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  1. C

    WhatsApp only exports media from last few days

    On WhatsApp for Android (v13), exporting a chat with media only exports media from the last few days. To take an example, I've got over 2,300 media files with a contact on WhatsApp, but when I export the chat with media, only about 40 media get exported, and only the text from the last few...
  2. jraju

    Do all smartphones have the option of moving the content of social media content apps like whatsapp to store their content in sd card

    Hi, In samsung phones , there is option to move the social web contents app like to store the content to the sd card so that internal storage is not affected . Is this true for all mobiles . Where do we find the option if it is true. Normally all android have android versions common to all...
  3. M


    Hi everyone, Recently I replaced my A53 5g phone with the new one due to WhatsApp incoming call problem. The problem is as when the phone is connected to any internet (Wi-Fi or cellular network) and when the phone screen is locked and in dark/Sleep mode. If someone calls, the phone doesn't...
  4. O

    Help Whatsapp recovery s23 ultra

    Hi all I backed up whatsapp in my old phone. When I try to recover from the new phone, I get amesage that there is internet connectivity issues. I don't have any problem with other apps on the internet. Only this problem. The old phone is a70 and the new phone is s23 ultra 512g. Thank you.
  5. L

    Help Help with Whatsapp

    Hi, I have a number in Whatsapp that I cannot delete even the number is not on my contact list. I also disinstalled Whatsapp an reinstalled but the number still reappear.
  6. D

    Help Whatsapp: Can't restore backup on new phone

    Hello. URGENT. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and I can't get Whatsapp to transfer my chats from the old phone: Samsung Galaxy S20fe. I've tried everything. I've tried backing up the old phone, and it doesn't do a complete backup: only 828MB when it should be about 1.4GB. I then install...
  7. TheOneGuy

    Help Cannot Restore WhatsApp from Local Backup

    Hello. I am migrating Whatsapp to a new phone with Android 11 from an old phone with Android 8. Followed steps outlined here: https://www.techbout.com/restore-whatsapp-from-local-backup-android-phone-55696/ Long story short: - Online backup is messed up - Didn't backup app's data folder in...
  8. FireMarshalBill

    Whatsapp SMS deadline keeps being extended

    I have been trying to force a restore from a local backup and I guess I tried too many times, and now. though it keeps promising to allow me to get a SMS after a certain number of hours, when I get to those hours, it keeps extending the time repeatedly. It never seems to end...when I get to the...
  9. Soumyakanti Ray

    iPhone Memoji Stickers for WhatsApp

    Get this Memoji Stickers app for WhatsApp to communicate with your friends, loved ones. The 3D vibes of these emoji stickers will spice up your chatting experience even more. 3D Emojis Stickers - Memoji WAStickerApps Features: ☑️Clean UI ☑️400+ High-Quality 3D Emoji Stickers for WhatsApp...
  10. nmkp17

    Help How to stop whatsapp deleting the messages

    I accidently select a chat and clicked "delete" and the conversation has around 200L messages. For now, I did force stop to "pause the deleting messages" activity. If I open whatsapp again, I see "Deleting the message 100 of 200K". Is there way to completely stop the message getting deleted...
  11. B

    Accessories Status Downloader Of WhatsApp

    Looking for an app that can easily save video status and photo status fast and free? Then this status downloader of WhatsApp is definitely what you want! WhatsApp has become a regular part of our life. And we always used to share our daily life, our mood, our situation via WhatsApp story...
  12. L

    [APP][FREE] TalkFaster for WhatsApp

    TalkFaster for WhatsApp Speed up WhatsApp voice messages using the TalkFaster for WhatsApp app. If you are a WhatsApp user who receives a lot of audios and voice notes, you can save time by speeding up the listening of the audios. If you have a lot of long audios you can listen to them at 1x...
  13. L

    [APP][FREE] Export contacts for WhatsApp

    Export Contacts for WhatsApp Export all your WhatsApp or phone contacts thanks to Export contacts for WhatsApp. With this tool you can then use those contacts for massive SMS on WhatsApp, advertising, promotion and marketing. It also has the utility of making a backup of your contacts and...
  14. L

    [APP] No last seen for WhatsApp

    No last seen for WhatsApp Thanks to Private Read for WhatsApp your contacts will not know that you are reading their messages. In this way you can read them and not respond, see first of all what they write to you and recover your privacy. Hide your online status, read incognito whatsapps...
  15. A

    Help WhatsApp won't prompt for chat restoration from local backup

    Hi everyone. After switching to a new Galaxy S10 smartphone and a new SIM card, I've tried many times in vain to restore my old WhatsApp chats from a local backup. WhatsApp, when newly installed, never even prompts me to restore chats from a local backup. Details below. I've searched the web...
  16. D

    Bluestacks Player Whatsapp Problem with Enter

    hi, when i press ENTER in whatsapp, he go to a new line instead of sending on message. can you solve that somehow? Kind regards
  17. Android News

    WhatsApp co-founder wants you to delete your Facebook account

    Brian Acton, who co-founded WhatsApp with Jan Koum in 2009, has declared it's time for you to leave Facebook, following the recent scandal with Facebook's alleged indirect involvement in the US Elections of 2016 and how user data from 50 million Facebook accounts fell into the hands of Cambridge...
  18. Android News

    WhatsApp could be ready to launch digital payments in India next month

    According to a report by ETtech, WhatsApp payments in India is currently being tested in conjunction with one of its partner banks. Apparently, there are several already signed up to support payments on WhatsApp, including State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank.
  19. Android News

    WhatsApp Business launches officially in 5 countries

    WhatsApp Business was officially announced in September of 2016 but back then you had to sign up for a beta, register your interest, and hope to be picked to give it a try. Now the app is made official and it's launching for Android in 5 countries to begin with, with a roll out "around the...
  20. Android News

    WhatsApp Business update brings labels and quick replies

    WhatsApp's app for businesses - dubbed WhatsApp Business - has started receiving a new update. A couple of new features are included in the update: quick replies and labels. You can use quick replies to create keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages. Labels, on the other hand, let you...
  21. Android News

    Instagram experiments with cross-posting stories to WhatsApp

    Some Instagram users in Brazil are seeing an experimental tool that gives them a way to crosspost Instagram Stories to WhatsApp's Status feature. A Brazilian blog has posted a screenshot of an Instagram Story showing the tool on the lower-left corner of its interface.
  22. Android News

    WhatsApp will ditch Blackberry OS and Windows Phone by year's end

    WhatsApp is bidding farewell to older mobile operating systems as the year draws to a close. Specifically, it's ending support for BlackBerry OS (including BlackBerry 10) and Windows Phone 8.0 and older on December 31st.
  23. Android News

    WhatsApp went down for a few hours and the world panicked

    Widespread reports of WhatsApp outages sent the world into a panic. The service was out in many areas of the world for 2-3 hours. Service has since been restored.
  24. admyrick

    WhatsApp now lets you delete accidental sent messages

    WhatsApp has confirmed that users can now delete and revoke messages that were sent accidentally. However, this functionality will only work if both users have the latest version of the application installed.
  25. Android News

    WhatsApp beta 2.17.397 adds new emojis

    WhatsApp has released beta version 2.18.397. The update will bring the rest of the emojis that were missing from the latest emoji update. It should now be fully up to date with the latest emojis.