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velocity micro cruz reader

  1. A

    Help Cruz Reader Screen Unresponsive

    I recently was given a Cruz Reader from a friend with the stipulation of "if you can fix it, you can have it." The reader seemed to be frozen, and so I reformatted both sd cards, reinstalled the software, disconnected the battery and pretty did much every other suggestion I could find online...
  2. C

    Where can i take my cruz reader to update it?

    I have tried to update my Cruz Readers firmware about 3 times, and each time i failed. I heard that Borders upgrades it, is that true? Do you know if bestbuy would upgrade it for a small fee or no fee at all? I bought it at CompUSA and i really want it upgraded, since i feel that doing so will...
  3. D

    Help Trying to make the ultimate eReader

    I just got a Cruz eReader from Woot and am trying to make it my ultimate at home eReader. It really can't be my ultimate eReader because it is too heavy and the battery life is too short. I have loaded and have working the ereader software to use at a variety of book stores - Barnes and Noble...
  4. R

    Root Cruz Reader R101 ROM Installation

    I hope this is the right place for this post. :) History: I have some experience with a AT&T Galaxy S Samsung Captivate that I am using happily rooted and upgraded to Froyo. I am now trying to develop an application on an inexpensive Android Tablet and have thus chosen the VM Cruz Reader...
  5. Beckea

    What do you think of the Cruz Reader & Tablet?

    I am looking for a ereader that connects to Borders Books ~ anyone have reviews and specs from these devices?
  6. A

    Root Cruz Reader

    My mom got a cruz reader for christmas. It doesnt come with the android market, just the cruz market. Is there a way i can get her the android market on her cruz reader? And is there a way to update it to android 2.1 or 2.2?
  7. T

    Cruz Reader (Firmware Change???)

    So i just received Velocity's Cruz eReader. It's for lack of better words.......tolerable. The web browser works fine. No multi touch. No flash.(which was a real bummer for me since i own a Moto Droid) The response time is HORRIFIC. Not to mention you basically have to chisel into the...
  8. J

    Help Help! Reader Frozen

    :confused: I just purchased a Cruz Reader today, which is basically a small tablet. It froze as I had it plugged into my lap top and the lap top rebooted when it added the ereader to it. Now it is frozen and I held the reset down for a full minute, but has not helped. Any thoughts would be...