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    Android Studio Webview help

    Hey all:) I have an app that requires a login. Well after login my screen gets redirected back to the login page not the main page. Does anyone know where at in the code (within the java or xml page) do I edit so that after login it successfully goes to the main page. Thank ya
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    "Can't resolve symbol 'mywebview'"

    Hey all:giggle: Adding Webview to my app since I have website already made but getting the error above within my MainActivity.java page. All of the xml file are coded fine its just this problem. Can anyone help? Thank ya!!! Code: private Webview mywebview; @override protected void...
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    Slide from one html page to another

    I am making an android book app with java using web view and my pages in html. As I am new to this, I am trying to find how to slide from one html page to another instead of clicking buttons. please if you know how , set an example because like I said I am new to this. here is a link to the...
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    Help enabling downloads through webview (Kotlin)

    Good day. I'm new to android development and I'm trying to develop a simple webview application, picked a nice template and went through the steps and made good progress, I managed to load my site fully and enable javascript, that works as intended, however I'm not able to make the app download...
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    Apps (Help) Pressing back on webview fragment activity does not go back to previous page

    Hello. I have an app that has fragment activities with webview and a navigational drawer. When I press back it goes to a previous fragment activity but it does not go back to the previous page on the webview. The code on MainActivity.java: @Override public boolean...
  6. Android News

    Android's WebView browser gets a security upgrade

    Google has updated its in-app WebView browser with new security measures to fight against malware and phishing.
  7. Android News

    Chrome will handle WebView rendering in Android 7.0 Nougat

    WebView is what app developers used to use to display web content within an application. This recently changed to Chromium and then was unbundled from the OS. In Android 7.0 Nougat, Google tells us that WebView rendering will actually be done by Chrome itself.