any such thing as a remote like the one for the chromecast-with-google-TV, so I...
  7. MoodyBlues

    Cartoon question for Baby Boomers

    My cousin has a vague memory of a cartoon she used to watch, but she can't remember its name, and it's been driving her nuts for years! She turned 62 this month. From the vagueness of her memory, we're thinking she was very young at the time, maybe 4...or even 3. [I have clear memories...
  8. S

    Mirror screen to dumb tv

    Can I mirror movies directly from my Moto x4 to a dumb tv? I tried screenbean mini 2 but "cast" does not recognize it. I have NO internet access at home so no wifi. I want to stream saved and online movies from phone directly to tv without having to use wifi or internet. if I have to have wifi...
  9. Android News

    Amazon releases Prime Video app for Android TV

    Amazon has added their Prime Video app for Android TV devices, a long-requested addition. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be actually available to download for many popular Android TV devices just yet, but the listing at least exists at Google Play.
  10. Android News

    Amazon Echo stars on 'Saturday Night Live' skit

    The Amazon Echo recently received its own skit on 'Saturday Night Live' as the writer's decided to make the device seem as if it was geared towards senior citizens.
  11. Android News

    The BlackBerry 'Mercury' made an appearance on TV

    In an episode of 'Last Man Standing', the rumored BlackBerry Mercury made a surprising appearance while Tim Allen used the device during the TV show.
  12. Android News

    Polaroid adds 75-inch Google Cast TV to lineup

    Polaroid introduced their first set of Google Cast TVs in 2016. At CES, they've introduced a new 75-inch option. All of the TVs offer 4K resolution.
  13. Android News

    Samsung's 2016 smart TVs get the Google Play Movies & TV app

    The Google Play Movies and TV app is now available for Samsung's 2016 smart TV lineup. While Samsung's smart TVs do not run on the Android TV platform, this move will allow Google to expand its reach and allow it to become the dominant player in the on-demand videos space.
  14. Android News

    Sony is still planning Marshmallow for their Bravia Android TVs

    Sony is still preparing to release Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates for their 2015 and 2016 Bravia Android TVs. Unfortunately, the company still doesn't have an ETA. Sony also confirmed that they were currently looking into support for Android 7.0 Nougat whenever it's ready.
  15. Android News

    BBC iPlayer Android app will allow you to 'restart' live shows

    The BBC has announced that is Android app will soon be updated with a feature which would allow users to 'restart' live shows. The feature has been available on the broadcaster's website and smart TV apps for some time.
  16. Android News

    Kodak launches line of smart TVs in India

    Kodak is the latest company to launch a line of smart TVs in India. The devices will start at Rs. 13,500 in the country. The TVs run a fork of Android 4.4 KitKat.
  17. Android News

    India gets LeEco's 4K Super TVs

    LeEco has launched their line of 4K Super TVs in India. The TVs run Android, though it's not the Android TV that is provided by Google. The costs range from Rs.59,790 through Rs 1,49,790.
  18. A

    Help Google Play Movies and TV on LG TV

    Looking for anyone who has had the video look like its buffering then a message with no error code appears that only states video can't be played at this time
  19. Android News

    Fox Now adds prime-time TV streams to its website and mobile app

    Want to enjoy your favorite FOX prime-time show while you're on the go? FOX has announced that it will now live-stream its prime-time TV lineup using its FOX NOW app. Since the app does require you to use the TV Everywhere authentication, you (or a friend who's willing to share their login...