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wifi hotspot

  1. Android News

    The T-Mobile SyncUp DRIVE is an LTE hotspot for your car

    T-Mobile has announced the SyncUp DRIVE which is a mobile hotspot which plugs into your car. The DRIVE is priced at $149.99 and will be available starting on November 18th.
  2. Android News

    Google Station wants to provide public Wi-Fi around the globe

    After rolling out public WiFi access at 54 train stations in India, Google is now setting its sights on delivering better public WiFi in other countries across the globe. Google Station is a new initiative which aims to deliver WiFi hotspots to cafes, malls, stores and public spaces. Google...
  3. Android News

    Comcast plans to launch its own wireless service next year

    During a Goldman Sachs event, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts confirmed that the company will launch a wireless service that combines WiFi hotspot access with Verizon Wireless services.
  4. J

    Help Wifi Hotspot

    I am trying to use my phone to create a wifi hotspot so that my son can share some of my data. Every time that I try to set up the hotspot, he is able to connect briefly but then the connection is severed after a couple of seconds. I tried talking to my carrier, and they said that I don't have...
  5. Android News

    Google will offer free mobile hotspot loans in Toronto libraries

    Google is looking to get Toronto more connected. The company will loan free mobile hotspot devices to those who need connection. Loans can be taken for 6 months at a time. Google will give users 10GB of data per month while using the hotspot.
  6. Android News

    New York Begins Installation of Free Public WiFi Hotspots in NYC

    Last year it was announced that NYC would be replacing pay phones with 7,500 gigabit WiFi hotspots in 2015. The construction has officially begun and each kiosk will also offer USB ports, touchscreen displays for web access and additional displays for advertising.