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    Android 11 Update Affecting Charging

    Before I updated to Android 11 my USB-C charger built in my car would almost fully charge my phone on my commute to home ~20 min. After the update, it barley inches 1-2%. Seem to just power my phone. Any way of going back?
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    Deal: Don’t miss these great deals on USB-C charging accessories

    RAVPower has discounted some of their popular USB-C charging accessories like cables, car chargers, power banks, and even portable power supply units.
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    Qualcomm wants to make headphone dongles with HiFi DACs

    Qualcomm wants to make USB-C headphones sound better through the use of dongles with Hi-Fi DACs.
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    Deal: Save 20% off these RAVPower USB-C cables & power banks

    If you're looking for a good deal on USB-C accessories, don't miss this 20% off sale for several RAVPower accessories.
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    Deal: Up to 35% off Cheotech's USB-C cables

    Cheotech's multi-pack USB-C cables are up for sale on Amazon with various coupon codes. You can get them for as low as $9.99, with savings on some of the packs reaching as high as 35%.
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    Audio over USB-C specifications revealed

    This week the USB Implementers Forum published the specifications for delivering audio over a USB-C interface. This new spec makes it possible to eliminate the 3.5mm jacks from devices and use USB-C ports to connect headsets and other equipment.
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    This is why noncompliant USB-C charging can be dangerous

    There have been several cases in the news of USB-C cables that are noncompliant with the correct voltage standards, but this post on Google+ contains an explanation and video to show you exactly why proprietary voltage devices like Qualcomm QuickCharge or Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging can...
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    Deal: 6-pack of USB-C cables for $12.99

    If you're getting a USB-C device and want a whole pack of cables on the cheap, Amazon has a great deal today. You can get a 6-pack of Choetech USB-C cables for $12.99. The pack includes 1 1.6ft cable, 4 3.3ft cables, and 1 6ft cable. Use coupon code SFZTCYAP during checkout to have the discount...
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    A look at the Moto Z USB-C headphone adapter

    The Moto Z only has a USB-C port for audio. For those who don't want to use USB-C headphones, Motorola will include a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter inside the box. Today we get our first look at the cable, which is a tad longer than most cables of this type.
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    LG G5's cable can be used as a DisplayPort cable when used with LG USB-C monitors

    It has recently been discovered that LG's USB-C monitors can be used to mirror the LG G5's display. All you need to do is connect the LG G5 to the LG monitor using the standard USB-C cable that ships with the phone. Unfortunately, LG doesn't allow this feature to work when using third-party cables.
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    SanDisk announces Dual USB-C/ USB-A flash drive for use in smartphones and tablets

    SanDisk has announced an exciting new flash drive accessory today. It's a dual USB-C/USB-A Flash Drive. The flash drive features a switch that lets you expose a connector for either port type, which means you can use the same USB stick for both your laptop and other USB Type-C devices you have...
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    Eye-Plug is an accessory that can add 3D photo shooting to any USB-C phone

    An interesting new accessory called Eye-Plug has been revealed. It's a small camera that plugs into a phone's USB Type-C port. Once plugged in, the phone can take 3D photos like any phone with built-in dual cameras could. You can take 3D photos with the front or rear camera thanks to the...
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    Android Central: These are Ventev's new colorful and tangle-free USB-C cables

    Ventev shows off new USB-C cables for CES 2016, including both USB A to C and USB C to C models. Cables come in a variety of eye-catching colors.