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  1. Rob

    QOTD: What's the Best Fitness Tracker?

    Do you have a fitness tracker that you love? Whether it's a bracelet, watch, ring, or you just use the built-in step counter on your phone, let us know what you use to track your fitness and health! If you don't own one, why not? Would a certain feature or spec (like a longer battery life)...
  2. Android News

    A peek at Nokia's Moonraker smartwatch prototype

    Before Microsoft gobbled up Nokia and shelved the smartwatch the company was working on in favor of its own in-house product, the Finnish company was working on a new smartwatch prototype called Moonraker. This video offers a look at that early prototype and what could have been, had it survived.
  3. Android News

    Sony Xperia Ear heading to Japan on November 18

    Sony has announced that the Xperia Ear will go on sale in Japan on November 18. The exact price of the earpiece was not shared, but Sony indicated that its list price would be around 20,000 Yen (roughly $192 USD). The wearable acts like a standard Bluetooth headset, but it also includes a...
  4. Android News

    The Rufus Cuff is a wearable tablet you might use at your next job

    Coming in at $300, this 3.2" wearable tablet may make its way through to companies who need access without going back to a computer. The device has hit its funding stage and is in production now.
  5. Android News

    Samsung patent application describes interactive smartwatch projector

    Samsung has applied for a new patent that could show up in future wearables that the South Korean tech giant releases. The patent images depicts a smartwatch with a tiny projector on the side. This projector would display an image/menu/etc on the back of your hand, and then shows how you can...
  6. Android News

    Deal: Huawei Watch is $250 at Amazon

    Amazon has some nice deals on the Huawei Watch. The device is going for as low as $250, which is a $100 discount. You can also get the Rose Gold model for $150 off, bringing it down to $549.99.
  7. Android News

    The Moto 360 Sport is no longer available at the Google Store

    The Moto 360 Sport is no longer being sold in the Google Store. While a listing is still available, the company shows that it is no longer available, a phrase which typically means stock won't be replenished. This is notable because the Moto 360 Sport is still relatively new. Its early exit from...
  8. Android News

    Xiaomi confirms smartwatch is coming later this year

    Xiaomi has confirmed rumors that they're making a smartwatch. The wearable is set to launch in the second half of 2016. Unfortunately we don't get any other official information about it, though rumors suggested we'll be getting a round smartwatch with a crown dial, as well as a brushed metal...
  9. U

    Google has officially announced MODE Snap-and-Swap bands

    After a video leaked to YouTube, Google today formally announced the arrival of MODE Snap-and-Swap watch bands for Android Wear watches. These bands can be swapped out quickly by pressing a button. They come in a variety of leather and silicone colors, and for a variety of different watch sizes...
  10. Android News

    HTC and Under Armour's Healthbox heads to Canada this May

    The HTC and Under Armour Healthbox is heading to Canada soon. The company says to expect its arrival this May. The Healthbox includes a smart scale, a heart rate strap and a fitness band. All the data collected from the products will be synced with the UA Health App where you can see how your...
  11. Android News

    Researchers come up with a way to use the sound your skull makes as your password

    Researchers from multiple universities and institutes have come up with a way to use the unique frequency your skull emits as a password. This new approach to biometric authentication could potentially enable people to put their phone up to their face(like you were taking a phone call), and...
  12. Android News

    New wearable uses electric shocks to wake you up

    Having trouble getting up with an alarm clock? The latest wearable to hit IndieGoGo may do the trick. It will send an electric shock to your wrist to wake you up. It won't fry you, of course, but it would be safe enough to use, and noticeable enough to make you think twice about hitting a snooze...
  13. Android News

    Ohio State University researchers reach a new milestone in wearable circuitry

    One of the difficulties of getting true wearable technology is the precision in which circuits can be embroidered into fabric. Researchers at the Ohio State University have reached a new milestone and says they are able to embroider circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision. This makes it...
  14. Android News

    Samsung Gear S2 band adapter shows up in Germany

    The Samsung Gear S2 band adapter -- which allows you to use any standard band with the Gear S2 -- is now available in the earliest markets. A retailer in Germany has started listing the set for 25 Euro.
  15. Android News

    HTC FAQ helps you understand Vive shipping process

    In light of some shipping errors and miscommunication regarding shipment expectations for the HTC Vive, HTC has created an FAQ document to help inform people about potential issues, such as what happens when your express shipment speed was changed to economy, as well as what happens if you get...
  16. Android News

    Vodafone UK gives a free Huawei Watch when pre-ordering a Huawei P9

    Vodafone is offering a nice deal on the newly-announced Huawei P9 -- you'll get a free Huawei Watch for pre-ordering one. That gives you a savings of £290. The Huawei P9 launches April 16th.
  17. Android News

    Huawei Launches the TalkBand B3 fitness band

    Huawei today revealed the TalkBand B3. This is an iterative upgrade for the activity band, with improved design and internals being the main changes. The TalkBand B3 allows you to record steps, calories, sleep patterns, runs and cycling events. This data is then shared with a Huawei app.
  18. Android News

    HTC Vive has a companion app that sends you notifications about calls and messages while in VR

    HTC has released a nice app for the HTC Vive. It's actually for your smartphone, and the app will deliver notifications about incoming calls and messages to you while you using the HTC Vive. It's a nice way to stay connected while you're having fun.
  19. Android News

    Deal: Moto 360 1st Gen at B&H for $100 today-only

    B&H Photo has a nice deal on the Motorola Moto 360 1st Gen. It's going for $100. The catch is the deal is only available for 1 day. You also can't customize it through Moto Maker.
  20. Android News

    Gameloft's Bubble Bash 3 comes to Samsung Gear S2 watch

    Gameloft has brought a new game to the Samsung Gear S2. It's Bubble Bash 3, a brick breaking game. The Gear S2's touch screen would be hard to use for games, of course, but thanks to the watch's unique rotating bezel used for navigating the UI you can play Bubble Bash 3 in a very intuitive way.
  21. Android News

    IKEA releases a VR app to let you experience kitchen sets before buying them

    IKEA and Valve have teamed up to offer users a test drive of kitchen sets before buying them. The test drives are unique because they are done in virtual reality through the HTC Vive's motion and movement tracking. The app is currently being trialed, and will see a full deployment this August.
  22. Android News

    HTC Vive review says it's superior to Oculus Rift

    Some of the first reviews of the HTC Vive headset are coming out. Engadget's opinion is that the VR headset is superior to Oculus Rift, the other major headset hitting the market right now. The company praised motion and head tracking in particular, but noted that it's hefty in both price and...
  23. Android News

    Samsung's smart contact lenses patent includes an embedded camera

    Who would have guessed it? Samsung is also working on smart contact lenses. A new patent for the technology has turned up. Samsung isn't the first known to be working on the tech, but they are thinking about some interesting things such as embedding a camera into the lens, as well as a tiny...
  24. Android News

    Nixon Mission is an Android Wear watch for surfers

    A new Android Wear watch has surfaced. It's not the usual flashy, elegant timepiece we've come to expect -- this one is built to withstand waves of water that a surfer might be playing around in.
  25. Android News

    The Fossil Q Motion is a cylindrical activity tracker for $95

    Fossil has announced their latest wearable, the Fossil Q Motion. This device doesn't look like the watches they usually offer. It's a cylindrical activity and sleep tracker with stylish good looks. The device will cost $95, but availability information is not yet known.