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  1. codezer0

    ReVanced working? alternatives?

    Allow me to try and keep this, as brief as I can. For as long as it's been available, I'd been using ReVanced builder on my pc, to build the apk's for the apps that it supports (mostly, YouTube and Twitch). Lately, been noticing that when it comes time to build I'd been getting well, errors on...
  2. Android News

    Twitch brings polls, leaderboards and other Extensions to mobile

    Since launching six months ago, Twitch Extensions have seen more than 1.5 billion interactions on desktop. From today, they're available on mobile, so viewers can enjoy leader boards, polls, match histories and more, wherever you watch your streams.
  3. Android News

    You can now tip Twitch streamers right from the mobile app

    Bits are a staple of Twitch streaming. They're a way to back a streamer if you can't afford a full subscription, or want to offer some additional support. Until now, though, you couldn't easily buy them on your phone, but now you can.
  4. Android News

    A redesigned Twitch application is rolling out in the Play Store

    The Twitch application has some limitations as there are a number of features that are simply aren't present when compared to the desktop portal. This gap is shrinking today as the company is rolling out a new update that brings new features for both creators and viewers.
  5. Android News

    Someone is using the Robinhood API and using Twitch to buy/sell stocks

    Robinhood is a stock trading application and the company has an open API that lets people tap into the software. So someone has put up $50,000 and is using the Twitch platform to let viewers vote one what the software should buy and sell.
  6. Android News

    Amazon opens up Twitch Prime's ad-free streaming worldwide

    Amazon is expanding its Twitch Prime ad-free streaming to more than 200 countries. If Amazon Video is available in your country, you now have access to ad-free Twitch streams and the ability to support one streamer of your choice absolutely free.
  7. Android News

    Joaquim Vergès announces he's leaving Twitter to join the Android team at Twitch

    You may know of Joaquim Vergès from his popular Twitter application, Falcon Pro. He was hired by Twitter but has now announced he'll be leaving the company to work for the Android team over at Twitch.
  8. Android News

    Pulse is a new social feed application from Twitch

    To keep you informed of new content from your favorite Twitch creators, the company has just released a new application called Pulse. The app looks strikingly similar to that of a Facebook or Twitter feed, and will help the community interact with each other.
  9. Android News

    Here are the best legal add-ons for Kodi

    Jerry from Android Central has compiled a list of the best legal add-ons for Kodi-enabled devices. The list includes YouTube, Twitch, USTVNow, and FilmOn TV.
  10. Android News

    There's a Twitch stream showing two Google Home speakers talking to each other

    Someone has setup a Twitch live stream called seebotschat. This stream is not doing anything other than letting two Google Home speakers talk to each other.
  11. Android News

    Twitch aims to take on Facebook and YouTube with IRL

    Twitch wants to become more than a live streaming platform. The company has launched a new IRL section that lets broadcasters uploaded vlogs and other types of video content that doesn't necessarily center around the idea of watching someone play a video game. Eventually, you'll be able to...
  12. Android News

    Twitch announces an open beta of the changes to uploaded videos

    Amazon's Twitch service is making some changes that could help it compete against YouTube even more. The service is normally used for livestreams, but their new Uploads open beta will let you upload videos from your video manager, will let uploads be saved indefinitely, gives you the ability to...
  13. Android News

    BlueStacks makes it easy to stream Android games on Twitch

    Twitch and BlueStacks have come together to offer a nice feature for those who play Android games on PC. The company now integrates Twitch, so you can stream all the games you're playing to your Twitch viewers without the need for messy wires and buggy software.
  14. Android News

    Twitch Receives an Update that Includes Support for Android TV

    Twitch seems like a great fit for Android TV but until now you could not watch content on your big screen television. This changes today though as an app update brings in this Android TV support with the ability to watch content in 1080p at 60fps.