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  1. L

    Help Can't get GPS location fix

    Some weeks ago Waze started acting up and not finding GPS location. Then it randomly bounced between on and off, and now I can't get it at all. GPS test says NO FIX, with 16 satellites in view and 3 in use (though they vary a bit). Would this be due to a malfunctioning GPS receiver? If so, is it...
  2. The_Chief

    Android Auto and Ford Sync 3

    I just traded in my GMC Acadia for a new Ford Explorer, and I absolutely LOVE that Android Auto is included! (albeit by cable connection, not Bluetooth) But the dealership told me that Sync 3 was due for an update in the next couple of weeks that will allow users to use WAZE as their primary...
  3. Android News

    Liam Neeson can now help you navigate in Waze

    Waze has announced a new Liam Neeson voice pack for helping you navigate the streets.
  4. Android News

    Waze adds new motorcycle mode and ‘OK Waze’ voice commands

    Waze is releasing a trio of new features for its popular turn-by-turn navigation app on Android and iOS today. Those include new OK Waze voice commands, a motorcycle mode that offers motorocycle-specific route times and options, and more.
  5. Android News

    A new update to Waze lets you ask fellow Wazers for help

    A new update for the Waze app now lets you set a flat tire status and ask for help while on the road.
  6. Android News

    Waze joins Google Maps on Android Auto

    Waze is now available on Android Auto.
  7. Android News

    Waze private beta on Android Auto is now live

    It was hinted at just a few weeks ago, but now the Waze private beta for Android Auto is official. The Waze app only runs in compatible head units and doesn't function on a phone with the Android Auto app. The beta is invite-only at this time and participants received an email with instructions...
  8. Android News

    Waze sends real-time accident data to drivers and first responders

    Today Waze has announced a partnership with RapidSOS in the United States to provide drivers and first responders with real-time data about accidents.
  9. Android News

    Waze Rider expands to all of California

    Waze has been testing their ride sharing service called Waze Rider in Bay Area of California and Israel. For California, the entirety of the state can now give it a try. This could be a sign that things are going well.
  10. Android News

    Waze beta with Android Auto support coming soon

    Waze has mentioned to stay on the lookout for a new beta version soon. The company sent a new email to beta testers to make sure they've taken all the steps needed to properly test Android Auto, so the test could be right around the corner.
  11. Android News

    Waze update brings custom voice instructions

    Waze's latest update allows you to record your own voice instructions to go along with the other alternative voice packs available in the app. The app will ask you to record yourself saying several phrases, however many of the app's directions will still be voiced by the system's default voice.
  12. Android News

    Latest update to Waze adds the voice of Mr. T

    Thanks to a partnership with FUZE, Waze was able to get with Mr. T and add his voice into the application for directions and navigation.
  13. Android News

    Google are asking people if they want to test a beta of Waze for Android Auto

    While a solid date has yet to be finalized, some people are now receiving an email asking if they want to participate in a Waze beta for Android Auto.
  14. Android News

    Waze lets you place orders at Dunkin' Donuts

    Waze has added new functionality to their app. Dunkin' Donuts eaters can now place orders in the app ahead of their arrival. The feature only seems to be live in select cities.
  15. Android News

    Waze now integrates with Spotify to help de-stress your commute

    Waze and Spotify have announced an agreement which gives integrates some Spotify features into the Waze application directly.
  16. Android News

    Waze Rider is reportedly going beyond the Bay Area in the next few months

    Waze Rider is the carpooling service from Google's own Waze application that has been limited to the Bay Area so far. A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims this service will be expanded to "several US cities" as well as Latin America over the next few months.
  17. Android News

    Latest Waze update adds support for Google Smart Lock and more

    The developers behind Google's Waze application have just rolled out a new update that comes with the following changes. . . - Introducing Google Smart Lock for Waze: Never worry about remembering your Waze login details for your next phone. Opt-in to Smart Lock and you’re automatically signed...
  18. Android News

    Waze brings its carpooling service to more cities in California

    Waze launched a carpooling service in the Bay Area of California last year, but it's been announced that this has been expanded. Now the service will be available in the nine counties that comprise the Bay Area, as well as Sacramento and Monterey.
  19. Android News

    Waze adds category, voice search and distance auto complete in their latest update

    The developers behind Waze have just pushed out a new update that adds some long-requested changes that include the following features. . . - Search by category: Find places by category, like nearby parking, restaurants, hotels, shopping, and more without having to type exact names. - Search...
  20. Android News

    Waze will now give you directions from the hosts of Amazon's The Grand Tour

    A new update to Waze now allows you to be directed in your travels by the hosts of the new show from Amazon: The Grand Tour.
  21. Android News

    Renault will be installing Waze in their new cars with support for Android Auto

    The French car manufacturer Renault has just announced they will be pre-installing Google's Waze navigation app in automobiles that are sold with Android Auto support.
  22. Android News

    Google makes Waze Rider available to the public in San Francisco

    Google has been privately testing their Waze Rider ride-sharing service to select employees in the Bay Area. It's now been confirmed that Waze Rider is available to the public for those who live in San Francisco.
  23. Android News

    A new update to Waze will now help you find parking

    Google's Waze traffic application has introduced a new feature which will help users find parking with its "where to park" feature.
  24. Android News

    Google is launching a ride-share carpooling service with Waze in San Francisco

    Back in May, Google launched a ride-sharing pilot program with its Waze application for San Francisco. Now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is expanding this pilot program into a carpooling service to help make rides cheaper.
  25. Android News

    Waze will hep you avoid traffic jams during big events

    Waze is adding another bit of information to their apps soon. The company has teamed up with event coordinators to add information about big events in an area. The app will notify you of heavy traffic in the area and help you find another route to avoid it.