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Help Wifi Hotspot


Jul 20, 2016
I am trying to use my phone to create a wifi hotspot so that my son can share some of my data. Every time that I try to set up the hotspot, he is able to connect briefly but then the connection is severed after a couple of seconds.

I tried talking to my carrier, and they said that I don't have enough data to create a hotspot. I have 400MB, and I only ever use a small fraction of it so was hoping to share. The phone carrier rep said that I'd need at least 1GB of data in order to set up a hotspot.

I don't think that this is the case, but I can't figure out how to make it work. Any suggestions?

thank you,
Who is your carrier, are you in the US? Carriers stateside do often charge an extra "tethering subscription", to allow you to use a phone's WiFi hotspot feature, in addition to whatever data allowance you might have. Or in your case it sounds like there's a minimum data plan, at least 1GB, for them to allow tethering.
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Alright, Canadian carriers might be as greedy and penny pinching as some US carriers, and will nickel and dime you for every extra they can, like data tethering.

There are tethering apps you could try. Can't recommend anything in particular, because I don't have this problem with China Unicom, I prepay for data, 1GB a month, and can tether if I want with it.

You got 400MB data, you should be allowed to use it for tethering a laptop if you want, but evidently Fido doesn't want you doing that.
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